Wednesday, June 11, 2014


In my attempt to reduce my grocery bill and also do more environmentally friendly cleaning (but without too much extra work!) I am trying out a few alternative cleaning methods....

This week I just sighed at my shower door... why do they make clear glass ones?  they only look nice when they are new ....

Here are the comparison pictures... there is an improvement.... and it wasn't hard work either and inexpensive 

The etching marks aren't completely gone but they are a whole lot better....

Shannon Lush is the clean queen in Australia and her recommendation for the 'etching' that happens to the glass due to the suds and salts is....

~ spray with vinegar and wipe clean
~ using a rolled up pair of pantihose wipe over with small amount of sweet almond oil
(I found this at a chemist ... $9 for 100ml and it will last forever as I hardly used any)

this picture shows when I started wiping with the oil... you can see the marks where it has helped...

This remove etching  treatment will need to be done regularly (like once a month which is not bad) as the almond oil does wear off.... 

Has anyone else tried this... how did it work for you.. any improvement ideas?


Now to something much more pleasant and happy making....

I finished off the edging of my framed hexagons and put them together.....

... and sighed....

... you can clearly see where I went wrong???..

... so I left it and went to talk to my sewing machine.... as she was being friendly to me...

sewing on the binding... I saw this tip somewhere.... I have a lever lift for my machine foot but you can use the leg under the machine.... It did help not to get those miles of binding in a big rolled up knot...

... last night I fixed the hexagons table topper.....

These are lovely little stitchery designs by Michelle.... I love them... and I love the happy Christmas fabric I used to frame them (Nancy Holverson I believe!)

I traced an extra heart by mistake and Michelle sent me an extra picture on purpose so I have two matching coasters to go with the topper.... 

.. they are perfect to hold the Christmas bottles glasses of beer and wine

Thank you so much Michelle... these have been such fun

Righto, Gotto Go.....  no cleaning today.... I'm going to sew....


  1. I don't understand why shower screens are clear either - we have old bathrooms and ours are not clear at the moment...which is good.
    Took a while to find the fallen tree..lovely blocks for the runner & coasters.

  2. what a great idea with the glass,i will need to give this a try and boy i love your hexie runner,i am racing over to Michelle's now to get a pattern ,yours looks fantastic Fiona,well done.xx

  3. Great post about the glass. I'm afraid mine is irrepairable. Lol. I adore those hexies and must confess I had to look at the top one three times to see the issue. I think I'm sleep deprived. Have a good day.

  4. Great idea for cleaning the glass , had not heard of this one . Your hexie table topper is just sweet , Michelle designs such lovely patterns . Hugs Sheila

  5. Havn't tried that cleaning tip, but I need to Fiona. Love your xmas hexagons - lovely stitching and a gorgeous design from Michelle as always

  6. Love the hexagons and the designs that you stitched in them.


  7. Thanks for the tip Fiona. I'll have to give that a try. Your table topper and coasters are just gorgeous. Great finish!

  8. I recently received an email that lists heaps of uses for WD-40 and one of the things on the list is for cleaning shower doors. I haven't tried it yet, but I definitely makes sense that oil would dissolve hard water/soap scum. I don't buy cleaning chemicals either. The email also said the main ingredient in WD-40 oil!! xx debbie

  9. Hmmm!! would you like to come and do my shower screen too????
    Such a cute Hexie table topper with matching coasters..
    great tip for the binding.

  10. lol, think we all have sewing days like that. At least it was easily remedied

  11. I haven't tried this on our shower screens either.....I reckon the cloudiness is to stop anyone looking in, so I don't want to clean it off. You didn't make a mistake, you just found a new way not to do something!

  12. I have opaque doors too. Old but after seeing your problems with family members showers I don't mind my old dinosaur doors so much. How frustrating to have to do unseeing. Looks great though hugs xxx

  13. Love your hexie mat. Great idea to use the knee lift fir holding bindings. Hugs, xx

  14. Lovely stitcheries by Michelle. Will be one to buy for sure. The tree looks better upright, don't you just hate that. Never notice until its finished although it was good that it was on the edge. Hugs....

  15. Love the hexie topper, a gorgeous design from Michelle. I havent tried that method of cleaning the shower screens, but I might need to.

  16. I love your hexie table topper! Michelle's designs are always so adorable. My mom always like the clear glass shower doors, but I've been able to avoid them. Too much work for me.

  17. Love the hexie table topper and the designs. The vinegar tips work well :)

  18. I have tried vinegar and bi carb soda for general cleaning as recommended by Ms Lush, but not the almond oil on shower glass. I use Viva wipes, no chemicals, just wipe with blue cloth damp and dry with the white cloth and the shower glass (and bathroom mirror) looks great when its dry. I used the same wipes on the windows now and works really well also, except the outside windows are so dirty you need an extra set and to put them all in the washing machine afterwards. The cloths are not expensive.

  19. Looks like no one likes to clean the shower screen. Me too! I take steps to avoid it. We use a squeegee to wipe down the screens after every shower as this helps to prevent build up of grime.Certainly does mean less cleaning.
    Gorgeous hexie table runner. I just thought the rearrangement was so people sitting opposite had something to look at for their side, too!
    Thanks for the tip regarding the roll of binding. very useful!

  20. Love your table topper! So glad that when we had our new bathroom built it is with a walk in shower so no need for curtains or doors. Cleaning a shower glass is just one of the worst jobs, glad you have cracked it. xx

  21. Your coasters and runner are just so showers...yuk...

  22. Thanks for the shower cleaning tips, shall have to try them. Love the hexie runner and coasters.

  23. We have a glass shower door and it definitely helps to get one of those rubber things with a handle and wipe it down after every use!

  24. Nice shower screen job, Fiona! We have one too, I've never heard of the 'etching' problem... is it something that effects older screens more than newer ones? ours gets a little sops-scum build up but i just get it off with a non scratch scourer.

    The hexy topper is just gorgeous, great job, beautifully stitched! x

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