Thursday, May 10, 2018

As usual.....

... there is lots of different things going on here....

My first block for Flowerville is completed .....

very sweet in the Tilda fabrics

Flowerville is designed by Rosalie Dekker and I bought a kit from The Quilters Angel - preprinted linen and lovely Tilda fabrics

Monday was a holiday and so I spent it doing some of my own quilting....

I pin quite heavily ..... listening to a book and keeping an eye on the birds outside and it's not an unpleasant task....

A lot of outlining to start with..... 

I like to use monofilament thread for this part then I can move from cream, to blue, to red to brown and the thread doesn't show.....

I changed colours for the different borders .....sometimes is means that the 'quilting' doesn't show much but thats the look I wanted... the quilt is busy enough with the applique and fabrics....

However, I did a loopy ribbon in the thin red borders, some big ribbon in the green and holly in the wider red ....

Some lovely stars and stripes for the binding.... a couple of evenings in front of the TV now... the evenings are cooler so perfect timing..... 

This quilt is Holly Cottage designed by Michelle Ridgway

I visited a friend recently and was saying how I learnt to sew on a little Singer handcrank and it is one thing I was sorry I never kept when we immigrated....

She gave me this sweet girl - who needs cleaning and derusting etc - a project for Hubz (with my supervision of course).  She was made in 1920 so the goal is that she can celebrate her 100th working!

You may yet see my handcranking a quilt!!!  No accesories etc, but I am delighted non-the-less

Another little block done for Angel Story

The whole of ChooseDay sewing was working on these little blighters.... 

the Blocks finish at 3" square ..... foundation paper piecing and I tried so hard to be accurate but you can see points don't meet....  very frustrating.....

I have been growing a Native Finger Lime and this week we got a little finger lime off it....

The lime itself is smaller than my little finger and so those are tiny little caviar balls packed with flavour when popped

Prickly little bush but there are about 10 more little one's growing

Righto, Gotto Go..... real work to do ..... 

Have a lovely rest of the week.....xx


  1. Love your Flowerville block, so pretty. Gorgeous hand crank machine. Those little blocks are so cute. Mum gave me a finger lime to try & grow. She was going to do it herself but reckoned she was too old to bother with it so I'll see how i go. Hugs,xx

  2. Love the fabrics you used around Flowerville, really sets it off beautifully. I hate pinning, something I need to have more patience with. Love the quilting you are doing on the quilt.


  3. Love your new baby....... Goodluck getting her going......

  4. Such pretty work......and a gorgeous new machine, lucky you!

  5. All of your projects are just beautiful!!! I didn't jump on the bandwagon with Michelle's quilt, but I think I just might have to make that one, now that I'm seeing them around blogland. Loved seeing the close-ups as you quilted.

  6. P.S. what a great sewing machine!! Have fun with her.

  7. Working on Flowerville too! All stitching is done and now I'm making the Dresdens. Love it.


  8. Such a great gift the sewing machine is. hope she's up and running soon.
    The Flowerville block is pretty.
    look forward to seeing you HCC when you finish working your quilting magic on it.

  9. I just love the way Holly Cottage Christmas turned out... I am still on block 1 and not happy with my fabrics.. thinking I might get some other fabric when i go to oz for the winter and start again.... How special to get a "new" sewing machine! I am sure she will be well loved in her new home xx

  10. Love your quilting so far, looks good. Foundation piecing is good for accuracy, but I agree, when you go to join the blocks you seem to get less accuracy and I am not sure if is the way you press it (eg because your not given pressing instructions like normal piecing) or there just seems to be more bulk (when it is mini) in less space. I have found that using aurifil thread for my mini's has given me better accuracy as the thread is finer then the gutterman I normally use. If you can be bothered unpicking! It is still very cute!

  11. Hi Fiona wow i love your flowerville and the fabrics you used so pretty. Oh i cant wait to see your Holly cottage finished and boy you sure have been busy my friend,i have lost my mojo for the moment. Oh how lovely you got the old singer,hope Dave can get it running beautifully for you,hope you have a lovely day my friend ,we were 6 degs here yesterday xx

  12. The flowerville block is gorgeous. All the colours of the thread, fabrics and background look lovely together.
    I can understand all the pinning. Better safe than sorry. Looks like you are well into the quilting.
    And better you than me with those 3 inch blocks!
    How special to have the hand crank machine. Hope you and hubby can get it back into working order. That would be special.
    Well done getting the finger lime to grow. Not seen those before so now I have an idea of how they look.

  13. Your Dresden block is gorgeous and I can't wait to see your quilt once that binding is sewn down . Cute tiny blocks , it is very hard to be accurate when dealing with these tiny pieces but they look great to me . Hugs

  14. I've never heard of a finger lime! I wish I could try one. I'm sorry your foundation pieced blocks are frustrating you :( But all your other projects seem to be going along quite nicely!

  15. I am loving Flowerville - have just done a Dresden fan for my patchwork ladies and am keen to do more Dresden work. Plans in my head! What a lovely old Singer. I learnt on a Singer treadle which I loved. xx

  16. Flowerville is such a sweet project. I'm interested to learn what brand of monofilament thread you use - I haven't really experimented with one yet...? I'm looking forward to hearing of your adventures with the handcrank machine..slow work I guess but what a wonderful link to your history! Cute little baskets - and gosh what a small size they are! With foundation piecing there's no choice as to how seams lay so nesting cant happen, frustrating - is that what happened for you? That finger lime is intriguing, I didn't know what they were all about!


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