Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy Pincushions.........

Many of you will have followed our process of making pincushions... or seen them on other people's blogs..... 13 of us have been sending our felt bases to far and wide to be decorated by someone, sent to another far and wide for more decor and so on........ if you are interested you can see the progress HERE

Some of the pincushion bases are arriving back home so I thought I would show you some of them... and also provide links which will take you to their owners and you can read up about them...... I hope you have fun......

the detail in these pincushions is amazing.... the bases are 6" in diameter or less which will give you an idea of how intricate the little embelishments are....

Sheila's Base..... (Nova Scotia, Canada)

and Jacqueline's..... (Florida, USA)

Roslyn's base...... (New South Wales, Australia)

Laura's base..... (North Dakota, USA)

and Dianne's .... (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Dianne's is the first I've seen made up into a pincushion which you can see HERE

I think they are fantastic

Hopefully in the next few weeks others (including mine) will arrive 'home'

We have been using the idea and guidelines of Kaaren from The Painted Quilt.... you can see her tutorial HERE to make the base and HERE is a tutorial for decorating the base
~ I wonder if you will be tempted? ~

Wool is  a wonderful medium and the pins slide in so easily but firmly, but this could be done in cotton just as easily .....


  1. They are all so lovely ,just amazing what can fit in a 6" circle . I love them and really loved being a part of this RR. Thanks Fiona for setting this up.
    hugs Sheila

  2. These pin cushions are amazing---way too pretty to stick a pin in. Thanks for sharing. Nola

  3. How wonderful and different they all look,well done girls

  4. They are All Beautiful & a Real Work of Art...TFS.

  5. I love wool. Those are all amazing. :O)

  6. Those are so fun, love how you can make each one unique for the person you are sending it to.


  7. I love them all. What lucky Ladies.

  8. Hello Fiona,

    All unique,amazing what can be into 6 inches of space.
    happy days.

  9. they all look so fantastic! Makes me even more enthusiastic about mine returning to me!

  10. they are all amazing and I have loved watching there progress. well done to all!

  11. They really are fantastic and all so interesting and different.

  12. I'm getting excited about seeing mine soon. These all look so great.

  13. They are all just gorgeous - I love that little koala - what a fun thing to do!

  14. All are so beautiful.. Fiona yours will be on its way to Shelia this week..stitichin is done and its moving on... will be home to you soon... providing Canada lets it in and out... So love these...

  15. They look amazing Fiona, what a lot of fun you've all had with them.

  16. oh my!!! AWESOME Fiona, thanks for showing us these. they are superb and now i'm kicking myself for not joining in! *snif*

    oh well, live and learn...

  17. I do love seeing the progress on these! They are so fabulous!
    xx, shell


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