Monday, April 14, 2014


A surprise parcel from E Bunny.... 
how pretty and thoughtful and yummy
(one egg didn't make the picture!)

I love them... I think I know who you are... and I love you too..... thank you....x

Today I worked a bit more on mini quilting on my doily..... 

... and I needed to trace out a stitchery... lots of detail in this one and I tried out a trick that Linda Blake showed us at the Girls Day Out....

make a photocopy of your picture ..... (this will need to be thrown out so don't use your original)

(as you can see I am going to do a stitchery of Michelle's

place your pattern on some newspaper or something (I have a plastic tablecloth for craft)

spray reasonably generously with your glue spray.....

then smooth your pre-ironed background fabric (I like to starch mine too) over the paper and allow it to dry for a few minutes....

place over light box... or window.... and trace away..... it's not moving....

when all done take the paper away and chuck it out and then add your favourite stabiliser to your stitchery....

nice and easy ..... I like this method especially for larger, detailed stitcheries....

Anthea was returning a coaster I sent in her parcel by mistake... and with it she put in this fun magnet.... how funny.....
(took me a while as I was looking at those slippers!)

Thank you E Bunny and Anthea..... you made my day...

Righto, Gotto Go...... tracing to be done....


  1. A bit of bunny mischief??
    Love the little trick you have explained. Thank you.
    And the picture made me laugh quite a lot!

  2. A girl just cannot win, gravity gets you everytime!

  3. Thanks for the tracing trick - great idea! No more elbow holding the paper up!! Love the magnet!!

  4. Oh my this E Bunny is getting very generous....I like the tracing trick, thanks Bubz,,

  5. How lovelyof E bunny you must've been a good girl,lol,thankyou so much for that tip,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  6. That special Easter Bunny has been to my house too Fiona. Good tip on the tracing

  7. that e bunny has been very busy!
    what a nifty way to trace your stitchery.
    that magnet is funny!

  8. Brilliant - B Brilliant if I may say so - I hate tracing for the very reason that it moves around - gosh I am going to be trying this VERY SOON.
    Thank you so much - and thanks to Linda Blake. it wasn't me who sent the surprise - but now I think you deserve one....
    Love the post card

  9. I see that E Bunny has been busy in Blogland....Lucky you.
    Ha did Anthea sneak up on our bobbing ladies and take that photo.LOL love it.......
    thanks for the tracing tip too Fiona.

  10. Great tip, I am always moving my design as I trace, so this is a nice way to keep it from moving.


  11. What a great tip Fiona,I will remember to do that next time I am tracing , I am sure it will help immensely ! Hugs Sheila

  12. Thanks for the great tip, Fiona. I think I may have figured out who E. Bunny could be too! Great magnet!

  13. Your doily is so beautiful! The angel is going to be lovely and I like the tracing idea. Great to have friends with a sencse of humour! xx

  14. Love the magnet! LOL! Nifty idea for tracing a stitchery pattern. Thanks.

  15. Great tip. Thanks for sharing! Love those slippers Lol! The little Bunny must have been tired hopping up your hill.

  16. Brilliant tip, thanks Fiona. Great magnet, isn't it lovely to get surprise parcels


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