Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Reversible Bread Basket......

I recently participated in a Bread Basket swap
.... I do enjoy the swaps that get me to make things I haven't done before....
I did find a number of tutorials which were wonderful for giving guidelines to size, how and what was needed.... however I did want to do one that was reversible.... so I adapted and thought I would share with you.....

It's not too difficult.... but of course we do need a snack first..... there's a fruit cake on the side-board.....

you do remember to wash hands don't you?

..... we are playing with fabric...


15" square of colour 1 (or adapt size to what suits you)
16" square of batting/wadding (ditto)
16" square of colour 2 (ditto)
2 1/2" strip for binding - about 80" long (I used a neutral linen) (ditto)
perfect project for fat quarters
2 metres of ribbon (80")
..... thread of choice ....

press all your fabrics

you are going to sandwich your pieces to quilt
I am doing straight line quilting here so you do not need to be an experienced quilter (I'm not)
place the larger fabric (colour 2) right side down
I used spray glue (but you can use safety pins - and if you're game a good press with the iron will hold it together (small project)

roll the wadding/batting over the glue sliding your hand and pressing to keep smooth

spray and add the 15" square right side up to the batting

cool... we have a small quilt sandwich

I find using a smaller piece on top means I will be able to see easily when I am 'quilting' it

draw your quilting lines... I used a water soluble pen but chalk or masking tape will do...
it does need to be able to wash out

do first lines 2 3/4" in from the sides at all corners... this will form the shape for the sides of the basket

you can see clearly how I did the lines in this next picture
the 4 lines across to form the shape of the sides
then diagonally from corner to corner (I like the little corner point as it forms the shape when you tie the ribbon)
then I did a criss cross along the base and lines around the sides ... you don't actually need to do anything at all but I would advise the basic 4 lines and corner points to help in getting a nice shape basket....

quilt on the lines

a close up of my quilting lines

and quilted.....

on my gifted one I did an all over free motion design - also with the 4 shape lines....

cut your 2 metres of ribbon into 8 equal pieces

pin them to the edges using your straight quilting lines as a guide... the ribbons go straight over the 2 3/4" lines  - 2 on each side of the square....

here you can see where I am using the quilting line as a guide....

stitch these close to the edge to hold in place

then add your binding ensuring  your ribbons are tucked neatly into place....

join the binding edges whichever is your favourite way....

sew the binding down.....

Done... Side 1

and Side 2

Now this does make a soft basket.... my bloggy friend Shez suggests using a very stiff interfacing and some pellon to get a more firm but soft basket -

and of course you can make the square bigger to make a larger base or higher sides..... (I was given one which is 18" square and has 3.5" sides.... it's lovely)

and of course you can make them rectangle... aah the possibilities are endless

Ooops... sorry I forgot to stop for snacks......

have a cuppa....

Now.. silly me didn't concentrate when I was cutting and cut the fabric while it was folded... so I ended up with 2 pieces of each size....

so I have a 'kit' for the same bread basket
(the ribbons not in the picture but I will get some)

make it for you or for someone else
great for summer BBQ's

just comment here - mention the word BREAD and I'll have a chat to Mr Random at the weekend

I'm trying to keep up with Helen's stitchery Lessons... this was Lesson 1

I need to go and trace out Lesson 2 - backstitch and get it done by the weekend!

I hope you can find your Happy Place today


  1. Fiona what a great tutorial on the bread basket,i also like swaps as you tend to make things that you havent before and you pick up lots of tips and learn new things along the way.

  2. Not sure if your "Bread" kit is open to USA residents, but please count me in. I love the way yours turned out.

  3. Well how darn cute is that! I need some of that fruit cake!
    xx, shell

  4. A great tut Fiona. Someone will love their basket using your method I'm sure!
    Great job!

  5. What a gorgeous bread basket - both actually, I Love the one in the first shot too! I was keen to join in with this swap but was unable to get one done by the required date as life got in the way - as it always does, lol. I am glad you enjoyed it. I'll definitely have to try some of these out - perfect gift for Christmas me thinks, lol.

  6. Thank you for your wonderful generousity - if open to the USA, please count me in. Great gift ideas and I can see all kinds of uses, not just 'bread' basket.

    Hugs - Marie

  7. I'll not mention that word as I would feel guilty winning something from you again! Thanks for the snack and the tutorial though :)

  8. You are further ahead than me on the stitcherie. I've only got the pattern printed and my fabric cut. Yours looks so pretty. I could put some bread in that basket :)

  9. You know I made one of these a few years ago - worked out the pattern myself, put hard plastic in it so that it would be firmer, messed around with it... and then I found a pattern in a magazine for it :) Would have been much easier if I'd had the pattern in the first place, lol!!!
    I thought these would be cute smaller as well for travelling - they go flat, but then you can put them next to your bed for your earings, watch, etc...
    I am not mentioning the magic word 'cause I don't want to be included in the giveaway :)

  10. Oh wonderful are you to do the tutorial...its fantastic.....thanks, I have to work all weekend, I wonder if I could find some time to make one...

  11. You are such a great teacher, my friend. I had your tutorial for the pin wheel table runner pulled up yesterday and got my squares matched and pinned for the patriotic one. I need to just go ahead and do the Christmas one at the same time so I pressed those fat quarters. The Princess is making a patchwork basket and was using the machine.
    I will try the 'bread' basket too at a later date. Did you use a stencil for the free motion quilting.
    Mama Bear

  12. Fiona:
    Wow you are so creative and again I love another of your items. This bread basket will be a winner at christmas when I make them for the girls at Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas and put a loaf of bread in it. This kind of thing make the best gifts. And I always include a tag that tells how to care for it and should this not be your cup of tea, feel free to re-gift it.

    thanks for the tutorial and chance to win.


  13. Thanks for the tutorial...I was wondering exactly how these were constructed...besides being used for BREAD I think there are lots of possibilities for ways to use these...thanks for sharing...

  14. I was interested in this, but there are no pictures. Thanks, g.

    1. No I'm sorry, I had some technical difficulties some time ago and had to delete a number of pictures off my computer... they were linked to the blog so sadly they went too....


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