Monday, May 2, 2016

Busy, busy.....

It's wonderful that I have been doing quite a lot of quilting for others.... I looooovve it but it has meant I don't have as much to show off of my own stuff as before

(I know I am such a show off/attention/compliment seeker - but you all do it so well!!!)

The quilts obviously belong to other people I can't always show them off - these ones I have permission and I have added links to their blogs/shops etc

Toni has brought out a couple of delightful new patterns which you can see more of on here blog HERE .

I was lucky enough to have them come over for a play date with me - for the amazing Wild West quilt I went carefully around the applique in an invisible thread then chose a nice grey to fill in with loops and stars... 

and in the Giant Daisies I again went around the edge of the applique and filled in the blocks and spaces with quite large loops....

Toni has lovely big bold designs and  we usually chat together about what to do - I try and keep the quilting big and bold too but subtle so the fun applique is the highlight in the quilt - these and her other patterns are available through her shop HERE

Another delightful play date was with Kris's crazy combi congo quilt - this is also a pattern available and you can read more about her quilt HERE....

(picture taken from Kris's blog with permission)

There are some gorgeous batik beetles in the making too!!

I echo quilted around the Combi's and their exhaust smoke to give the feeling of movement.... 

in the patchwork squares I repeated wriggly lines to match - I love the informal movement it gives (and Kris does too which is the main thing!)

I have also been lucky enough to do some flannel quilts for Marion at The Quilters Angel....

sometimes you can see the patterns better from the back
- there's no reason the back can't also be interesting

 without taking away the piecing on the front... repititions can be very effective I think...

This is another quilt also in flannel from Marion

big waves but outlining the circles and adding them to the sashing...

... again you can see it better on the back...

I quilted the flannel quite loosely which keeps it very soft and snuggly ...

Righto, Gotto Go - guess what?  I have another quilt to work on!!  happy happy


  1. Good morning my lovely friend,i am loving all these quilts you are working on,your FMQ is awesome and just adds to these beautiful quilts,enjyou FMQ your next quilt my friend xx

  2. always lovely quilts happening there and busy as always

  3. Gorgeous work Fiona - great to see you and your machine are such good friends :-) xx

  4. You are so very clever and I love what you have been up to! How cute are those the Kombi's xx

  5. Such interesting quilting designs! Loving the little circles in the sashing and the echoing on Kris's is so fabulous :)

  6. Well done, Fiona! The Beetle quilt is a lot of fun......just imagine it as a picnic table topper.

  7. It must be fun to work on such a variety of projects. I'm glad it's taking off for you..

  8. Lots of lovely work there Fiona. It's been ages since I've had time to check out blogs Hugs.....

  9. Wonderful quilting Fiona,
    you have been super busy.

  10. You have been super busy .....awesome quilting 😍💕😇💖

  11. Luv all!!!! The days must just fly by for you, also!!!!!

  12. You have been very busy quilting ... They look great.

  13. The quilting is beautiful Fiona. Hugs,xx

  14. all very exciting, I'm sure they're all excited waiting to get their quilts back

  15. You have been extra busy. And you get to see all the lovely quilts first!
    Beautiful quilting.

  16. Lovely work and great to see all those different projects. xx


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