Friday, December 28, 2012

Home Made for a bloke.....

In the theme of handmade (sort of) Christmas gifts we fixed up some beer for widget's dad.....

I've seen these done several times and was glad I gave it a go this year


Labels printed from this fun site....  

really fun with some christmas pipe cleaners with little bells....

our ham was delicious.....

... it came with a calender that surprised me.... 

.... when my boys were younger in the house I really was against these sexy woman calenders and pictures.... I told them it's an insult to me to have these images.....

... somehow I don't feel the same about this one!.....

(actually I think he needs a bit more meat on him!!)

Righto, Gotto Go..... still sorting those cupboards.... how come when I sort one shelf it makes three times more mess and things to do??????


  1. Hello Fiona,

    I was loving the reinbeer part of this post then got to the bottom of it and just cracked up. Thanks for the great start to the day.
    By the way does your husband read your blog???

    Happy days

  2. lol,lol,you crack me up Fiona,love the idea with reinbeer and your ham looks so yummy and lol,i can see why you like your new calander,what a wonderful post,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  3. Perfect way to start a new year.
    Love the reinbeer.

  4. I've been wanting to make reinbeer for a few years now, but I keep forgetting! Love the calendar! ;0)

  5. Love the reinbeer idea, and your calendar story is very funny. I don't think your calendar is's art!

  6. The Reinbeer is great! I know what I'm doing for my s-i-l next year! Did you make your own beer? The calendar is nice to look at but would make me feel guilty after all the times I've told men that such stuff is using women as sex objects. :)

  7. that is a cute way to present a gift...nice looking ham...MY DH looks just like him....LOL...LOL...

  8. Ah reminds me must get a 'firies' calendar for next year. Lol. Love the rein beer and your ham looks delish.

  9. Too funny Fiona. I'd keep that calender too. :) Love the reinbeer. Hugs,xx.

  10. cute reinbeer..
    as far as I am concerned that guy in the calendar is still a male, when I look at him I think 'get out of the bed and get some clothes on so I can make the bed!'
    I must be too old....

  11. Ham and reindeers look great The other looks delectable
    Oh you are naughty

  12. Funny reindeer beer! And I've been cleaning cupboards too! Must be the thing to do before the New Year!

  13. It's always harder to think of things to make men. This would have gone down well

  14. Back from holidays and catching up on your news. The ham looks delicious ( and so does the calendar!). Love the idea with the beer bottles. Good luck with all the tidying and sorting. Isn't this a great time to get into those cupboards so there can be a fresh start to the new year? Good luck!

  15. Oh Fiona I love your reinbeer weewee - what a brilliant idea. Good on you having the calendar, a few more sales & the poor boy might be able to afford to buy clothes! Scrumptious looking ham (the real one, not still talking about the clothesless man!). Tracee xx

  16. Fabulous idea, I know some blokes who would appreciate reinbeer :-)

  17. Oh dear, I must be getting old......all I can think is that calendar bloke looks far too young for me!

  18. Ha ha, I love the beer Fi, very clever.
    As for the calender, that's a good one... years ago a boyfriend of mine was a Fireman, and he appeared in the WA Firemans calender, so of course I had to have my copy!
    Tell Hubz your calender is for ... um... ah... bed linen research... x

  19. Yummy calendar - oops I mean ham!!???Great idea about the beer labels.

  20. Great little idea for the reindeer tops.
    I too am on the lookout for a calendar to rival the one DS gave hubby :)

  21. Love the beer and the calender lol


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