Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Garden.... My Treasure

The Wallabies are out the Rugby World Cup .....
(sad, sad, sad face)
.....but we must move on....

October Birdie Stitchery
these can still be found at Little Miss Shabby

Friday Night Sew In this week - I hope to get quite a bit done

Love you to join us... click HERE for details and sign up..


This week I am treasuring having a little patch that I can grow some fresh salad and veges.... 

and linking up with Melody's Tuesday Treasures

here is my lettuce, mustard leaves and little cherry tomato plants.....

the rocket has bolted but I have been feasting... I am hoping for it to self sow and keep me supplied....

large tomatoes .....

.... with baby tomatoes forming....

silverbeet and  beans with 
either gem squash or butternut, or cucumber, or zucchini... 
I planted a selection but I don't know which ones have come up!!!!  Luckily I like surprises!!

I am trying to avoid sprays and am making my own worm wee fertiliser and use the castings when I plant.... this is some of my working stock!! 

The mulberries are delicious
we had a short sharp hail storm so you can see the tears in the leaves

machine quilting has been happening..... 

Hope your day is awesome


  1. Your garden is thriving! You won't need to buy much salad stuff this summer.

  2. Your garden is really looking terrific , you have a green thumb ;-0 Love the stitchery , I didn't do that one but everytime I see it I think I should have . Your feathers are looking really good too! hugs

  3. Fiona what a wonderful vegie garden you have,you cant beat freshly picked vegies.

  4. Your garden is looking fresh and healthy. The birds got most of my mulberries but I did manage one mulberry pie ... yummm!
    Happy quilting :)

  5. Your stitchery is just awesome...

  6. The stitchery is lovely. Those Mulberries bring back memories of my childhood. I grew up in Rockhampton (QLD) and would visit my Grandma often in Mt. Morgan. One of Grandma's sisters had a HUGE mulberry tree, many a time we came hom with stained clothes, feet, hands and lips. LOL it was such fun....

  7. Your garden is definitely a treasure. Congratulations.

  8. Wonderful vegie patch Fiona....I am very green (forgive the pun) of your tomatoes. What nature provides is always a treasure.

  9. Wonderful, from pick to plate in a few minutes, can't get fresher than that, and OH I can just taste those Mulberries.Well done.Cheers R.

  10. What a wonderful post. Lovely stitching and everything is flourishing in your garden. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Great block Bubz, and I just had some mulberries for my lunch.....and I have purple hands...LOL...

  12. All your vegies look so healthy!
    I grew rocket for the first time last year in a pot without success, but am going to try just planting out in vegie garden instead!

  13. I just love the smell of freshly picked tomatoes. The shop ones don't smell the same. love the stitchery

  14. Darling stitchery - I'll have to run over and get that one, I'm behind on my blog reading! Your garden is just lovely, hon, what could be better than eating your own fresh produce. Your quilting is looking very lovely!

  15. I love your vege patch and mulberry tree.. What great treasures!!! and you can't beat the taste of your own freshly grown veges and fresh mulberries... mmmmm!!! great photos xx

  16. Hello Fiona,

    Will be straight over for some Mulberries. Those worms look great.
    Happy days.

  17. Tomatoes already! We are lucky to have some by christmas.
    Your vegie garden is super and wow Mulberries.
    The quilting is so lovely!

  18. What a mouth-watering post Fiona. I love rocket- its peppery flavour is so lovely in salads. Your garden looks terrific. I love your birdie embroidery too.

  19. As usual, another great blog entry. Your stitchery is so cute.

  20. Your Mullberries look yummy.I have never tasted them, but I can see the juices running down your chin.
    Your machine quilting looks great to, I think it will be even a sweeter quilt whenit is done.
    hugs Annette

  21. Your October Birdie Stitchery is lovely and Your Mullberries look yummy!!!
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn

  22. Love the bird stitching! As your world comes to life, ours is getting colder. There is talk of snow tonight....can I come visit?

  23. Your day looks awesome! I like your Birdie stitcheries. You pick good colors.


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