Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some reasons blogging is fun......


I have enjoyed participating in some swaps..... this month these are the blocks I have swapped....
Maria has sent me these Wonky Squares in "I Spy" fabrics....

for a monthly swap hosted by Sue at Quilting Block Swaps Australia 
aren't they wonderful and so much to see?

Each month we are partnered with someone different and we make the block they have requested.... It's great fun and I am learning new skills - as well as collecting up blocks for a yummy quilt....

Maria asked for Jacob's ladder... with a cream background and country colour of my choice....

As you see we sent two each to each other.... just for fun!!

New members are welcome any time... just pop along HERE and let Sue know you'd like to join in

I've just signed up for a new swap
Cheryl is hosting a Secret Santa Swap

you can read about it and sign up HERE
first posting is July 1st so you have plenty of time

Sue (from Quilting Block Swaps) had some giveaway prizes and I was so lucky to win these lovely fat quarters....  I had to open up that one fabric to show you the entire design on it... birdies... I love birdies... and it looks like the card was made to match.....

They are going to sit beside me for a while, to be stroked and petted while I decide what to make....

I have to admit I enter as many give-aways as possible but ONLY to those on blogs I follow (that's my little rule to myself!!) and this week I received a lovely pattern and gift from Michelle from Rag-Tag Stitchin'

Michelle designed the lovely pattern and stitcheries herself

A sewing tote.... who has enough tote's.... not me.... 
I may use some of the new fabrics I won to make it.....
can you see that little tag... just so lovely and there were some notions in the packet....
I think Michelle is daring me to make a tag too
Hop on by to Michelle and see her designs... you might be lucky to win a giveway too!!

Sharing Knowledge

Val Spiers is a new Smarty Pants Nerd blogger friend and we are sewing pincushions together.... she has been doing some research on photo's for Blogger, Picassa and Flickr..... 

The information is useful especially as some people have had a request for a charge for pictures... so have a read over HERE... and while you there look through some of Val's other posts and drop in to say G'day.....  there's much more to read as well as the nerdy stuff

I am also in with a Stitch-A-Long hosted by Chookyblue
we have been making blocks each month for a pretty Christmas quilt
These are the blocks I did last month

The Stitch-A-Long has its own blog and it's worth having a look to see how different the same design looks just using different colours and threads

The blocks are 4 1/2" squares so most of us don't find it too hard to keep up

This month I have done one so far
I think Santa is happy with thoughts of his stomach
as for the goose.... mmmmm

Chookyblue who cracks the whip at all of us has a lovely blog of her own... always great pictures and lots of blogging tips to help us on our way..... Pop in and see HERE (the How To tips are in the sidebar)
..... don't forget to say G'day

In the meantime the Wiscasset Layer Cake is showing promise....

What do you enjoy about blogging?



  1. so many wonderful things about blogging.........your SAL blocks look wonderful.........

  2. I love the turtle wonky square block you received. Enjoy!

  3. PHEW!! that was a great read this morning Fiona.
    I am so looking forward to seeing those gorgeous blocks. They should male enough for me to stitch all my blocks together.
    That's what I love about blogging . Meeting all you lovely folk.

  4. That was a good post Bibz...your TTS is looking good...what do I like about blogging...The inspiration, the swaps, the bloggers, the blogging family that is created....

  5. Love all the blocks you showed especially the stitcheries, though you know they are my passion.
    I enjoy making some great blog friends the most. I also like that you can share your crafts with like minded people instead of having to bore your non crafty friends and family!

  6. such a cute little tag! you should definitely make one, Fiona. your Jacobs ladders are so pretty. love that block!

  7. what a lovely post Fiona,so much to read and very interesting ,i love your blocks and lucky you with winning that lovely bird fabric i cant wait to see what you make out of this,and lovely gifts from Michelle,love the tag

  8. You are a busy girl. I love all your pretties.

  9. Contests are fun and sometimes we get lucky.
    I won't follow a blog just for the contest, only if I like the blog and know it is one I would enjoy following. I have found so many new sites and friends, just from seeing a contest mentioned.


  10. Bit of a marathon post you have today. I need a cup of tea now! I love the wonky blocks and poor Cheryll had to make a replacement for her partner. I love your blue Jacobs ladder. Don't tell me you are signing up for another swap! I love your bird fabric and the gift from Michelle was great. I have yet to post about it. That clever pants sounds like a real nerd! I want to do the Christmas stitchery but I have too many things to do first. Your blocks look lovely and the star fabric around Santa is great. Everyone's blocks look great too and what on earth are you up to with the Wiscasset layer cake. Looks like you need a block keeper:)
    Phew I really need that cup of tea now!

  11. All the friends I've made all over the world...and the chance to learn from others....I love the Jacob's Ladder block..I've done one in a sampler...this sounds like fun. I need to find a swap like that....Thanks for the link about Santa's Sack. I'm in.
    Mama Bear

  12. Thanks for the link about the santa swap. I must be crazy I don't get enough time to stitch what I have to now but Christmas AWW! I can't resist. thanks for the lovely comments as well Fiona.

  13. I love all the things you have made, busy busy. Thanks for the various links I enjoyed visiting and have saved them.

  14. I love so much about blogging myself. I just love to read them, write them, and I have found so many friends along the way.

    I've visited the links..thank you!

  15. Love all your great work , those stitch alongs are too cute! I love the fact I have met so many wonderful people by blogging and learned so much from so many others !

  16. Gosh what a lovely lot of goodness to read about in this post Fiona. Such beautiful blocks and swaps. Wonderful way to bring people together to share in their crafts.

  17. Great, your goose! :))
    No, I can't relax till may: I hurried up with April's blocks because I'm working on 5 projects!!! :ooo!!! :)))
    Nice eveningh! (Here are 20.20 p.m.! :))

  18. There is a lot to love about blogging for sure - and I love that you get so MUCH done - you're a very busy blogger! Your blocks are all lovely.

  19. Well haven't you been busy girl! Love those blocks. Congratulations on your wins!!! I do the same thing Fiona, I only enter give-aways from blogs I read and follow and comment on already. I love the sewing tote pattern, I agree you can never have too many!

    Val did a great post. Wish I knew her before! Love the stitchery designs, cute little fat Santa...very sweet!


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