Saturday, October 28, 2017

My stitching week......

Our regular Tuesday girls stitching day was successful with another 11 blocks being sewn...

I've run out of prepared sashing so I need to do some cutting out. 

This is all the blocks together now.... at the end of that last column it will be the half way mark.  We started at the beginning of August so are doing well with this one.... 

During the day I mostly do my quilting jobs .... how lucky am I to spend so much time doing something I love....

Joy is doing a series this month focussing on making $ with quilting and sewing and she did an interview with me.... Now I don't pretend I have a 'business' - it's not that much that I do but I do make enough to feed my fabric/sewing addiction and occasionally buy the groceries.  More of a paying hobby and I love it. 

In case you are interested the online chat we had is HERE ... Joy and I have never met in person but we have been bloggy friends for ages.....  If you are thinking of supplementing your income this way have a read on her blog - there are some great tips and quite a few people have grown into full time businesses.

I bottled my first lot of kombucha brew - added different fruits and left them for the second fermentation....

They have been taking on the colour of the fruits and getting a nice bit of fizz to them....  taste is good and so far no side effects so hopefully I am doing it right.  I think if I leave them long enough like this they will be good and alcoholic?????   

Another Dutch Treat block is completed.... I'm up to 120/196 now.... but then the borders will be a year's work on their own I think!

... and another Gardeners Journal stitchery is completed..... they are such sweet pictures....

Hubz went away for a night so I took over the living area in the evening, and started blanket stitching some French General Christmas fabric onto wool felt for this years decorations....

Thanks for the idea Michelle....

.. and another idea from Michelle was to stitch up Angel Story with her!  Thanks (I think) .  Michelle has started hers and has a few pics up on her blog... .very pretty and lovely pictures to sew.

My pattern arrived in the post this week and I had this pack of Tilda's in my stash. My favourite local quilt store  stocks Tilda fabrics and I find them very hard to resist.  This is one of the older sets which I have had for a while.....

Last night I got the background for the applique.  I just want to add a few tone on tone/plains to go with them.  This will be my new needleturn applique project....

It's important to support local industry?

Righto, Gotto Go....  the weekend to enjoy.  A visitor is staying for the night, and we will join up with another friend for dinner.... and tomorrow there are open gardens to see.


  1. Wowee! Your Tuesday blocks are looking great! Dutch Treat was such a huge undertaking....hats off to you...amazing job. So glad the FG ornies are working out and I am so happy you are doing Angel Story with me. I love your fabric choices too. I am nearly finished the GJ stitchery....loved it! Thanks for leading me astray! Great interview with Joy xxx

  2. Wow. Anthology is fabulous. Dutch Treat looks lovely. Have fun doing Angel Story. The interview was great. Hugs, xx

  3. You are really getting a lot done this week and I love all of your projects.


  4. Hi Fiona, a lovely newsy post :-) I haven't caught up with Joy's poststhis week so it sounds like I have an interesting time ahead of me. You seem to be zooming through the rectangular blocks - 11 in onwe sitting, that's pretty good! And great progress on your other projects too; how good of you to support local businesses so nicely - long may it continue! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned - hope you enjoy it.

  5. Hi Fiona your blocks are all looking fantastic,well done my friend.
    I had 6 blocks of Angel story finished and I threw them out not long ago as they had been sitting there for years,lol.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  6. Can't wait to check all this out in person....... Looks great..... So loving anthology.....

  7. You’re making great progress on all your projects. Angel story is a lovely quilt that as stood the test of time well. Enjoy your time with Chooky and have fun at the gardens. We are off to open gardens tomorrow too.

  8. Oh yes you must support local industry Lol. Oh you get so much done cool!

  9. You're getting famous :) looks like a productive week, those blocks are really coming together

  10. Interesting interview Fiona - good luck with the Angels! xx

  11. Your blocks are coming along really quickly! Lots of beautiful creations! Off to listen to the interview.

  12. Golly that's halfway???? That's going to be gorgeous! Love your Dutch Treat blocks too, I'd never have the patience for that. Cute stitching. Glad you like the fungus drink, lol....*shudder*

  13. Enjoyed the interview, Fiona. I think I used to follow Joy back when she had a different blog, many moons ago. As always, I love your work! You are always so focused and accomplish so many varied pieces!

  14. Such fun and varied projects. Lovely that you can earn a little from doing something you love,I hope you enjoy your gardens and visitors. xcx

  15. WOW! You got 89 blocks made so far and not even half of it done? This is a huge quilt then. It is so beautiful. Love the color of the DT block. Don't know what kombucha brew is but it looks good enough for me to give it a try. Yumm! Enjoy! ;^)

  16. I agree completely that we are so, so lucky to be able to spend so much time doing something we love so much! I hope your fruity kombucha ferments properly. The colors of your brewing coordinate well with much of your sewing :)

  17. Ohh such gorgeous projects....angel story is tempting :)

  18. Oh seriously?! Chooky is staying the night? Lucky you two!! Ok, so love all your Dutch Treat blocks... LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tilda fabrics and good idea of Michelle's to rope you in... :) Thanks so much for doing the interview for me, and linking back... and let us know how the kombucha tastes!! xx

  19. You do so many wonderful things. Love seeing where your blocks are up to and what else you are working on.
    Bet you all got up to mischief together!!

  20. Lucky you to get to see Chooky so much - so much happening - as always- at your place!

  21. How did I miss your interesting productive post... you amaze me at how much you get done on all your work and also do some quilting for other folk....
    The Angel 😇 project looks very sweet. Enjoy !


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