Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Well I never got to playing on my treadle over the weekend..... widget came over and other things happened instead...

Hubz and Widget made this thread holder for me.... I have been collecting up different colours over the last couple of years (I favour a matching colour when I can for quilting so have been building up a stock).

Because of dust and harsh Queensland sun I like my thread and fabrics in drawers and cupboards so this is perfect....

Joy has done a tutorial just today on her blog on how her Dad made one of these... we did exactly the same but my sticks are shorter to make it easier taking from the back of the drawer and of course mine is flat....  and Widget spray painted it for us (It's like doing graffiti he says!!!) 

Sunday night we plonked our selves at a lovely spot in Queens park for the annual Carols .... a lovely view.....  The bright lights are for rides and market - which I personally think are nonsense at the Carols and refuse to support them, though widget tells me Christmas is all about having fun - his mum did take him down there.  Lots of people had glow sticks and the children have such a lot of fun waving them and singing and dancing.... very sweet.

Lovely to see this fun quilt I gave to YD come out and be used.... it's a lot brighter than this and made from blocks I got in a block swap many years ago....

The carols ended with a short firework display - our spot on the hill was just perfect for watching too

At home we have this plant at our front door - we were about to cut it back when we noticed the flowers - have had this plant for about 10 years and never seen it flower...

It's an incredibly lovely scent - so perfect for the front door and I leave the door open in the evenings for it to waft in on the breeze....

I have no idea what the plant is called.... but after it has flowered I'm taking cuttings and making more!

When I went to UK earlier this year I met up with Jane and she shared with me about her secret project of a crafty calender, so of course I couldn't resist getting one and Mr Postie dropped it by earlier this week....

Its lovely quality and full of great ideas, as well as telling the date (with room to make notes)

Here is the proejct for January - she has filled it with ideas for all sorts of different handicrafts - great idea Jane.... I love it....

Jane does all sorts of sewing projects and has classes (I keep promising I will do her socks class - one day!!!!) well worth visiting and having a look, particularly for new crafters

My Tuesday sewing friend Christine went off to Sydney for a few days and came back with this lovely fat quarter and cutest little tin ever (perfect to go in my treadle drawer)

Mr Postie has started dropping off Christmas post at my house... this came from Shez.. thank you my friend....  sadly I haven't put up a tree yet but the parcel is safe!

and Susan sent me one of her angels.... she is so dinky (1" high) and adorable.... love her thank you

Yesterday's sewing saw some more Anthology blocks.... 123/182 done so far

This week I have been trying to spend a bit of time each day on the treadle machine (much to my annoyance the pedalling doesn't show on my fitbit!!!)

I am definitely improving on getting a smooth flow

  the foot is not an accurate 1/4" and sewing on the bias means my corners are not always accurate... whilst I am not worried about it really it is such a boost when they do come out exact.

My treadle is a back clamp and hard to find feet for so I am just going to have to do with what I have and enjoy it anyway.... 

When I admitted to a neighbour I hadn't done anything about a tree she suggested putting some tinsel on one of my outside ones at least.... so of course I did as requested (can't let the suburb down!)

no parcels to go under there though!

Righto, Gotto Go... after this long post I need some coffee!!!

Have a lovely rest of the week....x


  1. Hi fiona,i love the holder that hubby and widget made for your threads,what a great idea.
    So glad you got to have a go on the treadle machine,what a buggar about the fit bit.
    Lol love how you have decorated the tree outside,an inspiration for the neighbourhood,lol,you crack me up xx

  2. How much graffiti has Widget done? Love the storage for your thread. So amazing about your tree too. Thank you for the mention of the calendar, and I'm so pleased you like it.

  3. So many happenings up there - for the treadle - there is a magnetic "thing" you can buy - you place it on the needle plate and line up the fabric - I know you are happy with what is going on ...but just an idea....Love the threads - that is a pretty good collection - you cant be missing too many!
    (I'm a bit worried about Widget & his graffiti...)
    Glad you like your angel.

  4. How clever are hubby and widget! Wonderful! Nice evening at your Carols. Beautiful plant. I don't know what it is either. I love your cute tin...perfect! How sweet is Susan's Angel....lovely parcel waiting to be opened and your blocks are looking fantastic. Regular and treadle! NOT saying a word about your festive decorating lol!

  5. Great project for the bobbins. Very interesting plant by the front door. Check Bonnie Hunter's blog for different ideas on how to get 1/4 inch on your treadle.
    Enjoy! ;^)

  6. I think decorating a tree outside is a great idea, so much easier to store when Christmas is over!!

  7. So many happenings at your place. Love your thread holder,it's a fantastic idea. Love your Christmas tree. Hugs,xx

  8. What a wonderful job hubbz and Widget have done making the thread draw....
    Lots of fun been happening at your place with outing and sewing...
    If you send Sue Mob. An email with photo she'll probably know the name of your pretty flower 🌺
    Love the out side tree 🌲 I'm going to pop some baubles on one at my place today....

  9. Your thread drawer looks great! Widget did a very nice job with the painting, the white really makes your lovely rainbow of colors shine. Too bad about the treadle not showing on the FitBit. Maybe you need to bounce in your chair more as you sew? What a sight that would be! :D

  10. Brilliant spool holder. Isn't it lovely when something suddenly blooms like that, gorgeous flowers. When I met my husband he had a very sad looking plant on his kitchen windowledge which I tidied up and managed to revive. We brought it to France with us and for a while it lived indoors. Then due to it's lack of excitement and space in the house I shoved it outside where it stayed all though the cold winter. It has flowered every spring since and such beautiful exotic pink flowers too. Lovely little tin for your treadle machine. xx

  11. You are busy! Lovely idea with the thread holder. i do agree that the ones on walls catch the dust so in the drawer is a smart idea.
    Looks like the carols was a great night.
    No idea about the plant either, but if it has perfumed flowers it must be wonderful.
    Looks like your calendar is going to keep you busy and it looks great.
    And to finish off, I am impressed with your Christmas tree and decorations!!
    Love seeing your progress with the treadle. They are amazing workhorses.

  12. That is some very interesting sewing you've got going on the treadle, Fiona... you will hae it mastered soon I'm sure!

  13. Haha, I'm sure if you made sure all your parcels had watrproof wrapping you could put them under the tree! The thread holder is great, you are growing a wonderful collection of thread :-) The crafty calendar sounds like a fun idea Fiona - I like that there are different crafts in have a clever friend! Your stocking is getting very full with all the lovely gifts from your friends :-) Neat to see your progress on your treadle - you obviously have got out of the mindset that you need a powercut to be able to treadle!! Lovely post.

  14. Lots of loverleys at your place... love the drawer full of threads too.
    Merry Christmas xox

  15. Very handy to have the threads in drawers! Now hubz & widget need to make you a few more, right?! Love your outdoor Christmas tree! xx

  16. That is a great thread holder...well done Hubz and Widget...lovely gifties coming your way, enjoy...


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