Friday, December 21, 2012

Party pressies.....

An informal group of us who get together for stitch and chat... mostly chat ... and snacks.... and occasionally some wine.....

I made more of Christine's almond biscuits... my first lot got gobbled up... I don't know how that happened since I'm not really eating desserts and such like.....

(Christine recipe is lovely and easy and really really delicious)

... very strict instructions were given that this last batch was not to be touched!....

I wanted to take a little something for this special group of friends.....

home baked almond bread piled onto a pretty paper plate with a mini bar of chocolate 

wrapped up in celophane and a cute little ornie attached....

... gifties in a row......

Righto... Gotto Go... I need to make another batch of biscotti's... for us (even though I'm not really eating desserts and those sort of things...)

a Christmas picture some of my grandchildren

... made me laugh out loud ....


  1. lol thats so funny,poor kiddies,lol.great pic that will get a lot of laughs.
    I love your idea for your special gifts,they look so good.xx

  2. just as well you aren't eating biscuits and the like, me either...
    Gorgeous photo.. no children were hurt or psychologically damaged in the production of that photo? lol

  3. Love the photo. Gave me a smile & a laugh. Hugs,

  4. Love your photo!! So glad you aren't "really" eating desserts and those sort of things .... ;-)

  5. that photo of your grand children is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. What a lovely idea adding a decoration to each gift plate of almond bread. The recipe mustn't have been too hard as you've made more!

  7. Oops. Forgot to say I love the photo of your grandkids!

  8. Very clever pic, yes I had a giggle.

    Nice little plates of yummies for friends.

    Enjoy baking.

  9. OMG too funny....methinks maybe your grandies might just have inherited your sense of fun!...

  10. Lol! Love that photo. We needed the same treatment yesterday for oldest grandie. He has leapt out of the 'end of the year craziness tree' with great gusto and was in all sorts of strife. Your little bags of goodies look gorgeous.

  11. LOL What a ripper photo......

    Lucky chatty friends receiving the lovely gift from you.

    Love the stockings in the header...

  12. I just made the first stage of 2 loaves of almond bread today. All ready to slice and finish off tomorrow. Come Tuesday, they wont last long as each Family horde will claim a container full to take home.
    Gorgeous photo of the Grandies.

  13. Your grandchildren look "oh so delighted" to be photographed!! (NOT). Love your stockings!

  14. Great photo of the brandies. I made Christine's biscotti doesn't have very good lasting quality!

  15. Cute grandies lol. The biscotti looks wonderful all done up in cello

  16. oohh scrummy pressies and love that piccy of your grandchildren, I think I may look for some tape for mine :-)

  17. I love the pic of your grandkids lol sooo cute!

  18. hahaha Fabulous photo. Enjoy not eating your desserts and such like :) I love your little ornaments on the the treats!


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