Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crazy Pincushion Sew-a-long

This Last year (oops) I participated in a couple of swaps and stitch-a-longs and had such fun with them.

Many (if not all) of you know of Kaaren's (The Painted Quilt) beautiful work. 
Kaaren is presently hosting a Raggedy and Friends BOM (which I have started - but not kept up!) in spite of moving across country and settling in a new home

Now I have started playing with wool I am wanting to try and make one of her Crazy Pincushions. 

These are pictures from her site....

Lovely, aren't they?  And they needn't be made of wool - you can use fabric!

You can see Kaaren's tutorial HERE

I have spoken to Kaaren and she is happy if I host a round robin/stitchalong using her idea and instructions...

I am thinking of this for this year .... anybody want to play? 

My thoughts are groups of 5 people and we send them on to each other to add a part.  The first person makes the base according to Kaaren's tutorial and then we send it on.
Many of us will choose to make our own design but Kaaren has some shapes made if you prefer - add a bit and pass it on - the last person finishing the item and sending it back to the original owner to live.....
Bloggers from anywhere are welcome.  I know there are some of us who cannot work with wool and it would be great to have a group who use cottons...
As it is not a HUGE project item I think international postage will not be too awful and a couple of weeks plenty of time to add the piece.

Please let me know by the end of the month if you and any friends would like to join in.... I would like to start this late February.

Kaaren also has a pattern for a Christmas one - so if you want to do one for then - it's not too early is it???

I have never hosted something like this..... even if you don't feel you can join in the pincushion making I would really appreciate any hints, ideas, instructions, etiquette etc with regards hosting


  1. Absolutely inspirational pincushions & a great idea!

  2. Oh this sounds like fun - but I must pass - there is just TOO much going on right now. I think you're going to have a great time though!

  3. You know you can count me in! I am game as punch.
    I made one for a swap and loved it. I never seem to make the things I make for swaps for myself so I would love a wool pincushion for myself!

  4. Kaaren's work is lovely. I won't be playing along with your round robin but I'm sure everyone joining will have a lot of fun. Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Fiona! What a beautiful pincushion and such a great idea! I would normally have loved to join in, but since I have signed up to take a quilting class, I'll have to skip it this time. Hopefully you'll have another round-robin and I'll be able to participate. Can't wait to see what you all make!



  6. Yes please I want in. With wool. Thanks Fiona for all your organizing of fun things to get us together. You're great!

  7. I definitely want to join in on this fun I love working with wool and it will be fun to see what others add .Great idea!

  8. Oh count me in please. I've been wanting to do this since I first saw them in blogland.
    I have my needles threaded already!

  9. I would love to take part in the wool pin cushion swap. Have made one already & use it all the time. Hope I cAN join. Dianne

  10. I would liketo be in with the pin cushion .Is there a theme? Hope I'm not too late. Laura

  11. Hi! I just got a post from you (after winning a pattern from Val) and I think this would be fun! I am in the US so let me check on Tuesday (tomorrow/Monday is a postal holiday) on the cost of shipping to Australia. Any other ladies from the US joining in? I have never done anything like this before - I hope I am good enough to participate! I love to quilt, embroider and sew but am new to wool!

  12. I would like to join in, but I won't be able to send things from Saudi, so I guess I'll just be watching from the sidelines... Or I could make one on my own... a bit less fun though!


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