Friday, January 21, 2011

Quilting Angels?????

or is it Maid Marion and her band of Merry Quilters???

.... whatever you want to call it the hum of machines did not stop.....

~ all part of the Quilt Drive hosted by Quilters Angel ~

~ beautiful flannels ~

~ a full table of stitchers ~ 
(a few lollies and Tim Tams - and HOME MADE caramel chocolates!)
~ that's my precious on the front left ~

~ here's Marion from the Quilters Angel sorting out the squares ~
~ her daughter Steph was shop front making up kits for us ~

~ slicing away with the rotary blade ~

~ this is Kris sorting the swatches - does this girl ever not smile? ~

~ beautiful, beautiful fabrics ~

 ~ Pam sewing the borders on a very pretty quilt ~

Sandy supported with ironing

~ she also sewed ~
~ this was the second quilt EVER that she has made ~
Good on ya Sandy

This quilt arrived in the post
It is big enough to fit a queen bed and go over the sides.... HUGE

 with beautiful quilting

It came with a beautiful card which read:-

"Our son was based at Cabarlah last year and when we visited him in May, he drove us around and through Murphy's Creek to show us how pretty his new location was.

Living in SA we cannot help physically, however, I made this quilt for our bed a couple of years ago and would love to think it will go to someone special as they rebuild their lives"

So special

It is wonderful to be part of a group that is participating in making these quilts.... it is so encouraging to see the fabric that has been donated.... whilst I was there today one young girl came in with her baby and dropped off a beautiful complet quilt kit (Robert Kaufman) - with thread and said she would like to pay for enough batting to finish it.....  Outstanding.

~ It's stories like this that just make my day ~

I hope you have had a good one too


  1. Lovely story... so ThAnKs for sharing.You GiRlS did good today!

  2. Looks like a very enjoyable and productive day!

  3. Hey Fiona! It was fabulous to meet you today ... always fun to meeting blogging buddies in person, especially when they turn out to be 'just down the road'! Tee! Hee! Hee! What you didn't tell people was, I'd been put in the naughty corner! :0) A position I was very familiar with at school ... Oops! :0) Hope to catch up again playing at Marion's lovely shop - happy stitching! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. hey nice you and Kris got to meet.........great you could help out with the quilts.......

    and no I don't imagine Kris would ever not have a huge smile.........

  5. A great story, Fiona. You are such a good person.

  6. It's extra special to get together for a good cause. So many people willing to help in so many ways. These quilts will certainly bring a smile and comfort to those who receive them.

  7. A Very Procutive day all round...Great Job.

  8. How lovely to work together for a great cause.
    So nice to meet up with blogging friends.

  9. What a lovely story! And yes ... angels indeed!

  10. I have to tell you it brought tears to my eyes reading this story , it is so wonderful that you gals got together to make these quilts and the quilt that was donated is gorgeous with a beautiful message .Keep up the great work . hugs Sheila

  11. You ladies "ROCK".....all that goodness going over there and having a grand time to boot...

  12. A wonderful thing you're doing and so much fun to get together that way to do it.
    Mama Bear

  13. looks like you had a lovely fun day with lots of smiles all round. Lovely story about the quilt and very generous gift.

    Quilting day tomorrow, so I'm hoping to finally finish your block!

  14. This is so heartwarming, to see everyone coming together for such a wonderful cause - God bless quilters!

  15. An awesome group of Angels....what magic they weaved....Gee you all must feel so good to be able to help out....that smile on Kris's face I am sure is permanent....great photos Bubz....

  16. Wow, you had a great day! How lovely for you all to give your time and talent to help out...

  17. Wow you girls are all Angels, what a wonderful little workshop with beautiful quilts the end result. Wish I was closer so could come along. Ah well, I can do mine at home and pretend I am in such happy company. lol.


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