Thursday, June 5, 2014

... fun times....

This Friday is

Sign ups are HERE (thanks Cheryll for hosting it) if you feel like having a bit of stitching on Friday night when lots of others are doing the same....  I stitch most evenings anyway but I do try and do something specific on those nights ... it's a good motivation to get something done since it needs to be blogworthy???


This week we had the big FarmFest which is only a few kilometres from where I live and Narelle visits it annually .... the company Hubz works for always has a stand there so I pay him a visit and Narelle and I catch up for a coffee and a chat and a bit of walkabout....

Forgot to take a picture of us together .... at first we had a bit of a communication difficulty.....

(Narelle might forget to tell me her name but at least she can spell!) - we both had a good laugh

..... when we said goodbye Narelle surprised me with a lovely parcel of goodies...

Very, very spoilt...... thank you so much!


I have been toying with the idea of being a bit more serious about quilting for others..... I do love it so I have set up a page showcasing some of the work HERE I have done for other people (with permission from them) and also one describing a little bit about my process HERE ...

There are links in my sidebar for quick access and of course the pages can be found on the page bar of the blog....

The plan is not to turn my blog into a 'business blog' but just to have the links and show the occasional work I am doing.... this is my play time blog!!

There has been a few enquiries so I though this is the easiest way to let people know .... comments, suggestions and questions all welcome....


This is the finished stitchery (one from Rosalie Quinlans Scandanavian Rose and stitched in Cottage Garden "Lavender") ... I just need to get some coordinating fabric and make it up...

Righto, Gotto Go..... I have a pending swap gift to make..... it requires legs... and arms... and little fiddly sewing ... and Tilda fabric ...... 

..... maybe some coffee to start? ..........


  1. lol thats funny so glad you and Narelle got a chance to catch up,and good luck my friend with your quilting business,you sure do beautiful work and this tilda charactor sounds very interesting,lol,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. Yes start with coffee. :). The txt is funny. Glad you & Narelle caught up. Hugs, xx

  3. "See" you on Friday night, Fional (hope we get to do it for real someday!) I'll behandstitching and watching the rugby (union, that is, not that other stuff!) Good luck with your quilting business, your work is beautiful and I'm not surprised you've had inquiries.

  4. Ahhh, I think I'm ewing for the same swap

  5. Oh that's sound interesting! Good luck with the quilting too! :)

  6. Tilda fabrics, arms and legs, sounds sweet.
    I'll be stitching along on Friday night too.

  7. Love the stitching, can't wait to see how you finish it. How lovely to meet up with friends, and such a wonderful bag of goodies

  8. Sounds like an intriguing swap..had a laugh about the text too..just love your quilting..

  9. As always lots of lovely stuff - good on you putting yourself "out there" - I'm sure it will go well.
    See you Friday night in cyberspace again.

  10. Wish I could join you in some stitching , I will be watching from the bleachers . Best of luck with your quilting business , I know you will do well your quilting is lovely . Can't wait to see the Tilda doll . Hugs Sheila

  11. Hope to see you tonight as well...go girl with the quilting.

  12. Farm Fest sounds like fun, we have Ag Fest in August only an hour from here. What nice goodies from Narelle, how sweet is that!

  13. well done for taking the next step with your quilting, go for it!!
    wonderful to have a catch up with Narelle.....and lovely goodies.
    Look forward to seeing your stitchery made up and your swap gift sounds like it is going to be a winner

  14. You're probably ready for your Friday coffee by now. Enjoy.
    Those are lovely stitches you've been making.
    Pretty and useful gift from she with the new number.
    I may just be along tonight for a few stitches. I'm already behind schedule for family birthday season!

  15. What a sweet little gift. Very generous friend. I am so happy to hear about your quilting decision. Yes, you have such an incredible quilting talent, you should spread it around a little bit and let others enjoy it too. I'm sure you will be super busy. Best of luck in your new quilting adventures.

  16. Lovely stitching. The colour has worked well on the embroidery.
    Good luck in your venture into quilting for others. If the interest has been there - go for it!!
    Coffee is definitely the right move at the start!!

  17. Once again, love the stitchery

  18. Laughing at your texts... it looks like ou had a nice day. Lovely work on your other projects and what a lucky gift receiver you are. :)

  19. Ha, those txts are funny, glad you finally understood each other. Beautiful stitchery :)

  20. Did you get your coffee :0> I love your stitching, I'll have to get some tips from you. My back-stitch always looks slightly drunk *giggle*. Good luck with your new quilting venture, you do amazing work, you're one of the best! How do you feel about Moose? :0>>> toni xx


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