Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Treasure #4

Clare hosts Tuesday Treasure and we have a lot of fun sharing Treasures and reading what each other values.  Make a cuppa and pop round HERE and join us .......... we'd love to see you.

For today's Tuesday Treasure I have a pair of these little hand crafted African Wild Dogs.  They came with us in our move.  I love the way they were made - hand carved and then the colours burnt on to give the unusual shading. (they are also known as The Painted Dog).

They are quite a fascinating animal, travelling always in packs and have a highly social bond to the rest of the pack.  Only one pair in the pack breed at one time and the rest of the pack help to bring up the pups.  They are also known to be one of the most successful hunters - better than the big cats at their 'kill' count.
The African Wild Dog is critically endangered.

This is a picture of a real one and there is a National Geographic article HERE if you would like to see a bit more - you can even listen to one...  they have an unusual bark/giggle??

Family is special and I like the way these dogs value their family bonds and their sense of community.



  1. Handcarved ! Aren't they amazing ! Thanks for sharing the story behind them too.

  2. Are these the Dingo? I like your little figurines.
    Mama Bear

  3. wow they are beautifully carved and I love the markings burnt into them. Very special Fiona xx

  4. These are amazing carvings. I think we have African Wild dogs in our state zoo. Fascinating creatures.

  5. Wow, we have watched these at the zoo but didn't know much about them, fascinating! Beautiful carvings...

  6. I had never heard of African Wild Dogs until now, so not only have I been able to share your treasure, I also learnt something for the day. They are so beautifully made.

  7. wow that's really fascinating.
    and that hand carving is amazing!

  8. They are beautiful. I am quite partial to 'doggy' things even of the wild variety.
    they are very accurate aren't they?

  9. These figurines are very impressive , and I am so glad you gave some information about these animals and how they live .Thanks .

  10. thank you for sharing such valuable information about your treasure. they sure are amazing creatures.
    %*_*% rosey


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