Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Quilting Table Top

Tall Handsome has met my approval again and made me another Treasure.

Tuesday Treasures is hosted by Melody - it is always fun to read the stories...

My dining table is one of those glossy varnished ones.... and cutting and pinning and general sewing damage was not what I wanted for it

My sewing the table is narrow and not conducive to some of the important activities like pinning a quilt

......... and, frankly the floor is too far away for me............

Tall Handsome got a piece of board larger than my table. (42" by 75" - a very useful size)

He added some pieces so that it would lock in at the top (to avoid the false top slipping and sliding off the proper table top)

This picture shows the pieces on the edges
(the board is upside down)

Tall Handsome is sandpapering the edges, so it doesn't snag my 'cloth' (as he calls it!!!! sigh)

........ all the sharp edges gone ........

........ an old bunny blanket over the proper table..........

..... new sewing table on top ......

.... and I have a new crafting table ....

"Thanks Tall Handsome"

 This picture shows how the little extra blocks fit nice and snug so there is no sliding and moving around

...... my new table just fits a few inches over the edge ....

The little added blocks are small so I can still clip my quilts on the sides of the table when I am pinning

I use bulldog clips for the sides that overlap... and masking tape for the edges that don't
I'll show you next time I do one

.....easy, peasy, no grovelling pinning of quilts.....

I can even have a glass of wine on there and not worry about stains!

.... you can share this idea and make one yourself .....

...... no sharing of Tall Handsome ......


  1. How fabulous and what a great idea. I'll think of you glass in hand, when ever I see a picture of one of your finished quilts. Thank you so much for being part of Tuesday Treasures, it really is fun to read everyone's posts.

  2. Hi Fiona,

    Very good thinking there 99. I think Mr Tall Dark and Hamdsome better show himself in a Tuesday's Treasure!!!
    Have a great day Fiona.

  3. That's a great idea - but I would need a taller table so my back doesn't give out. Just as well I'm only a short person! I shall show this to my DH.

  4. Great idea. I must admit the floor is getting a little too far from me too. lol

  5. what a wonderful blog. Great idea with the table you can never have enough work space. Love your stitchings.

  6. Tall Handsome has done a fantatic job....

  7. Fabulous idea - Mr Tall Handsome is a handy man to have around, definitely a keeper. lol

  8. I agree - he is a keeper. That is a good idea, to be able to use but protect a piece of furniture. I have a large cutting table in the garage where my sewing area is, and it is so handy, and no more crawling on the floor with pins and tape for me either.

  9. Lucky you having a tall handsome! Very clever idea.

    I'm hoping to get your friendship block in the post tomorrow Fiona. I am so sorry for the delay. I've decided to not sign up for any more swaps until I get my pains sorted as I've never been late to send any before and hate to let people down.

  10. Tall and handsome is very clever to have come up this great idea and you will treasure it for years to come !

  11. Great job!
    I've been thinking of buying a couple of folding tables that I can put side by side for this purpose. The problem would be the height. It really hurts my back to bend over but perhaps I could find a way to raise them up. This morning, I put the GJ together using my cutting table..it hung over the sides so it wasn't the best arrangement.
    Mama Bear

  12. There isn`t men in the world like your Tall Handsome... You must post his photo in the next Tuesday Treasures

  13. What a fantastic idea and such a helpful devoted tall handsome to do this for you.
    Never mind though, my hubby calls it cloth and junk! I may still be able to educate him one day :-)

  14. what a great idea, such a clever man you have there!

  15. INSPIRED! Especially given the non-floor grovel. I'd let him off the 'cloth' thing - just this once...

  16. what a great idea wish i'd seen that befor I bought my cutting table

  17. Hey Fee! What a clever clogs your Tall Handsome is! :0) Great idea for basting quilts ... or cutting out bigger items. Like you, I don't have anywhere but the floor to work on when I need a large surface. Will have to suggest it to my own handyman ... it can go on "The List"! Tee! Hee! Hee! Happy stitching! Bear Hugs! KRIS


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