Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chatsworth House....

Whilst we were staying at our little cottage in the paddock in the Peak District we went for a day trip to Chatsworth House.... a very fine stately house....

Chatsworth is privately owned (clearly by a family rather well to do!) and they have kept rooms beautifully as they would have been many years ago, as well as documented history.

This house by the way was used for Pemberly in Pride and Prejudice....

It's really rather incredible.... this is just part of the painted ceilings.... 

A lot of the 30 rooms that are open to the public also hold museum type pieces of clothing, statues, porcelain etc....

... and other items handed down through various family members....

of course even the floors were fascinating to me.... this was under the staircase....

Bedrooms beautifully made up.....

A lot of the rooms are kept quite dark, to preserve the paintings and fabrics - no flashes so the pictures are not clear at all.

huge expanse of garden ..... with life size statues..... (I folded myself up under a slither of open curtain to take this picture of the view from one of the rooms)

look at these ceilings....  

After several hours in the house... my few pictures just doesn't do it justice...... we went to the gardens..

Lovely to see these geraldton waxes doing so well in the greenhouse area...

Got a better picture from a distance..... 

all those white marquees were for a HUGE flower show on.... we had to park with 20 000 other visitors (can you imagine finding a hire car amongst that!!!) but the house and gardens were pretty quiet because of it....

Here I am in the garden..... waiting for Mr Darcy....

The gardens were huge and beautifully designed....  I didn't take many pictures - I think my mouth was open the whole time amazed....

After this we went to the 'restaurant' and had a very disappointing meal .... 

I do recommend if you are in the Peak District it's worth a visit - even if to get an idea of how people lived - and do still live I guess in some of these amazing homes.... it wasn't cheap but we spent the whole day there and there was still more to see.

Righto, Gotta Go........ dreams to dream......

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  1. That looks like an amazing place. Thanks for showing it to us!

  2. Beautiful home & gardens. I see you found Mr Darcy. lol. :) :). Hugs,xx

  3. wow Jeanette what an amazing house and gardens,fasinating if only the walls could talk what stories you would hear,thankyou for sharing your adventure with us Fiona xx

  4. Ooooo......I quite fancy that diamond tiara, love how it sparkle-arkles.....just imagine trotting out to the local shops in that.....and I'm glad to see that Mr Darcy popped in for you!

  5. I am always in awe of some of these stately homes. The size takes your breath away but when you start looking at the detail and decorations it stuns you all over again.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful place to visit.


  7. How Amazing! You would think one of the Mr. D'Arcys would have obliged you lol! The craftmanship must have been incredible to see. Fascinating how the other half lived and lives xx

  8. We've lived here for nearly ten years and it's still on my to do list, lol. Whenever we've got close to going something has always happened to delay it. I will go, one day!

  9. He showed up!!!! Aghhh!!! What an amazing place to visit!

  10. Gorgeous!
    Sorry that's not mr Darcy!

  11. Well dang - can you imagine living like that? I cannot, lol! But it's fun looking!

  12. Wow!! My jaw dropped open at the painted ceilings, well all of it really. Amazing!!

  13. Wow, fascinating! Lifestyles that were (are?) accepted as normal just so foreign to our own. Sounds like a day well spent.

  14. Looks like a lovely day! I see all that lawn and think, "I'm so glad I don't have to mow that!" But I wouldn't mind a nice tiara and a place to wear it :)


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