Saturday, February 12, 2011

.... bits and pieces ......

Last week my Stitch-Along arrived from England.... I started by stitching the middle ... then it travelled to Marina, Carol and Lorraine (they all do fantastic needlework so pop by them if you have a chance)

.... now it is ready to be made into something special for me.....

!!!!! Last weekend I was in BIG TROUBLE !!!!!

We went out for the day and when we got back the iron was still on....

.... Tall Handsome was VERY CROSS with me .....
(even if he says nothing I could see he was by the twitching of the cheeks)

off he went

grabbed a double adaptor

found a radio

tuned it

put the volume on
!!!!!! VERY LOUD !!!!!!

now I can hear if the iron it is on from anywhere in the house
(my hearing is fine, my memory isn't)

~ and I can time my ironing ~
~ it took me 5 minutes to press these blocks ~

they are from Paula's Love Is quilt
our craft group uses the local church to meet
so we are making them a banner to say thanks

I made a mug rug..... I bet you would never have guessed it was by me....

....... recycled doily with embellishments ......
(don't you hate it when you spill on your finest embroidery??)

Hope your weekend is good.... double good .... and more....


  1. I have done that too, left the iron far the house is still standing. Helps that it is in the part of the house that we use most!

  2. i've left it on before and come home and felt very lucky..........the radio is a good idea............I would hate one of those ones that beeps or turns itself off.......

  3. Oh dear - I've done it once, and felt very silly when I found it. Usually I worry all day that I've left it on only to find I haven't! Your SRTB piece is lovely, I've neglected my final round for too long now :-(
    Cute little mug(OK - really a wine glass)rug!

  4. I had to buy an iron that turns itself off, I did this so often. Very cute mug rug

  5. Now I hope you are going to finish the srtb soon! It looks beautiful.
    That mug rug is a cracker, You are definitely going to get a reputation as a tippler and you are even corrupting poor little spiders in your path. lol

  6. I do this all the time, but I had to buy a new iron as my old one kept shorting the circiut breaker so now I have one that turns off if I forget.

  7. Yep !! Like many of the other ladies I have also left the iron on. Even overnight. So now I also have an iron that switches itself off.
    Lovely round robin you are participating in.

  8. I was very careful when I bought the last iron - it doesnt beep if its on and feeling neglected - it just quietly sits and turns itself off until I return - though my husband is always asking me if I am finished with the iron. (Duh!)
    Love your mugh rug and Love Is blocks - I just have one more to stitch and 2 to put together.

  9. I too now have an iron that turns itself off, much safer as i sew and iron in the basement. I also have a kettle that turns itself off as I have been known to boil one dry. I love the recycled doily! How did you finish the edges?

  10. I must say a double adapter is a new thing to me ,never seen one before but hey it sounds like a terrific solution for the iron .Mine shuts off on its own which at times is a real nuisance .Your stitch along is lovely , what will you make with it?Love the mug rug , really cute idea .hugs Sheila

  11. That is a great idea for the mug rug! Very cute! The wine glass is such a cute add on!

    And yes, I have done the same with the iron being left on. I don't like the auto shut off when I'm sewing has come in handy.

  12. Hey, I love the wine mat! Very apt. ;-) Looking forward to seeing your block turned into a cushion. Glad it arrived safely.

  13. Love all of your stitcheries and blocks. Yes I've left the iron on too, but luckily mine turns itself onto standby mode and cools down if I don't use it for a few minutes.
    I love the idea of having the radio playing while it's on - fantastic!

  14. very scary... but we all have done it... grea idea for the timer thou,.and I love them squares

  15. Been there done that! Now they all have auto-shut-off, which I HATE. Good idea to link it up to the clock. Your SA looks amazing, so very pretty!

    Love your blocks for Paula's Love Is! And that mug rug is wonderful, very creative - love it!

  16. Guilty too! Now I have an iron that gives out an irritating series of beeps if the iron hasn't been used for 15 mins. It's better than turning itself off, cause then I'd only have to wait for it to heat up again.
    Love your tipsy doily...a great way to reuse those beautiful stitcheries.

  17. Such lovely bits and pieces all of them!!! You have been a busy girl :) My iron beeps I think.. or maybe that was an old one.. or.. maybe it cuts out or something... but yeah, I have left it on many times :)

  18. I have one that cuts itself off....but I went and left a candle burning on was a jar candle so the flame was contained but still...I wasn't gone long thankfully.
    I love the mug rug!
    By the way, the package arrived with the bag and luggage tag. Thanks so much.
    Mama Bear

  19. What a fantastic idea for soiled napkins etc... now instead of throwing them out... I'll adapt an applique. Thanks!!!!! :)

  20. I have one that turns itself off....... but I do think your hubbie is a thinker I like the radio idea.

  21. What a fantastic idea, thinkl I'll use this one!

  22. How gorgeous is that Mug rug and perfect for a little tipple too - don't go wasting your wine though!

    Your round the block came out gorgeous can't wait to see how you finish it.


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