Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 here I come......

Happy New Year to you all......

Hubz and I had a quiet night in with some yummy snacks

I do so enjoy the blogging community and have made so many wonderful friends - and been lucky enough to meet some and have real life get togethers....

Righto, that's my mushy sentimental done!!!

I've recently read quite a few moans and listened to discussions about how the modern generation is so reliant on technology.  I can only say it has enhanced my life so much.  Which is not to say I think some moderation and choosing the way we use it is not a good idea!!

Righto, that's my deep and meaningful done!!!

I always like to start my new year sewing by making an inventory of unfinished projects!  

I look at the list from last year which I had a blog page for HERE and make any updates I had forgotten.

Then I pull the ones I have available out the drawers and note any progress made - take new photographs and make my new list ....... that one is going to be HERE.

Righto - that is my OCD done!!!

This is one of the UFO's I had listed last year..... a bunch of  4" snail blocks (not sure if that is the official name) which were foundation paper pieced by someone else and rescued from a donation bin....


The blocks did not all face the same way - which might be why the maker gave up....and the papers all needed to be removed....

I gave one group of 4 a small border and made up a bunch of flying geese using THIS easy no waste method for an outer border.....

... it is now folded up an on my 2017 UFO list.....

.  then I made up this mug rug with another group and some more flying geese!

It's also on my 2017 UFO list!!! ....

... but I did finish this group of little decorations with four others..... 

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out..... 

Righto, that's the beginning of my 2017 makes ..... heaps more to do....

My best wishes to you and yours - may we have many happy hours of stitching and blogging.....xx


  1. Those blocks look fantastic with what you have done to the Fiona. Good luck with the 2017 finishes!! I was reading an article about technology dependency recently and it was interesting....I think we bloggers manage to keep the distinction between using technology to keep in touch and meet new people and do the actual face to face stuff too....we also know we need sewing time!! Enough D & M from me too!! Happy New Year.

  2. Hello Fiona,

    The Internet can be a distraction to our lives at time but then again I wouldn't have great online chats and get motivated by other sewers.
    Happy 2017

  3. Too much OCD for me - I have my list though no pics!!

    Best to use technology - not to let it use you!!

  4. I,love the bits of technology I use. Love that "someone" has a list...not me! Slacker! Lol! You have made a great start with your lovely snail trails xx

  5. I love what you've done with those blocks, they look beautiful. Looking forward to seeing them all finished

  6. Happy New Year my friend,i love your work ,lots of beautiful projects you have been working on,i wish this year to be a good one for you and your lovely family Fiona xx

  7. Your projects are so organised......I'm not game to list it denial. LOL You've made great use of the snail trail blocks. Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to reading your blog through the year.

  8. I am happy to have meet sew many lovely friends through technology...also they inspire to make different projects...
    Happy New Year to your family and you.....🎉🎉🎉🎉
    No lists for me this year, they don't really work ....will just plod along..
    Great work with the discarded snail trail blocks.....

  9. Sentimental, Meaningful & OCD... I love your blog Fiona!
    You're right, technologies are great when used sensibly - there's good in everything

  10. I love how creative you are with a bunch of orphan blocks, my straight laced brain would think no further than a table runner, but your finishes are just darling!

  11. Oo, your plate of goodies looks delish! So many thoughts and feelings and quilting discussions, when really all we need is a snack, right? :) Quilts are love, and food is love, so quilts = food, right? Wait, my math is all wrong...

  12. A wonderful start to the New Year - giving those discarded blocks a new life. A tough act to follow in the next 364 days. Happy New Year.

  13. It is so nice to see blocks being rescued instead of discarded after all the hard work that must have gone into them. I think they came up beautifully in the end!

  14. Good work with the snails and geese - your projects look great. Happy 2017. xx

  15. YOu have got off to a flying start Fiona!! Hehe love your touch of sentimentality :-)


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