Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Treasure Tuesday ...

I am linking up with Melody's Tuesday Treasure this week.....

first up I have a very sweet neighbour who dropped by the other day with a little gift...

with instructions to read the poem... not to open the gift!!!

I'm your little prayer rock and this is what I'll do .....
Just put me on your pillow until the day is through
then turn back all the covers and climb into your bed
your little prayer rock will hit you in the head.
Then you will remember as the day is through
to kneel and say your prayers
and then when you are finished just dump me on the floor
I'll stay throughout the night to give you help once more.
When you get up in the morning
I'll stub your tow so you'll remember to say your morning prayers before you go.
Put me back upon your pillow once your bed is made
and your clever little prayer rock will continue in your aid.
Because your heavenly Father cares and loves you so
He wants you to remember to talk to Him, you know?
Author unknown

Isn't it fun..... I asked her if there was a hidden message in her gift.... she just giggled!

My other treasure is being amazed at how many good and loving people there are in this world...

I saw this post on Sharon's blog ... so I popped over to visit Stacey .... and read what a wonderful job she is doing for a sick little man.... she is also coordinating meals for the family...

It was an honour to be able to make a small contribution... it gives me such a lift to hear of people who make a difference in the lives of others....  wonderful...

Our mornings are cool but sunny at the moment..... for a couple of hours the early morning sun shines into the sewing area of my 'rumpus room'....

and of course a bit of humour is always a treasure.....

nobody could find the mistake on my mini quilt
(I'm glad it is not too noticeable) 
when I was sewing the little strips together one of the pieces folded back on itself....
I've slipped the scissor blade in to show it
that last square is not fabric.... just iron on vilene
..... it will be a talking point ......

I wonder if you would have unpicked and fixed a 1/2" square?

Righto, Gotto Go..... I have a day to enjoy....


  1. not sure i would unpick Fiona,lol,what a lovely story with the rock.xx

  2. I would definitely NOT unpick! And even with the scissors there, I still wasn't sure it was wrong! LOL I say it's a keeper, and yes, a talking point, too! Sweet!

    And the prayer rock poem is too sweet! But I'm not all too sure about getting bruised in order to remember to say your prayers...... seems a little harsh! lol

  3. Such a lovely post Fiona xx oh and I wouldn't unpick either :o)

  4. UNpick? what's UNpick? NOoooooo!
    Love the prayer rock story..funny but thoughtful too!
    Enjoy your day! :)

  5. I have a prayer rock too and now it can remind me to pray for you.

  6. Not sure i'd unpick. :) Interesting idea with the prayer rock. Hugs,

  7. I'm sure I wouldn't have unpicked! See, no will notice!

  8. Uummmm I proabably would have unpicked as it would have annoyed me each time I looked at it :-)

  9. It's the tiniest little errors that we notice in our own work, but no one else's, Fiona! And if I was going to bed, & hit my head as I laid on my pillow, I'd be praying for the headache to go away, LOL... x

  10. I probably wouldn't have unpicked it - though mayeb I would have glued a bit of fabric over it. It has to depend on how YOU feel about it.

  11. LOL! I LOVE that little prayer rock poem - SO darn funny!!! What a clever idea!!!

  12. Fiona, that's not a mistake.....that is a deliberate tiny little fairy pocket, yes?

  13. Lovely post Fiona. There are some very amazing, wonderful, giving people out there. I love the last comment about the fairy pocket in your half inch squares... that's brilliant. Have a great day.. Love all your treasures xx

  14. You are definitely one of those good and lovig people.

  15. I am not sure if I would unpick it now, I would have done when I first started quilting. I have just made some mug rugs as extra Christmas presents and I have a small crease in one just under the binding, it's bugging me but I keep thinking "it's only a mug rug" and "it's going to get tea and coffee stains on"...... so far I have left it, time will tell if I have to alter it. Hugs x

  16. You know I won't answer that unpicking question! lol
    I couldn't pick the mistake to start with.
    gorgeous little poem.Glad it wasn't a boulder. Lovely crowns.

  17. I am not admitting to anything. LOL! I delete my cookies in that exact way. In fact I deleted one not so long ago. It does do your heart good to know there are wonderful people in the world....gives us all hope.

  18. i just unpicked two borders off a full size quilt so yehhhh i probably would have unpicked it, but then it doesn't look that out of place....so maybe not.....

    love deleting cookies, unfortunately we have deleted too well....no cookies left

  19. Gorgeous prayer rock poem, and what a lovely and thoughtful neighbour to give it to you. I thought the mistake was at that square but couldnt make out what was wrong with it. I think on something that tiny I could live with it.
    Hugs xx

  20. I have a little prayer rock too , aren't they wonderful, so simple yet so great. You are a very kind and giving person to help the boy ,I must check out that post. I am not sure if I would have picked out the mistake or not , probably not as it really is not noticeable . hugs Sheila


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