Friday, February 26, 2016

Did you know?

That Ausi designer Toni Alexander from Me and My Red Boots  has a book coming out????

Happy Quilts

Such a perfect name as Toni's quilts are nothing but happy - bright applique, large designs, bold colours and easy to do for both the machine and hand appliquer....  There are also Softies to match the patterns so whether you're a toy maker or a quilt maker there's sure to be something.  Don't you love those superheroes on the front cover?

I have done a couple of Toni's quilts in the past... this is a Dog one I got from a magazine a few years ago.... I made it with wool from old blankets and a chenille background.  It's lovely and warm and cuddly and a favourite with widget.

just love those faces....

Catnip is one for the cat lovers... and  it's ultra cute too....

Baby It's Cold Outside is another favourite of mine that I have made... its fresh and cool but still snuggly ....

... those quirky faces get me every time...

There is still a few others on my wish list.... for one day!!!  Like Flower Fairies and Scrap Bin Sheep 
Her patterns are available in pdf as well as printed which is great for instant gratification and saving on postage, or for those like me who like printed patterns.

Toni's Web Page with links for preordering Happy Quilts is HERE - you get a chance to win prizes if you preorder so follow instructions given HERE.

This is the link to Toni's BLOG - and she's going to be doing giveaways on the lead up to the book release so keep a look out there!

PS I am not being paid to advertise, Toni is a personal friend of mine and I know how much work has gone into doing this book.

Righto, Gotto Go ...... I think I may look at what fabrics I have for the Flower Fairies since I already have the pattern...


  1. I pre-ordered mine the other day Fiona - even though Grandkids are not on my horizon, I can't wait to see the fun designs & characters of this book - and of course gotta love an Aussie designer!!

  2. Those quilts are adorable, I really need to get going, only a few weeks before the shower, and not sure if I can finish one in time.


  3. Wow these quilts are amazing,what a clever lady Toni is,such beautiful patterns xx

  4. Fiona, I can see why you like those quilts - they are such fun designs!

  5. Love the quilts and the toys Fiona..think we saw something similar at the quilt shop today..I reconise the masked man!!! Love your dog quilt and the polar cute!!

  6. Congrats and well done to Toni...such lovely work!

  7. No harm in promoting your friends work....she does make fabulous designs.

  8. Such gorgeous quilts for kids.....she is a wonderful talent hope all goes well with her book launch

  9. Thank you for sharing Toni's news Fiona, I love her quilts xx


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