Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year....

I am slowly coming back down to earth after a lovely few weeks...... needless to say there are tons of pictures and we did so much together.... my son and his son came up from Melbourne, I have a daughter here nearby with her son and my daughter and her family were over from UK... it was crazy busy happy.

I didn't do much sewing but I thought I would share some of the decorations I made and sent out last year

.... the folded hexagons....

measure, fiddle, fold, press, fiddle some more....

add a button...
(HERE is a link to a tutorial for these)

PS... you do need wine or similar substance
... and chocolate... lots of it....

... add a loop....

I had a few cards with holes in them and they looked nice inside...

.... I also made a selection of flannel boots (left overs from my recent quilt top).  strips joined together then a piece of wadding and backing, trace the shape, sew around and cut out with pinking shears

... and I have started stitching for this year ...
(it's therapeutic!!!)

Chookyblue is hosting a SAL (with trusty sidekick Susan)  and we are doing Anni Downs brand new design called Natures Journey... the book has only just been launched so while we wait for the orders to arrive our project this month is the lovely free stitchery she put on her blog at Christmas... (HERE

I was lucky enough to have some lovely friends come over and stitch with me yesterday... they even brought lunch and then another dropped by with some flowers.... 

(the chicken and salad was wonderful too!)

when I was putting away my glass of water I spilt a bit.....

Grrrrr... so cross....   I have had this happen before and I thought I had soaked all of them even though they are supposed to be colour fast.... lucky I had another one traced but I am going to resoak that thread!!!!  I love their threads but I am a bit fed up that this happens.

Righto, Gotto go..... thread to soak, 


  1. How frustrating about the running colour.....have you contacted the maker? What beautiful roses! I don't put flowers inside because our cat eats them. So glad you had a good time with your family!

    1. Jennifer...I have one of those cats too!!! eats lettuce, cucumber peel, plastic bags, rubber bands, curling ribbon - you name it!!!

  2. I love your folded hexies. I need to learn how to make those. Too bad about your threads. I always worry about that.

  3. I love the folded hexagon you sent to me Fiona. How annoying having the thread run.

  4. those folded hexies are so clever, bummer about the thread-hope it washes out.
    so you're taking the sewalong challenge? it looks like a lovely quilt.

  5. Love the hexies and the boots,...oh and the flowers. What sort of thread?? - try washing it in hot water with a detergent like OMO - worked for me years ago with Danish Flower Thread. and really nothing to lose.

  6. Glad you enjoyed such a lovely family time. Shame about the colour run, annoying when you've taken such pains to avoid it

  7. Beautiul folded hexies - can't say I've seen anything like that before!!! Very clever!!! ... Hope you can salvage the stitchery! I tend to stick with DMC thread when doing stitcheries as, after many years of using the brand, I know it's one I can trust not to bleed. Good thinking drawing up another though!!! It is such a cute stitchery - hope to have mine finished later today!

  8. good to have you back my friend,lovely times spent with preciuos family,yep not good when those threads bleed,good luck with getting it all out.xx

  9. You must have had a wonderful time with so many of your family together.
    You are definitely excused from stitching when that happens.
    Your decorations are gorgeous. They are a lovely idea.
    What a shame with the colour running in the thread!

  10. A Happy New Year to you too. I bet you have been having a wonderful time.

  11. I have missed you! I am so glad you enjoyed your precious family time. What a pain about the thread. Have you tried those colour catchers to take the stains away. They work well. You just buy them at the supermarket in the laundry aisle xx

  12. A Very Happy New Year to you Fiona !!! Nice to see you back..
    Pleased had a wonderful crazy fun time with all your family...
    Lovely Christmas ornaments.
    Such a nice friend to bring you those pretty flowers.. Can smell them all the way over here..
    GRR!!! sew annoying when things run....

  13. Sweet little ornaments , I have done those folded flowers and yes some wine and chocolate might help the nerves ;-) Can you try to save your stitchery with one of those colour catchers ? Such a shame to loose it now . What kind of thread was it ?? hugs Sheila

  14. Hi Fiona, I'm glad you're going to be part of SAL. I just found out about it yesterday. I like the little ornies you made. I know it was great to have all your family visit. I haven't seen 3 of my grands in 2 years.
    Mama Bear

  15. Happy New Year Fiona - glad you had fun with all your family. Love your folded hexagons. xx

  16. Glad you had a lovely break with family. I would try and wash that stitchery by hand with a Colour Catcher sheet - the box is red, similar size to a CD and they sell them in the laundry aisle of the supermarket. They are designed for machine washing but you can also use them for hand washing. I put one in when washing quilts when I haven't pre washed the fabric, and without fail the sheet is coloured and the quilt is fine. Good luck.

  17. Wow! Love the folded hexagons. It makes a very beautiful star inside. Love it. So sorry for the running coloured thread. Happy to hear you had fun with your family. Happy to have you back in Blogland. ;^)

  18. Aren't those folded hexies lovely! Its so nice to see you back.

  19. love love love the hexies ... and your gorgeous flowers ... what a nuisance with that thread .. hope it all washed out ...

  20. Wow those ornaments are wonderful! Just love how you displayed them in those open cut cards :) Sweet flowers. B-gg-r about the thread!


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