Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just letting you know.......................

I know a lot of people have already blogged about these wonderful activities happening to support people affected by the recent floods in Queensland...... my apologies if this is repetitive...

I have a friend whose home was inundated in Emerald and she (with hubby and 3 sons) have just finished cleaning up.... she phoned today to see if we were okay... and lots of people have written and phoned today ... We are fine, thanks and although not personally affected it is heartbreaking when these things happen, and somehow when it is in your own local community is seems personal.

Toni at Make It Perfect is organising an online auction to raise funds.... lots of bloggers have already written about what they will be auctioning - whether you sell something or buy something - it will all be greatly appreciated... you can go HERE to read more about it.

The Gum Tree Designers are co-ordinating a very loving activity of making sewing caddies with goodies in it for fellow stitchers who have lost everything in the floods.  You can go HERE to read about how to be involved.

Telling others about these is a great way to provide support too... use the buttons on your blog, mention it and add it on facebook... tweet about it... any way you can... it all helps...

I know everyone is thinking of them all and help in different ways - includes prayers, messages of support, gifts and financial donations  - and many of us will be already involved or donating... these are other options.  As I say "It all helps"....



  1. What wonderful things everyone is doing.

    so are you on high ground?

  2. So pleased you are okay Fiona. I am concerned for my BIL and family who were here for hols and have driven back to Rocky. Still have not heard IF they are home.

  3. It is so sad to hear of the devastation taking place there. I am glad to hear you are ok. May heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. It's good to read and hear about the good things that are being done to help. Nola

  4. Fiona... we can't say it enough!!
    So glad you're ok... Toowoomba really got it hard.
    My sister and her family were fine too.
    I lived in Emerald growing up and remember floods from then, but it was never the scale that it was this year.
    You take care xx


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