Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Borders and Blocks......

I've joined the blocks and put some borders on my Patchwork Village

I'll do the binding in the same red as the border

Hubz likes this one... he says it is controlled and organised
what does that tell you about him.... and me.....?

I posted about my latest My Favourite Things blocks here 

Spot the difference.....

When I saw others on the Stitch-A-Long blog I noticed that I hadn't 'finished' my blocks so I had a bit of homework to do

.... it does look better now....

The weather is changing... rain is promised..... we hope it comes.... so, so dry

Righto, Gotto Go ... need to figure out a quilting plan


  1. I hadn't noticed the pins were missing. But it does look better now!

  2. Pins!!! I think hubby likes to be organised and in control! Just don't tell its actually YOU in control! I love the Patchwork Village quilt! I hope the much needed rain arrives!

  3. Love the way the Village quilt has turned out, especially the red star in the middle! Love the red border, too.

    Good luck with the rain.

  4. wow this is fntastic Fiona,i have this pattern also,its bigger thn what i thought,love the colours you choose.Yes your block looks better with the pins,well done Fiona.xx

  5. Happy there are some pins in your pin cushion - means they must be waiting for a new project?

    Gorgeous Patchwork Village - Lovely red.

    Enjoy the planning.

  6. So pleased you "found" them, more sewing can be done with them than without! Fantastic progress on your Village quilt, I love the red. hugs

  7. Your version of the Village is amazing Bubz..

  8. Lol - just like those cartoons in the paper asking you to spot the differences between two 'identical' pics :). Took me a few moments to notice the pins. Love your stars quilt, especially the red border.

  9. Your Patchwork Village top looks fabulous! I can't wait to see how you quilt it! :0)

  10. Wow! Beautiful quilt Fiona. I adore your central red block x

  11. Your patchwork village is more appealing each time I see it.

  12. Can't have a pincushion without pins! Your village quit is sweet.

  13. Your patchwork village quilt is so nice. I always have a tough time deciding on how to quilt. I'm sure you will do a splendid job. Your blocks are beautiful but the pins do add a bit extra.

  14. As you know, I love your little village, and I never noticed anything was missing on your blocks...looks good with or without the pins. Hugs

  15. This is lovely! I love the fabrics you have chosen.

  16. Love the borders you've used ... they finish the blocks perfectly!

  17. Just beautiful Fiona , great job ! Hugs Sheila

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  19. Your patchwork village is amazing. The pins definitely added to the SKOW block. Am keen to see the progress of those who can come and bring them to our blog meetup. We saw some early blocks in Nov. so will be good to see the progress in these 6 months

  20. I love your Patchwork Village Fiona. Beautiful. You are so quick getting things done.

  21. Love your Patchwork Village and your Favourite Things blocks are gorgeous. The colours are fabulous.. right up my street. Must admit the pins were the icing on the cake.
    The countryside around you is beautiful. Don't think I'd get anything done for looking at the views.

  22. the pins are a cute addition. They look lovely.
    Love your Patchwork village quilt. It looks wonderful!!

  23. Yeah well we can't all be perfect.
    I do admire both pieces though one as much as the other.

  24. Hi Fiona,
    I've been thinking of you and the other girls from Melody's TT a bit lately. I had some wonderful times sharing with you all and I have really missed that.
    It was only yesterday that I was thinking of you.
    This morning I opened my latest issue of Homespun magazine and imagine my surprise when I see the cutest "Hip Puppies" quilt. I start to look at each puppies face and think to myself, "I could do that, in fact, I even have the very same pieces of wool blanketing.... Exactly the same"
    I read the story about the creator of this quilt, Fiona from Kingsthorpe.
    Fiona from Kingsthorpe I said to myself.
    That name and suburb sounds very familiar.
    Fiona, wool, Kingsthorpe, blog, TT, Fee.
    I've got it!!!! I hop online and go searching for BubzRugz
    I think I may not only have the same wool blanketing but the exact same wool blanketing.
    Is it you? Is it the very same Fiona from BubzRugz as in the Homespun magazine?
    It has to be. Too many coincidences for me.
    How exciting that I have some of your blanketing, thank you.
    How exciting for you. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to you on your gorgeous quilt, congratulations on being published and congratulations on winning the Ned Kelly Thimbles.

    I'm still around, have been sick but in the process of starting a new blog. I'll be sure to pop in again soon.

    New email address is

  25. Oh it looks lovely all together! I'm also trying to figure out a quilting plan for my quilt. I always find this part the most confuddling...

  26. It is amazing what a small bit of hand stitching can add to a block. Those pins were the icing on the cake!
    Love your work.

  27. your Patchwork village is gorgeous.........great work on the SAL

  28. I love your Patchwork Village Fiona. It is gorgeous. Tracee xx


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