Friday, February 25, 2011

Colourful Friday and Christmas finishes

You have all met our little Grandie#3 - he featured in my last post..... He is Kiwi Australian - and I am very happy that his family on his dad's side are fine.. they live in Christchurch .. had all their windows and water pipes broken - and of course got a huge big fright.... so glad they are safe though and our thoughts are with them and all other New Zealanders at this time.....

Robyn hosts Colourful Fridays.... I enjoy searching around for things ..... this week .  I still don't have my camera so I did a search through my computer files....

I found fabrics............

I found things......

I found bags......

I found abstract .....

It is also the 25th when we show our One Christmas Item per Month hosted by Narelle

I am in a Christmas Block group and made one for Crafty Pugs this month
It was a new block for me and the first one was a practice run but I liked it so much I decided to use some Insul-bright and make up this hot pot stand

I hope you all have a colourful friday and maybe get a Christmas item done??


  1. Hi Fiona, You did a great job blogging about black and white especially when you are camera-less. I love colourful Fridays - such fun

  2. It's all there in black and white!
    A job well done. Also love the hot pad..all ready for xmas.HaPPy FriDaY to you!

  3. Great post Fiona!
    Lovely black and white fabric and those white 'things' are interesting. Are they gords? Not sure of the spelling either.
    Your Christmas hot pad is a wonderful idea and looking pretty.
    Happy Colourful Christmasy Friday. :o)

  4. Great black and white photos ! your hot pad is great as well , such a perfect use of a practise block .So glad your relatives in New Zealand are ok , that is so scary , I can't even imagine the fear they must have had .Happy Friday .

  5. Love your black and white. Love the bags.....

  6. The black and white quilt in that first collage looks fantastic and I love the pot holder.

  7. I am so glad that your family is scarey that would be....

    Love your block.

  8. pot stand is a good idea!
    The block is very pretty.
    Your black and white pics are lovely.

  9. Hi Fiona, loved your hot pot stand.. what a great idea. And I agree, you did a super job with the black and white photos considering you have no camera!!!! So glad your family are okay in NZ. It's still so hard to believe what they've all been through. Just so tragic.

  10. Hi Fiona.
    I am so pleased family is all safe and well. They have a lot of work ahead of them.
    Lovely collection of black and white. Great fabric and quilt pics.
    Great bags, too.

  11. So so glad they're ok, yes that would be a huge fright, hon. Love your pics and your gorgeous block.

  12. Great idea for the hot pad. Surround ourselves with gorgeous blocks and colour at Christmas and all year round.

  13. Hello from me too Fiona,
    Firstly I'm so very glad your family is safe and sound... wishing them well for their immediate future.
    Seems there are a few of us having computer issues presently... you found plenty of B&W anyway and great shots too.
    I enjoyed this one very much.

    Happy Colourful Friday!! xx :-)

  14. Great selection of black & white. I'm loving your black and white fabrics. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  15. Stars are one of my most favorite blocks...the other is log cabin...I love this one. I need to make a few of those...I still have PIFs to do...I'm thankful your family is alright..sorry about the damage but it could have been worse.
    I copied my 'Tis the Season' stitcheries this morning so I can trace them better.
    Mama Bear

  16. Hi Fiona, that was a good lot of photo hunting to show your black and whites. See, you didnt need that camera this week after all.
    Good to hear your NZ family are safe. It would have been so terrifying to experience.

  17. Hi glad your family is your B&W post. Pam

  18. Hi Fiona, you have done a fabulous collection of black and whites! :)


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