Monday, February 1, 2016

Sampler Blocks and Design Board plans.....

A couple of weeks ago we got together to make a few more sampler blocks 

Duck and Ducklings - 21 pieces

Fools Puzzle - 36 pieces

Dutchman's Puzzle - 24 pieces

We are up to 95 blocks now - made up from 3072 pieces.....

I have a list of blocks to do for homework in February so those are first up on my Design Board Monday....

So far I haven't even chosen the fabrics for each block but there's 29 days to do that!!

I have covered my block box ...

the covered base can be used for a top for my taller box

.. and I finished up my mini wall of art....

some lovely pieces from different people

.. and the little stand gets changed from time to time with other pieces I have received from friends.

so lovely to look at them all and be inspired

I sewed the tuffet cover.. but I'm not showing it all to you as it's a surprise .... the tuffet will be made by my DIL who is doing an upholstery course

This weeks plan's include :

Sylvia's Sampler Blocks

Finishing off this little project.....

Quilting up this appliqued quilt.....

Thanks to Cathy at Bits 'n Bobs for hosting 

Bits 'n Bobs

Just before I go a few pics from our day out this weekend...

this gum tree was a lovely rusty colour... the pic doesn't show it as strong a colour

I'm sure this rock is a dragon waiting to wake up.....

running creek... so tempting on a hot day

one of the local residents... magnificent fellow...

lovely area ... bottle brush pool

rain on the way home.. missed us unfortunately.....

hot day ... cool water... I couldn't resist it....

Righto, Gotta Go.... I think it's time for a coffee.....


  1. good morning my lovely friend,lots of lovely pics there Fiona,such a beautiful place and i am loving your blocks they all look fantastic,i hope you have a lovely day Fiona xx

  2. How nice to see all your smaller pieces up on the wall instead of hiding somewhere. I bet there's lots of memories from blog friends up there. Very pretty colors for your sampler blocks too.

  3. Great photos from your day out!! I would have been in the water too!! Your Sylvia blocks are looking great...bit frightening knowing how many pieces are involved!!! Not too many to go if you are up to 95!! Your wall looks great with the hangings on the poster on your cabinet!!

  4. What a lovely place.....I would have found it hard to resist the creek, even though I usually don't do water! You've certainly had a busy weekend, good to see you aren't sitting around doing nothing. *grin*

  5. Your blocks are amazing...especially when you break it down into pieces. I love your pretty art wall. You look like you have a wonderful spacious room....jealous here in my cupboard cave lol! What a great outing....loved your piccies and the pool looked so cool and inviting. No wonder you couldn't resist xx

  6. Your blocks are just gorgeous!!! And I love your mini-quilt wall, it's very inspiring to have those hanging where you can see! Jealous of your I sit here under four layers....

  7. You have been busy. The art wall is a great way to display all your gifted quilts. I'd be happy to share some of our rain with you, we seem to have had rather a lot of it

  8. Wow lots of lovely things on the go Fiona. Love your art wall. I need some lessons from you in time management LOL. Hugs....

  9. just love your sampler blocks , and your wall of inspiration and your photo's beautiful Australian bush images

    1. Love your sampler blocks Fiona. Will be an amazing quilt. And your mini wall is lovely and such a great idea

  10. Oh I love your pics!!!! The blocks are amazing! And I do say....that
    lizard on the rock looks like my girlfriend Heather the feather. lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Love your blocks Fiona and your inspiration wall looks fantastic.... I know one of those little quilts.... wonderful photos of the bush too.

  12. What a totally awesome post .... Love the photos at the end xxx

  13. Love the sampler blocks and the wall of mini art is a great idea. Enjoyed the photo of your day out too.

  14. More lovely blocks and I enjoyed your photos of your adventures . Hugs

  15. Lovely blocks you got. Love the fabric you are using, especially in the Ducks and Ducklings. Gorgeous. Your sewing place is so nice with all your friends' minis surrounding you. What a great way to be inspired. I have also enjoyed seeing the weekend in pictures. Careful of the dragon! ;^)

  16. Lovely photos. Nice blocks and quilting too!

  17. Gorgeous new blocks!
    Your mini wall looks great.
    Looks a great day out dragon hunting with widget

  18. Love your nature pics, your new blocks are lovely, tis going to be a gorgeous quilt. Your sewing wall is a lovely daily reminder of your friends :)

  19. Oh what a great pic of you & the little man under the waterfall Fiona! And your wall of minis is gorgeous - lovely work in each of them.
    Now I'm not trying to be smartass but I'm confused about the piece count on the blocks - I'm counting 25 in the Duck Ducklings block at the top & 32 in the Fools Puzzle - am I counting correctly, or is there a different method?

  20. I think working with a group is definitely the best way to get these blocks done. You are making great progress.
    Lovely work with your covered box and your wall of lovelies.
    Love the bush pics, too.

  21. I do love your mini quilt display, and you certainly have been busy with your blocks. Your day out looked lovely. A cool dip would have been just the ticket.

  22. Oh Fiona your blocks are just wonderful....just love them! I haven't gotten back properly I to mine but I will! I. can just imagine the colour of that awesome!

  23. Dear Fiona,
    just adore your blocks, the fabrics and stitching is adorable.
    Great decoration on the wall, how lovely to look at it.


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