Friday, October 6, 2017

The big smoke....

I am very lucky to be able to take advantage of a bus trip to the Craft Fair in Brisbane.  As a member of Twba quilters we get a very reasonable fare and it's wonderful being dropped and picked up at the venue and a lovely tea on the way added on....

Of course it's an excellent opportunity for some fun with friends...

Michelle and I had made plans to meet and play.....

... and a bunch of us gathered at lunch time.... every year Lynda and I go on the same day and not see each other - this year we made a plan!!   I met Liz from Victoria and lovely to catch up with Jeanette from Ipswich too....  thanks to Robyn who took the picture of all of us together....

The quilt display is hosted by Queensland Quilters and they include best ones from the other states too.....  they were wonderful to see... great great quality of work....

Michelle also has some pictures on her blog - but otherwise just scroll through here - I have done a few close ups...

this next one is by Sue Mobilia from WA - she's not blogging now but we have remained facebook friends and I have enjoyed watching here art works coming to life...

Rachaeldaisy won best on show in NSW with this one... stunning stunning and I could have spent hours looking at all the detail...

Uluru done in 3 panels.... outstanding....

It wasn't a shopping trip for me but when the others left I went to get a coffee before my bus trip home and passed this French General stall for the second time - I thought it clearly was a sign from above so these came home with me....

A fun day out.... 

I had a nice rest in the bus on the way home!

Righto, Gotto Go..... it's already the weekend coming up...   hope you have a good one!


  1. Good morning Fiona,wow what a wonderful day you had,so glad you got to meet Liz she was so excited to be catching up with you and Michelle.
    Lots of beautiful quilts,love Rachael's and Sue's,such clever ladies.
    love the pics of you with the sewing things,wonderful memories of a fantastic day xx

  2. What a wonderful day with friends. Love the quilt show, so many beautiful quilts and art pieces.
    I would not resist that fabric either, will make a beautiful quilt.


  3. Such a fun day.....loved seeing the quilts you took piccies of....different to me. BTW showing those French General purchases was a mistake.....I know where you live!!!! Gorgeous selection x

  4. Very limited purchases - though I was tempted by the French Linen displays too. I admired the same quilts as you!! (as well as Dame Edna!!!)

  5. I love that thimble! And those quilts are breathtaking!

  6. What a fabulous way to get to the Craft Show in Brisy to meet up with your friends....
    Nice to share some lovely quilts that were on display..
    Sue actually helped me start blogging. Was lucky to watch the Kangaroo grow.

  7. Amazing quilts.....thank you for taking us along with you! Your previous post didn't show up in my feed for some of those little kingfishers visited us recently, we hadn't seen it before although we had heard it, they are so pretty.

  8. Isn't that the best way to get to a show!! Looked like a fun filled day, love the photos with the sewing notions! So many beautiful quilts, thank you for sharing!

  9. Gosh there are some talented quilters. So clever and artistic. It looks like you had a fun day.

  10. Amazing! Such beautiful quilts, and different from what Michelle posted - so glad you both shared your day! xx

  11. Ahh--it sure sounds and looks like it was a lovely trip and day--
    and now the big question is--do you have 'plans' for that nice stack of French General fabrics that just happened to follow you home???
    enjoy the moments, di

  12. OMG what amazing quilts, the rock was stunning! Thanks for the pictures, love your thimble stunt work!

  13. Love the quilts at these shows. Yes, I can see a lot that were here in Melbourne, but also lots of new ones.There is so much inspiration in the quilts but also the wonderful displays. What a great way to catch up with all these people from so many areas. Looks like you had a great day.

  14. I have so enjoyed seeing your post and Michelle's - such a brilliant show, some really amazing work. Thank you. xx

  15. Oh my those quilts are just stunning - loving Rachel's quilt and win, she's amazing! The wildlife quilts are incredible. So glad you had such fun with friends!!!

  16. Gorgeous quilts! I especially love the log cabin! Nice props for getting your photo taken, and I see you had fun.

  17. FABULOUS quilts! Wow! So much talent on display. Love the fun photos of you with the giant notions, too :)

  18. Such a great day and the quilts were amazing.

  19. OMG they got you off the hill into the bog smoke.......the quilts are beautiful.......i used to follow Sue.......nice fabrics....definitely the right


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