Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Treasure #6

This weeks treasure are a treasure to me just because they are.....

I bought them for myself so long ago I can't remember how long I have had them...... I love the way they contemplate ........

Tuesday Treasures is hosted by Clare and I love seeing what other Treasures people have...



  1. They're so cute !I love them ! Thanks for showing us and playing along .

  2. They're gorgeous. They need to be on top of a fish tank...would look like they were after lunch haha

  3. A pair of precious pussies. Great tresure.

  4. Just sweet Fiona , love the way they are sitting !

  5. Those are too too darling, I can see why you treasure them!

  6. How cute. I love the way they are watching over something...or are they looking for someone to pounce on?

  7. How gorgeous!! I think they are just waiting for a mouse to pass by and then they will pounce.
    The wood grain is so beautiful I just want to pat them.

  8. Love the cats. They look just like our two girls, sitting looking and waiting, usually for a lizard to appear, very tactile


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