Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Treasure and a Finish

Melody is our wonderful hostess of Tuesday Treasure.... and you can link up HERE - or just have a read and meet some other people.....

Now you all know I am fond of lizards...... this includes chameleons....

so I was delighted when I was this little fella came to live with me
(gift from favoured MIL)

I'm sorry the pictures are a bit blurry - I fail at close-ups
(I promise it is not because of wine!)

  The top of the container is about 4" so he's quite a dinky little chap

open up and there is more.....

and more

hand made with fine wire and beads....

the wire has started rusting a bit so I am not using them for anything but decor....
and Widget can play with them ...

.... and this is the bag I have now finished using the stitcheries from HERE

this bag is 6" square 

and here it is folded out

the pocket reverses in folding
It actually was supposed to have the 'Just for You' on the outside of the little bag....
~ next time I'll get it right! ~

Another UFO from out the cupboard.... yay




  1. what a sweet little lizard and box set!

    the stitchery on that bag (and the bag too) are so well done Fiona. I love this kind of detailed work; so pretty!

  2. cute lizard Fiona and arent you clever with this bag

  3. Soo cute. Love the bag. Thanks for sharing x

  4. Hello Fiona,

    Lucky Lizard to find your home. Was that made in Africa. I think I purchased something like that many years ago. Congrats on the bag finish. Looks great.
    Happy days.

  5. Cute little lizard and the containers look like a lot of fun.
    Good finish with the bag. I love the stitchery.

  6. I, too, love lizards. He is a delightful little treasure. :)

    Love the bag too.

  7. Your little Liz is a cutey and what an unusual set of containers.Is Liz beaded?
    Well done on finishing your lovely bag.

  8. Lovely things to share today. That is a very cute little lizard and the bag is gorgeous

  9. Cute little lizard and I love the bag you finished !

  10. It looks 'right' enough to me! And I love the lizard. I think they are cute too. But not snakes. Never. ever.

  11. Those baskets are so adorable....

  12. Love your stitching, especially the flowers on the "Just for you" patch.

  13. Your stitching is great!! What cute lizard. I like lizards too :)
    Kim xx

  14. Those little boxes with the adorable lizard "knob" are just fabulous. Isn't it amazing what people can create from the most mundane of things? And your bag is so cute...love that stitched pocket!



  15. Not sure about the lizard But the bag is so cute like the pocket.Laura

  16. lovely lizard! and i think the bag is just great

  17. Your little lizard boxes are too cute - great job on the bag, it so pretty and cheery! BTW, your gift seems to have brought spring to me - the trees are started to get buds and I'm seeing some green on them, yay!


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