Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cheese Muffins....

I like to have a little snack when a friend pops around for tea and chats....

These are so easy peasy and yummy scrummy....

Viv's Cheese Muffins (fyi.... I got the recipe from Viv)

1 cup Self Raising Flour
1 cup Grated Cheese
1 cup Milk
1 tsp mustard powder
pinch of salt

Oven at 200 C (390F)
Mix all together... place in little muffin tins... cook for 10 minutes

....... which is an almost exact amount of time needed to sit and have a lovely cup of your favourite tea or coffee... or wine... or gin... it all depends on the time of day and the state of your nerves....

after 10 minutes when the muffins are cooked 
leave for a few minutes to cool a bit
... eat ...

Once full of this vital sustenance sit in a comfortable chair and sew something .....
(after washing hands of course!)

(this is Block 2 from Dawn and Wendy's BOM at Sew It's Finished)

or perhaps you would prefer to do a bit of machine piecing?  

I love to sew a few of my 'leaders and enders' scraps if I have a few minutes... 

the completed and trimmed triangles are beginning to take shape now....

Righto, Gotto Go.... snacks to eat, scraps to sew....


  1. Thank you for sharing your recipe...I will have to make these as they really look yummy!

  2. Anything cheesy is good with me - and my choice would be with champagne in the Autumn sunshine! I am so enjoying the look of your leaders and headers quilt - will be great to see it finished :)

  3. and yummy cheese muffins to eat!! Thanks for sharing your recipe! The leaders/enders pieces are looking fab!

  4. That's an easy recipe, I shall try it!

  5. They do look yummy, can you email me some as after my afternoon I don't have the strength to make them myself! :o)

  6. wow Fiona you amaze me with your talents,thankyou for that recipe i will definately try these,and double wow with your last pic,unreal.xx

  7. Those muffins look delicious and I just love your cup. The triangles are really coming along. They look great all sewn together.

  8. Those cheesy muffins sound amazing, and so easy, too! Yum! And your spider web is looking really good! Awesome!

  9. Love the way you combine food and quilting! The leaders and Enders project looks great and has captured my interest as l love strings! Always wanted to do leaders project but never that organized, was the pattern from a book or off the web?....ha no pun intended!

  10. YuMMo! to both the cooking and the sewing! NiCe wORk... :)

  11. So long as the gin doesn't end up in the muffins, all will be well! They look scrummy, & so does the sewing!

  12. Love your Leaders and Enders quilt. I also read back a bit and saw your New York Beauty. I have had this on my must try list for ages. I have seen some specatular examples over the years. It will be good to see how yours turns out. I think a lot of the secret to it is to be adventurous with the colour and pattern selection. Something that I have to push myself to be.

  13. yumm!! and your sewing is fabulous as always :)

  14. We have been flying all morning and I am starving, wish I could come through the computer and snatch one of those.

    That little guy....I would cry each time.

  15. Thanks for sharing. Will be giving these a go tomorrow :)

  16. Thanks Fiona for the recipe.It is nice to have something yummy but not sweet for a treat sometimes...note I said sometimes! Lovely stitching as always.

  17. Oh yikes, you are reminding me of the string spiderweb blocks I started a long time ago. Did not have many scraps back then but now I do.
    Love the look of your muffins. Cheese is one of my favorite foods. (Is it not on top of that food pyramid thingy)?

  18. Oh I love the spiderweb blocks. Have to make one of those. I'll drop over for cheese buns one of these days...


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