Saturday, December 16, 2017

Busy week.....

This week I decided to sort my quilt tops.  I am hoping to do some of my own quilting over the holiday season....

I bought this bolt of wadding a couple of years ago and this is the first time I have opened it!  I like to get a bolt although it is pricey but then I can cut to the exact size I want.  Also any left over pieces are all from the same quality and kind of fabric so I can join them.

I also had a stash of backing fabrics - having bought metreage when I saw some on sale - again some time ago!!!  Some of the quilts already had their backings with them.

Out came the quilt tops (you know some of them have been in there so long I had forgotten I had made them!)  It's like greeting old friends!

I am a bit embarrassed to admit there are 13 quilt tops there..... but one step closer to getting completed as they all have wadding and backing put aside for them

There is not much left of the bolt of wadding now.  This includes a couple of Christmas quilts - I aim to do one of them this coming week!

Mr Postie visited with this beautiful card and ornament from Karen.... thank you so much - I do treasure my handmade ornies more than any others I have.... 

I was so excited to see a finger lime on my little bush..... can you see it - its almost black its such a dark red....  I'm looking forward to it ripening up a bit (it's about 4cm long)  .... lots of flowers so I hope next season it will be loaded with fruit ..

We are expecting an extra two little boys for Christmas (our two grandieboys from Melbourne are coming up with their Dad)

So this week I made up a couple of Santa Sacks to sit at the end of their beds on Christmas Eve....  I need to purchase some cord to tie the tops...

I usually favour buttonhole stitch but this time I free motioned raw edge in black - It gives a scribbly look I quite like - but most of all it was ultra quick!

These are freebie designs from talented (and generous) Toni.  The reindeer is from a few years back but the Santa can be found HERE .  There is also a summer version Santa with a surf board!

Thank you Toni - I do love your patterns and these were exactly what I needed at short notice!

 Treadle and I had a play and I now have 50 x 4 piece diamond shapes ready and waiting.  I now need to cut bigger diamonds to go with these.

My youngest daughter (widget's mum) turned 30 this week.  Gosh.  She is a strong and generous person and a wonderful mother (and daughter).  This was at a yummy dinner out together the night before her birthday.  Widget left the next day to go and meet other side of his family in New Zealand.... wonderful.  I'm sure he will come back with lots of stories.

Righto, Gotto Go..... I am going to pin a quilt! 

Have a wonderful weekend.... xx


  1. Good morning my friend,wow you sure have been busy ,i look forward to seeing your finished quilts and you will feel so good to get them all finished.
    Lovely pic of your daughter and widget and boy i was excited to see that your 2 grandie boys are coming up for xmas,so happy for your boy and for you and Dave.
    Love Karens decoration the snowman is so cute,hope you have a lovely weekend Fiona xx

  2. You do have a lot of tops, I want to do the same thing, need to practice my quilting, so will start with some older ones.
    I do enjoy doing Christmas pieces now, just fun to make them, yours are wonderful.


  3. Can't wait to see your finished quilts. Lovely that your grandsons are coming up from Melbourne. The photo of your daughter & Widget looks lovely. Cute snowman. Hugs,xx

  4. OMG 13 Quilt tops... Not game to go looking for mine.. At least you have them all ready to quilt now...
    Yep I see your Finger Lime on the bush..
    Fabulous Santa Sacks for your Grandie Boys. They'll love them...Nice to have with your for Christmas...
    You have been busy on the treadle...
    Yummy cake your DD 30th Birthday.. Great Photo...

  5. that card is beautiful too. Can't wait to see all the quilts come together. I've got four more working days and then just over two weeks to get stuck into sewing, I can't wait!

  6. I like to buy batting on the roll too... less chance of running out! Well done for matching up the quilt tops with batting and backing... now for the fun part! xx

  7. Goodness Fiona,you've just destroyed my image of you LOL... here I was thinking that you are super organised & would be the last person to have so many folded tops tucked away in a cupboard... yet, there they are! I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job of quilting them & make good use of your batting roll.x

  8. My gosh you're busy! Love the little ornie from Karen! Enjoy your family time over the holidays! And get busy quilting, my friend.

  9. The sacks for the boys look wonderful. I'm sure they will be delighted to see them. Having your tops matched up with batting and backing sounds like a great way to get started on them. I'm inspired to do the same with the tops lounging around unfinished in my sewing room.

  10. Happy birthday to your girl.........lovely projects your working on.........goodluck quilting all those quilts........

  11. Very organised. There is a sense of satisfaction when you have the wadding and backing sorted out for all the quilt tops. I do the same with wadding. I think it is worth the big pruchase because there is so little wastage.
    Love the Santa bags and the diamonds look great.
    Birthday wishes to your daughter.

  12. 13 tops!! I was thinking, gosh, that's a lot of WIPS, but then started to count my own. 13 seems perfectly reasonable to me now, ha ha!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, who is clearly a wonderful Mum to Widget. He wouldn't be such a lovely boy without a good Mum!

  13. Happy Birthday to you beautiful daughter....such a lovely pic with Widget. I am so looking forward to seeing your quilts get your magic treatment. Santa will enjoy filling those cute Santa sacks. very cute ornie from Karen xx

  14. 13 tops will keep you busy! Have fun! And good luck accomplishing that very ambitious goal!

  15. Good on you getting out all those flimsies and making them one step closer to finishing :-) I would be embarassed with my pile too. From time to time I find a roll of binding I've prepared which reminds of a quilt top I'd forgotten about...hmmm!! What cute Santa sacks...good idea to fmq the edges...I'm sure the kiddies will love finding those stuffed with goodies :-) Gorgeous ornie from Karen...and lovely photo of your daughter and gs.

  16. wow thirteen top... if you get that done you must be on some very special Christmas drink... and what a wonderful gift getting mail is so nice...

  17. Cute santa sacks, enjoy having those extra boys around for Christmas...

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