Wednesday, December 23, 2015

 I have finished my little mini doily piece.. it's 12" square...

tiny feathers and 1/4" lines around the edge

I'm still wondering about putting a few beads on it....

.. can almost see the design better on the back....

I have also been doing some quilting.... a soft meander for this flannel quilt and going around the stars....

 I sewed the binding down by machine so a relatively quick finish.   It looks Christmassy though that wasn't the original idea..

.. also backed with flannel... it's nice and soft and snuggly ....

... and I pinned this huge scrappy quilt....

I had planned to start sewing a new quilt but thought I should get some finished first.... and I do love quilting (incase you didn't pick on that!!)

I do love presents... I really do.... still being pensive and thinking about the other things that bring us happiness at Christmas ... family, friends, generosity, kindness, time, laughter... 

.. may your life be filled with what makes you happy....

Righto, Gotto Go... I think you can guess what I'll be doing.....


  1. Your little mini is gorgeous! The flannel quilt looks warm and cosy too. Yep, I like presents too.....isn't that what Christmas is all about? *grin*

  2. You have transformed that little doilie into a work of art and I love the flannel quilt , sure would be nice and cuddly . Hugs

  3. hi Fiona wow i love how and what you have done with the doiley,it looks fantastic and your star quilts is fantastic,what a lovely finish,well done my friend and i hope you have an awesome day xx

  4. The doily came out beautifully and love the stitching on that and your quilt.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


  5. Wow!! love your wee little feathers on your Doily block.Some beading will put it over the top it is just a beauty Fiona and your star quilt will be just so cozy. Merry Christmas Fiona
    hugs and stitches

  6. The quilting you have done on the doily is beautiful, didn't fully appreciate it until you showed us the back!! The flannel quilt is lovely too...another big one under way there I see...have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. I love the backs of your quilted doily, can really see how much work has gone into it, just beautiful.

  8. Such amazing quilting on your doilie project. You can see that you enjoy it by the beautiful things you make.
    Great flannel quilt and I can't wait to see your scrappy quilt finished.
    Happy quilting!

  9. Of course I adore your pretty doily quilting. Love all your other projects to. I couldn't agree more with Dr Suess xx

  10. My goodness, I love your exquisite quilting from the back, so beautiful. It's good to have time to do what you love......makes a great gift too. Happy Christmas.

    1. Oh Fiona that doily is just beautiful and I do love your flannel quilt

  11. Its amazing how much you can fit in such a small square!!
    Merry Christmas to you - may 2016 be full of wonderful-ness!!

  12. What stitch length do you use when meandering...and where do you pin up your quilt? I still have to do that to Nature's Journey.....I've cut out all the pieces for an Around the World quilt and it should come together quickly once I start but I do want to get NJ quilted first...also, we're to be great grands in April and I bought some fabric yesterday to make a little quilt for the baby...then the Princess wants help making a vest (on my machine)...lots to do after the holidays...hope you have happy and blessed Christmas time.
    Mama Bear

  13. Love the quilting on the doily. Just fabulous. Merry Christmas. Hugs,xx

  14. Beautiful doily quilting and the flannel quilt is gorgeous too. Have a lovely Christmas Fiona. xx

  15. You have created a 12 inches Masterpiece! Stunning! Awwwweeesssomme! Such minute work on that piece. Congrats. Love the flannel quilt too as I am partial to flannel.
    Have a great Holiday with all the ones you love. ♥ ;^)

  16. Great finishes. The quilting on the mini with the doily is beautiful And well done on the quilt finish, too. Love the stars and the meandering. It has worked really well.
    Another quilt ready to work on as well! You are busy!

  17. Dear Fiona,
    wonderful finishes, Merry Christmas and best wishes to your famliy too.
    Where is the sleigh?

  18. Such pretties! Merry Christmas! XO

  19. Oh Fiona that is just exquisite - what a really beautiful piece. Well done. I love the flannel quilt too, it looks so cozy! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, my dear, and got spoiled rotten!


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