Friday, January 30, 2015

New and Old ....

A friend of mine bought some napkins at the op shop and gifted them to me for the linen
(it's a lovely piece of fabric and will be great for stitcheries)

It's a bit sad seeing someones hand work being donated and sold for very little... however that is my gain in this case... you can see all the handstitching around the edges (there are 10 napkins)

The little design is needleturned and embroidered.... with tiny wee stitches

what do you see in the design.. a reindeer, an acorn....?

I hope I never find out that someone has taken work I have spent hours over and chopped it up....

 I think I can make little decorations with the little designs though....

Over Christmas time there were some quiet periods that I did some hand sewing and now I have finished this redwork snowmen.....  I used a roll of Valdani thread which I found last year.. lovely variegation ..

need to find some nice fabric for a border

Terry is hosting another stitchalong.... (last year I joined in for the Charming Stars) and this year it is scrappy snowballs...

I found some coordinating fabrics in my secret hoarding place... (I think I bought these off someone destashing 4 years ago)  the amount of fabric in there is almost the equivalent of a jelly roll so I am going to use them....

And just to make it more fun I am going to stitch Michelles alphabet bears in the centre of the snowballs....  my quilt already has a name.... "Sweetpea"

It's going to be such fun I think...

Today I noticed a tree just covered in butterflies.... they were just everywhere... hundreds of them...

I am reliably informed this is a Blue Tiger... such a pleasure having these racing all over the garden

...Righto, Gotto Go... weather is a bit cooler and I am quilting (well, when I am not butterfly watching!)...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Queensland has elections and I have a young widget staying over 


  1. Hand done things in op shops is always a bit sad...but foucs on teh popsitive -as you do!! - and a bonus for you.

  2. I totally agree Fiona, it's a shame to see lovely handmade things in 2nd hand shops - but it does seem that they often end up in the hands of someone who will appreciate them...
    How amazing about the butterflies... lucky you with a tree full!

    I like your plans for the year...

  3. It is sad to see handmade things in op shops. Love your stitchery. Hugs, xx

  4. I am always seeing handmade items in the thrift stores, I guess someone cleaned out a home and didn't care for things that were made with love, at one time. We went for a walk one spring, and walked into a field that was full of butterflies, it is magical.


  5. How lovely of your friend to think of you with those napkins. Your stitchery is lovely, Fiona.

  6. nice to repurpose the serviettes.
    your stitchery looks gorgeous. great new project on the burner too.
    that butterfly is so beautiful, hundreds of them must have been amazing.

  7. It does make you wonder sometimes... Its nice you can make them shine again. Love "Sweet pea" hehehe!

  8. I think sending things to an opshop gives them an opportunity to find someone who will treasure them, even if it is in a different incarnation. Its sadder to hang onto something you hate because of obligation, although I don't think that will ever apply to anything you've made.

  9. Oh dear the comment disappeared! Although its a shame when these items appear in charity shops it does give us the opportunity to repurpose them and give them some love. Love your fun stitchery, looking forward to seeing the creation of your sweet pea project. Family favourite, sweet peas, love their scent. Have a great weekend xcx

  10. It's great that you can re-purpose those napkins so I don't see it as a loss, I do love your snowmen they are adorable.

  11. A butterfly gorgeous! The design on the napkin looks like an acorn to me. That's a cute snowman design, and the sweet pea fabric is very pretty!

  12. I always buy someones beautiful handiwork if I ever see it at an op shop Fiona. Can't bear to think of someone throwing it out or giving it away. Love your gorgeous snowmen redwork - such a lovely thread. I am going to join in this stitchalong too

  13. Dear Fiona,
    good thing you have received the linen napkins. They are in good hands now. Lovely stichery and the butterfly is so beautiful. We don't have such a pretty butterfly over here.

  14. I look forward to watching your snowballs grow ... love the fabrics.
    Cute snowmen ... lately I wouldn't mind being a snowlady :)
    Enjoy your weekend xx

  15. Oh I don't know what that little thing is supposed to be but it is made with very tiny stitches in deed! Wow. Let's say it is a conversation piece lol. Love your snowmen. Beautiful butterfly. All I have flying around my garden right now is snow flurries lol.

  16. Your stitchery is lovely and I am sure you will make great use of the linen napkins . What a wonderful idea to do the alphabet in the snowball blocks , can't wait to see them . Hugs Sheila

  17. The napkin decoration is interesting. Maybe a bell, or turn it upside down and does it become a candle? So many new things on the go Fiona. Enjoy your sewing in the midst of all the beautiful butterflies.

  18. What a great idea for the snowball blocks, it'll be fabulous. There was a discussion on Facebook the other day about cutting up vintage textiles, it's a tough call, but sometimes it does give them a new life.

  19. Such pretty fabrics you will be using for the Snowballs and they will look fantastic with Michelle's stichery's in the centre..

    Beautiful Christmassy Stitchery you have finished.

  20. It is sad that someone's handwork is being given away, but isn't it wonderful that it is being treasured by another.
    And I love the snowmen in your embroidery! Have fun with your alphabet.
    Beautiful butterflies. They must be a wonderful sight!!

  21. Love a Christmas redwork stitchery, looks great. I am sure you will enjoy stitching the teddies through the year also. The butterflies are amazing, what a lovely sight the tree must be.

  22. Hello Fiona,

    The good thing about op-shop linen is that it is the proper linen, so lovely to stitch on. Love that the Butterflies have decided to call your garden home, enjoy.

    Happy days.

  23. I have so many vintage linens - I need to find something to do with them. Love your new [to you] ones. Your snowmen are so so cute!!!! Well done, you do beautiful stitching hon. And that's a gorgeous butterfly, wow can't imagine seeing so many of them - what a treat!

  24. Love your snowmen. Op Shop finds are great. I love rescuing someone's hard work of stitching too. LOve your fabrics for the stitchalong. Have fun.

  25. I think you'd be the right person to make something lovely out of discarded linen and stitcheries!! I love your Christmas stitchery and the butterfly is beautiful. xx

  26. Stunning butterfly. Well at least the napkins didn't end up in the bin! Good to know that you will make use of them and if you can use the little appliques then good. xx

  27. Gorgeous snowmen! I love snowmen... I love snow... I want to live in Alaska... :) xxx

  28. Lovely snowmen, it is a sweet thread :) Oh snap, on the idea of stitching in the snowballs! Michelle's bears will look gorgeous sitting in their middles :) Lovely butterfly, oh dear, I would spend all day just watching them :)


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