Thursday, March 19, 2015

A visit.... a storm... an apron... and FNSI plans....

Yesterday Hubz had some work out of town... it just happened he was going to be going past Michelle's house... so I hitchhiked and Michelle kindly hosted me for a day.....

... there was a bit of chatting and forgetting to take pictures... but Michelle did snap evidence of my visit..... we both love pretty mugs.....

... on the way there a sudden storm came through ... it was chasing us.... haha.. it missed us but we were happy to have found we had a nice little shower at home....

Michelle did take me shopping... so my purse is a bit lighter than planned....

... and we did some stitching.... I sewed some of Little Miss Strawberry and finished off the last few stitches last night.....
(alphabet bears... one of Michelles sets)


Jane has started video lessons through her website and offered a first time freebie of making up an apron out of an old shirt..... my old apron was really messed so it was a great reason to make a new one.....

Jane's lessons were so lovely and clear, and the project very easy .. and I loved listening to her calm voice... I added a little bit of lace on the collar for decoration....

I have been reading Jane's blog for some time... and I love what she makes especially recycled clothing.. thanks Jane

Today I am prepping up my Nature's Journey blocks....

... all ready for FNSI hosted by Wendy tommorrow night.... hope you can come too... sign ups are here....

Righto, Gotto Go..... I want to sew a few 9 patch blocks to match my alphabet bears...


  1. Sounds like a nice way to spend the day. Your nature's journey looks interesting, can't wait to see how that comes out.


  2. What a lovely way to spend the day!

  3. how nice to be able to chat, shop and stitch with Michelle for a day.
    Pleased the storm only chased you...
    Lovely stichery....
    I hope to finish my Natures Journey blocks for March too.

  4. couldn't think of a better way to spend the day!
    love the fabrics you have organised for your natures's journey blocks. It's going to be amazing.

  5. Thanks for coming! I loved it x Strawberry bear has stitched up really nicely. You have done a great job. Love your Nature's Journey blocks too. Better get organised for FNSI !

  6. Dear Fiona,
    good to hear you are having a good time, the apron is very nice and practical for catching spots.

  7. Nature's Journey is lovely.....and Strawberry is very sweet! What a lovely time you and Michelle had. Such a practical apron, I'm a real grub when cooking - it's just what I need.

  8. sounds like you had a really lovely day. Beautiful stitching, your NJ especially.

  9. How lovely to spend the day with Michelle. Love your apron - how clever to recycle an old shirt

  10. I'm surprised...and delighted that you actually managed some stitching! Well done ladies.
    Was it East Coast Fabrics? I'm jealous xox

  11. How lovely to spend the day with Michelle - perfect!
    Great work with your stitching and the apron.
    Looking forward to seeing those blocks together.

  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful day - nothing better than spending time with friends - and your stitchery is so cute. The apron is such a clever idea, even a non -apron wearer like me could be tempted! I do love your NJ blocks, have fun stitching tonight :-)

  13. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with Michelle. Love your blocks !!!

  14. Such a pretty bear and thank you for joining in, love the shirt


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