Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Been doing stuff......

I finally did the binding for this quilt .....

The top was given to me some time ago so I have no idea about the pattern, then I did all the quilting and binding - hard to see in this picture but swirls and feathers....

Good to have another quilt finish .....

Millicent the Magnificent Mum is my latest Angel Story block.....

and some more feathers were made at the ChooseDay girls sewing day....

I already had the pink ones done ..... they end up at about 18" x 9" so quite big really... 

... and I've done a dozen more of my circles.....  the blocks are only 4" finished so I will be going along with these for a while longer.....

Hubz and I spent the day out walking last weekend.  Cunninghams Gap is not too far from us and has some lovely hikes and forest areas

There are lovely big trees, I love how they have their own little gardens growing on them

... some quite thick forest to walk through

there had been some heavy winds the day before - the path was littered with leaves as a result...

part of our walk went through palm forest.... they are messy plants but so stately....

.. then moved over into bushland..... I just love the Australian tree grass....

It was a lovely sunny day - but not hot with it... just perfect for a walk

.. another tree growing its own garden....

lovely views in the gaps .....

great day out.... I enjoyed our burger and drink afterwards at a farm stay which runs a restaurant and cottages nearby 

We live in a lovely area which has places to visit which are easy day trips.... very lucky and this time of year the weather is just wonderful for it

Righto, Gotto Go.... work work time....


  1. Hi Fiona wow i sure do love your quilt ,your colours are gorgeous,well done my friend. And boy what a beautiful walk you and Dave went on,hope you have a wonderful day today my friend xx

  2. Quilt looks great, you sure have been busy. Love the angel block. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day . Enjoy.

  3. Cunningham’s Gap looks to be a fascinating place to visit. Your finished quilt turned out well. It looks like a tiled floor.

  4. You do live in a beautiful area, love seeing the places you visit.
    That is a gorgeous quilt and nice for Christmas or any season with the colors.


  5. My word - you are always doing lovely stuff!!

  6. Lovely spot for a walk, isn't it? That's a pretty quilt and your quilting finishes it off beautifully!

  7. Beautiful quilt finish! The feathers look great, love the circles! 😆 That looks like a great pla e to walk, such lovely views.

  8. What a pretty walk! And I love your quilt. I usually use such boring borders, so this is a real treat to see.

  9. That is a lovely walk and a great view. Perfect when the weather is cooler.
    Great finish on the quilt and well done keeping up with all your projects. How many feathers are you planning to make?

  10. Oh Fiona I love love love your Holly Cottage quilt, that's a brilliant design and it turned out so gorgeous! Your projects are so pretty, and I love the nature pics of your walk, looks so peaceful!

  11. Well done on the UFO finish.. Millicent looks very sweet....
    Those feathers will make a great quilt. How many do you need to make?
    Oh those circles are small. You'll defineately need lots...
    What a beautiful day spent walking in the forest...

  12. What a beautiful quilt - your quilting has done it proud. Lovely Angel and what a great walk, a stunning area. xx

  13. Amazing quilt, love the pattern and quilting. Beautiful part of the world you live in, so green and lush, very envious!

  14. Gorgeous quilt. Love your projects you are making. Cunningham's Gap is beautiful. Must get back there to visit one day. Hugs,xx

  15. Your photos are beautiful Fiona, wish I was there. Your quilts are outstanding, what amazing work, love the feathers, that's a great idea. :)

  16. Love the angel, and of course the quilt is very pretty. So nice to have lovely walks and places of interest so near to you to be enjoyed. xcx

  17. What a gorgeous quilt! You have been up to lots! What a lovely walk you had x

  18. Congrats on finishing that lovely quilt! And I see you've been puttering along on lots of other projects, too. That's what I've been doing, a little bit of this and that. It's a nice way to keep the mind occupied :)

  19. What a great spot to walk ..... Looks lovely ..... I like the feathers..... And great to have the quilt finished ......

  20. What a lovely place to hike and to be so close. I love the top quilt colors and your quilting is fantastic. Feathers have alluded me. I really like the pieced feathers too - but then I like so many things you do!

  21. Lovely to be so close to beautiful places... The finished quilt top is beautiful! You get so much done, and then quilt for others too! How do you do it?! xx

  22. So good to get out in the good weather & take in the gifts of The Universe, Fiona... oh your circles, just beautiful, I love to see these in your posts x

  23. Another great sounding outing... I agree, autumn weather can be good for walks etc...we are rapidly turning into winter this week - brrr.... Love your Magnificant Mum Angel and your finished quilt is a really eye catching design :-)


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