Sunday, December 23, 2012

Harrington & Hannah ...............

Hubz had an overnight trip to NSW (south of where we live) and I tagged along..... on the way back the signs in Queensland showed that we could get a fine of $30,000 for bringing bunnies into the state ..... 

... there is a good reason for that... rabbits are not native here and when they were brought in and virtually wiped out farming .. so now no bunnies here....

... well, not real ones....

... so when Michelle started her free BOM early this year all about two lovely little bunnies... Harrington and Hannah I was very pleased to join in .....

I did get a bit behind so I've been working hard on catching up.....

...... August's block......
(I told you I was behind!!!)

..... September's Block ......

...... October's block......

..... November's Block.....

... and at last we are up to date....

I had just caught up and Decembers block came out....
H & H have joined in with John Lennon
"All you need is love, love, love...." 

... I just had enough background to join pieces and make up a matching border....

when I add the backing I'll find a nice bold binding

Lovely patterns Michelle, thanks so much

For this project I used a good condition vintage tablecloth for the backings and the felt was from woolen fabric, blankets and jumpers that I have felted up
they are quite thick in places but it gives a textured effect which I am happy with

The patterns for these are still available... just pop into the shop HERE and go to the Free BOM page.  If you don't have wools/felt Michelle sells kits for this BOM... and other lovely goodies.....

I bought her first pattern Folk Art Fusion book this year so I am looking forward to making up some pieces from it in 2013

... this may be my starting point....

... of course the book is available from her shop too! ...

Righto, Gotto Go.... my happy bunnies need petting ....


  1. Boy you play catch up really well!
    It looks fantastic all together.
    I have some felted wool projects in my future too.
    The bird design is lovely.

  2. Your quilt looks fantastic Fiona. You have been working hard to catch up!

  3. Ah well, at least you can still have your bunnies! We get quite concerned if we see a bunny here, because they are such menaces.

  4. Beautiful blocks Fiona and I love your new header with the GK stockings. Hugs

  5. I love your new quilt top, those bunnies are so adorable. When we moved from Qld to NSW one of the first things we had to do was get a pet bunny for the boys. They are a pest, but a very cute one! (I mean the rabbits.....not the boys!)

  6. Love your version of the bunnies.

    Looks like lots of fun in your new year.
    Great cartoon too.

  7. boy you have worked hard to catch up Fiona and wow it looks awesome,what an amazing job you have done,lol love that cartoon at the end.xx

  8. Good for you Fiona, your blocks look wonderful and I love that you used vintage and wool !! Terrific job!!MerrY Christmas my friend , I may not get back here until after Christmas so hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful holiday . hugs Sheila

  9. They are so cute those two - I read her blog all the time. But you know it was too much love on the bunnies part that caused all the bunny problems...LOL.
    Another great cartoon!

  10. They are so cute those two - I read her blog all the time. But you know it was too much love on the bunnies part that caused all the bunny problems...LOL.
    Another great cartoon!

  11. Your quilt looks amazing Bubz....well done...

  12. Gorgeous bunny blocks....beautiful designs. Love the carrot bandit. LOL!~

  13. You have done really well to get the quilt put together.Love all your Harrinton and Hannah blocks..
    Great to see Jack's stocking too..

  14. Your wool quilt is lovely! Such cute bunnies...much nicer than real ones too!

  15. Well done for catching up. They look great. I'm still way behind. Was hoping to get it all sorted last week but it was just to hot. Hugs,

  16. lovely work with your BOM I have to try wool sometime .... maybe next year......
    Merry Christmas
    in stitches

  17. Well someone has been busy..... love the cartoon.... dont you just love it when it all comes together

  18. You have been busy catching up. It's lovely, I shall look forward to seeing it with it's binding

  19. Wow when you catch up you sprint to the finishing line! Awesome effort. Your version looks fantastic. If you can't have real bunnies to pat then I reckon felt versions are a great substitute.

  20. Wow you accomplished so much, I love this bunny quilt, and especially looks fabulous in the wool felt. Cant wait to see it completely completed.

  21. Well caught up and looking great!
    I love that you've re-purposed some fabrics.

  22. Fiona your quilt is beautiful. You really play catch up fast. I love the sweet little bunnies. We have some in our yard and I see them every now and then. I think they are hiding now in the cooler weather.
    You make me laugh. I just love your cartoons. You are so silly. Love it.
    Merry Christmas.

  23. Does that mean there are no pet bunnies in australia??

    What a beautiful wall hanging, I love it. I've been downloading in the BOMs for it, but haven't got round to starting... maybe next year!

    Happy Christmas my lovely friend xx

  24. Your quilt looks gorgeous!! I love that you recycled most of the material!

  25. Looks fantastic! I love rabbits on the quilt and in the pot! Most delicious casseroled lol.


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