Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

Melody is hosting Tuesday Treasure.... and I love looking and thinking about a treasure to share with you...

I was an only daughter with 3 brothers and though there were no favourites in our home I always knew I was indeed Daddy's little girl...... and he would often make things or fix things for me....

In one of my 'phases' as a young girl (I wonder if you have had these too?) I liked unusual and dangly earrings... my Dad drilled a hole in a pair of silver plated mustard spoons (it's only 7cm long) so that I could wear them.... then made cheeky comments about going spooning.....
I have lost one of my spoons but this one still makes me smile .....

14th June..... today would have been my Dad's birthday... and a few days ago (the 11th) my late father in laws birthday .....

How can there be any other treasure for me today than to remember two wonderful men that I was so lucky to have in my life....

This is Dad in his cricket gear... in his early 20's....

and dad in law in his uniform at much the same age

Both men were born in June
.... both as young men left their family and homelands to immigrate to a young developing colony.....
.... both were policemen who made outstanding contributions during their service,
..... both married beautiful and strong women,
..... both became wonderful fathers
..... both were amazing loving grandfathers,
.... and both died too young....

Dad received a medal for his outstanding contribution to the local community where we lived....
he retired from the police after 25 years to go farming....

(I got the half eyebrows, the double chin, the end of the nose, and his eyes....)

and dad-in-law had an incredible career in the police rising to a senior position in the CID - when he retired he ran security for a large banking firm

One of my greatest treasures, and I'm sure for many of us, is the people in our lives who have influenced us....  these are two of mine....  I hope I haven't bored you with my sentimentality today....

... but just in case.... here is a little needlecase I made a friend.....

Sun-bonnet Sue.......

You have to lift up her skirts...... ooops....

Have a warm, and safe week.....

I'm off to grab a cuppa and pop over here to see what other treasures there are....


  1. I think it's wonderful that you're honouring 2 special men in your life. True treasures xo

    BTW - did you ever wear the earrings?

  2. A beautiful post Fiona. Thank you for sharing these two lovely men.

  3. What a LOVELY post, Fiona - how very special to have two such men in your life. They both have very friendly eyes, and look like people I'd love to know. Those we love are our greatest treasures.

  4. Thank you for sharing, I could relate to a lot of the things you said. They both look lovely caring people.

  5. Thank you for sharing these very special men that have meant so much to you. Your Dad was indeed a "looker" in his day and I love the earrings tale. How wonderful for you that your father-in-law was also a man of great character. Lovely post.Nice to know June is special for you also.
    Michelle xx

  6. Fiona what a beautiful postand how special are these 2 men

  7. lovely post about your dad and dad in law.
    Your sunbonnet sue needlecase is very sweet.

  8. What a lovely post... I have quite the lump in my throat x

  9. Thanks fro sharing your memories of you 'dads' with us. Brings back memories of my own!

  10. Memories shared are memories relived and how delicately you have shared and cared ---

  11. What a beautiful post Fiona. Your Dad and Dad in Law were amazing, wonderful men. Funny, my Dad was the focus of my TT today as well. He made things too, but not spoon earrings... just love that!!!! ha ha True treasures xx

  12. I loved this post , your father and father in law both sounded like great men who contributed a lot during their lives and you were fortunate to have had them in your life. Your needlecase is adorable . hugs

  13. You are making me all misty eyed.
    My dad, also born in June and left us too soon, was the kind that held the family together.

    The men in your life did not have the positions that allowed one eto be soft and yet you knew their gentler side. That is a treasure.

  14. That was gorgeous Fiona... I still have my dad, and I was just thinking yesterday that I am not looking forward to when I don't..He is a very special eighty six year old, still on the farm, still taking an interest in everything.. Thankyou for sharing..

  15. A truely lovely read, very sentimental and such wonderful beautiful memories that you have shared. Thank you for your Tuesday Treasure.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  16. And what's wrong with half eyebrows?

    Valuable memory treasure you have there...

  17. How amazing that they had so much in common!

    Love that needle holder. So cute that you have to lift her skirt!

  18. They are lovely memories to have. Thank you for sharing these with us. It's so lovely to think back and reminisce.

  19. Great post Bubz, both are very special ment..love your needlecase..

  20. Such sweet fellas and such a great post girlfriend.
    xx, shell

  21. What a lovely post Fiona. It's so nice to get to know these two gentlemen, and you a little bit more, through them. They are treasures to you, that's pretty clear from your writing and I adore the old photos especially the early ones when they were both young. Very sweet.


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