Friday, July 19, 2013

While the cats away.....

...this mouse will play.....

and looky who came to play with this little mouse yesterday ...

Kris from Tag Along Teddies and she finished off the binding of her latest creation.....
 isn't it just the sweetest (like Kris!!)
Kris is making a couple of other goodies to go with it and then it will be packaged as a new pattern.....

It's adorable

Anyway... my cat (Hubz) is away so I am going to be sewing allllllll daaaaaaayyyyy and into the night..... 
(it is FNSI so there will be lots of you to sew with!!)

This quilting that I am doing is new to me... and it is tiny little feathers..... very slow and careful...

a few people asked what I used for my quilting.....  I learnt on a small Janome but Hubz kindly bought me this larger Pfaff.... it only does plain stitching but it has a nice space so even quite big quilts squish up easily... he is good and strong and hard working - ..... Prince Pfaff has covered his costs already.... (of course it's male!!!!)

I do all my quilting and piecing on him .....

me and my Pfaff are in good company.....

Even without Hubz here I will be watching the cricket while I stitch ....

test matches are great... young men in white pants and killer smiles....  

Righto, Gotto Go ... pppppllllllllaaaaaayyyyyyy tiiiiiiimmme.......


  1. What an awesome little quilt! I probably need one of those. Your quilting looks very nice.

  2. Great machine for quilting Fiona and you are doing so well with your feathers ! Kris is a very talented gal , sweet little welcome sign .

  3. wow love Kris's new design its very cute,its nice that you get to play together.
    Love your small feathers Fiona,you are doing so well at FMQ.
    Righto i will be over in a tick in my jarmies and we will watch the cricket together,lol,see you tonight.xx

  4. Enjoy play time, and the young men in white!

  5. How gorgeous is Kris' new project! Those feathers are looking great Fiona. See you later! xx

  6. Lucky girls to have a play date!
    Gorgeous banner Kris and your quilting is amazing Fiona.
    Enjoy :o)

  7. Lucky girls!! Kris' new work is so gorgeous...well done! Enjoy all your mousey time :)

  8. What a cute little design! Wow, such little feathers....big sweeping designs are much easier, I haven't done a lot of small stuff.

  9. quilting is looking great!
    Kris' new project looks lovely.

  10. Sounds like a great day Fiona. I'm with you on the cricket. Love it.

  11. What a lovely way to spend the day, it's great to have friends that share the same interests. I just love that vintage cloth

  12. It's always great to have a "play date" with best friends. Enjoy your sewing and the game!

  13. lol......a fun day together.....excellent....

  14. Bet you had a fabulous day with Kris..Love her little /Welcome Wall hanging.
    You are sew patient doing those tiny feathers..

  15. Love the stitching you are doing. Great to have such a reliable machine!

  16. The little welcome quilt is so pretty and your quilting looks amazing. xx

  17. Loving that little quilt, would look lovely with personalised name on too! I would love a Pfaff I was looking at new ones in UK but talked myself out of it, I only really need the bigger space for quilting so may just look for a secondhand one too! Hugs x

  18. Oh dear...Kris and Bubz Kris's new design and I so admire your work Bubz...


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