Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's your name and why?

"What's in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". 
- Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

I have often wondered how people chose their blog names so when Dawn from As Sweet As Cinnamon started a linky so we could share and read others I thought it would be fun....

... BubzRugz ...
... I chose this name because I do love making little quilts for babies and I was going to make a million dollars by doing so...
.... BubzRugz was going to be my 'business' name....

So Bubz has stuck, I am still loving making baby quilts...

for my grandiebabies..

I haven't made any money yet....

.... I've done better than that....

I've made special friends
I've got such a lot of inspiration
I've learnt new techniques and skills
I've even won prizes and giveaways

Some things are priceless

How about you? 
would love to hear your story... do a blog post and link up HERE


  1. What a lovely background story Bubz!! I was wondering what inspired the name!
    I am sure that with your skills and talents that you will one day make that dream a reality!!! I always love seeing your work!!

  2. an interesting little story. I hope the kids know that the quilts are priceless as you have stitched a whole lot of love into them as well. And who know you may make some $$ with your quilting yet. Keep up the good work and inspuration that you give to others as well.

  3. Oh that is so special... and that you made your million...all the new friends and skills, fun and such.
    Hugs Dawnx x x

  4. how wonderful Fiona,and i am so glad you did and you are 1 of my special blogging friends,oxox

  5. love your 'bubzrugz' they are gorgeous.
    Can't put a value on everything.

  6. I think Bubz has to be an Australianization of Bubby. It took me a long time to find you and keep coming back because I just couldn't get it through my head. It's there now though. Thanks for telling us your story.

  7. That's good fun. Love the way your name came about. Isn't it interesting the way we have plans for the future, but sometimes the future turns out better?

  8. Well I wanted to buy some little things once and you wouldn't let me...maybe that was your BIG!
    Love your blog name! :)

  9. Some things are very priceless all your quilts and your blog name....I know I should be calling you Fiona...but I like the Bubz, hope you don't mind...

  10. Adorable quilts and I couldn't imagine your blog called anything else.

  11. Great story!! And I can so relate. Your baby quilts are adorable! Your blog is fun. I pop in every now and again.

  12. Thanks for the explanation Fiona , I always liked your name but didn't know what it meant and had never heard a baby referred to as Bubz ,too cute and you just never know that million could be just around the corner , you make beautiful quilts!

  13. I enjoyed hearing how you got your the quilts!

  14. Fiona, that all makes sense! I was wondering how your name came by..Your grandies are very very lucky, as are we, for your friendship..

  15. I've always wondered about your name - love the story! You sure do have some lucky grandbabies to get all your wonderful quilts!

  16. Ok, I know this is at least the third time I've said are my twin. Hillbilly Handiworks was to be my business name. I am still thinking up ways that I could make money...probably never will. But sharing lots of love. Much more gratifying, don't you think?

  17. Gorgeous quilts and I love your name and I am sure it is as special to a lot of others as it is to me.

  18. I'm glad you joined in - I've always wondered about your name. Though now you've told us, it does seem obvious, before I didn't have a clue!

  19. :-)
    Beautiful quilts.
    Zuly Castillo U. - COSTA RICA

  20. Fantastic Fiona. Love your story and I agree.. making friends is so much nicer than only money xox

  21. A lovely beginning Fiona and gorgeous bubz quilts...perhaps it's never to late?
    I think it's sweet when you refer to Hubz too. :)

  22. What a wonderful story! So fun to hear how people come up with the names.
    xx, shell


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