Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday... it's Friday...... wooohoooo...

Over the last week Jane made up some cloths from old towels... she and I share an interest in recycling materials when we can..... You can read about hers HERE 

I have been trying to clear out and use fabrics and things I collected over the use for 'in case' I need it one day....

... one drawer had quite a bit of this rather shappy chenille... it's not a very fluffy one and you can see there is a fair bit of wear  in parts of it....

I did use the parts that were in the best condition in my recycled wool and chenille quilt 
(pattern my Toni and one of my favourite snuggly quilts)

Like Jane, I just curved the corners of squares and overlocked the sides... very quick and I have a very healthy pile of wash cloths now....

(I also had some white towelling 'scraps' so I used them up too)

(this is only part of my healthy pile!)

.. thanks Jane... another space cleared out ....

.. and tonight is.....


hosted by Wendy 

I'll be joining a group at The Quilters Angel... Kris will be there too... and I'm going to be working on this binding that I've had waiting for ages ....

... and today I have cut out fabric and will start tracing these pictures....

De started making this and now there are a few of use who have joined in... This is Natalie Bird's (from The Birdhouse)  In My Garden quilt and there are very sweet stitcheries....

I got this pattern book about 18 months ago so this is just the right nudge I needed to get it out and use it

Most of the pictures are being shared on a facebook page HERE if anyone is interested....

Not too late to sign up for FNSI and join us all... just go HERE


  1. Hi Fiona what a great idea for recycling,oh that quilt will look fantastic,its such a pretty one,see you tonight my friend xx

  2. Great job on recycling!! More temptation about In My Garden. I really want to do it and why not with a group but how????

  3. As if we crafters didn't think of enough projects on our own, we now have blogs and social media to connect with others who just add projects to the list :) Love the chenille in the quilt

  4. Love the recycling. I've spent my week cutting all my scraps into various size squares. Trying to reduce the scrap basket & I know I'll use the squares up in projects which is more than can be said for the scrap basket. Some scraps have been there for 15 years. :). Hugs, xx

  5. My hubby says he only bought me my serger [which I have never used, scares me to death] to make washcloths out of old towels. He has yet to try it. Great idea though! I can see you'll be awfully busy tonight, me too, I'm joining in as well - about 12 hours til my Friday night though!

  6. great recycling and a lovely new project too. some cute stitcheries there.
    enjoy your fnsi!

  7. Good idea to recycle that towelling.....there are always parts of towels that wear out, and a lot that doesn't! That will be a pretty quilt, too.

  8. Great idea to recycle , you will get lots of wear from your new wash cloths ! Looks like some really cute stitcheries must check them out . Hugs Sheila

  9. Eu também tenho muitos " in caseI need it one day...." :))
    Você fez uma bela pilha útil.
    Um abraço!

    I have too many "in case I need it one day ...." :))
    You did a beautiful useful stack.

  10. Nice to come visit with you, like yourself I've always (out of necessity) kept old towels, sheets etc to use up in other ways - I actually just finished cutting up part of a sleeping bag I had when I was 13 (40yrs ago) to make a doggie rug! Hope to get my FNSI post up by the end of today!

  11. Good on you with the recycling and upcycling Fiona - it makes perfect sense to me :-) [the hoarding 'just in case' and then finally the using :-)]. Hope you had a fun - and productive - time at the Quilters Angel.

  12. You are so great at using scraps and left over bits and pieces Fiona. They will come in very useful. Love the book from The Birdhouse also and like you have had it for some time and not started it yet.


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