Sunday, May 25, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On Quilting......

I have a new blogger to introduce you to....

..... meet Joy ......  I hope you can pop over and say Hi and welcome to the world of blogging....

.... now I know I am a bit star struck with Joy .... you see I just love her quilting and she has taught me loads in the two workshops I have attended.... she is my quiling heroine after all!!

.... although quilting is Joys forte' she also does beautiful stitching.... I am sure you will find lots of inspiration.....   when you look at her work remember it is not computerised... 


Righto... so now on to what I have been doing.....

I have started another Scandanavian Rose stitchery... this one I wanted to have a bit of the shabby chic look so I am using Cottage Garden lavender..... I think it is so pretty....

... and here is the quilting I have done... the borders.... about 7 hours of work there... I did the curves and straight lines using my new rulers.... and the feathers in the curves were free-hand....  I am learning on the way....

the inside curves (on the green fabric)  were a challenge because I had to fit the whole quilt inside the machine arm - and get out the ironing board on my right hand side to hold the weight.... but it worked...

lots of straight line ruler work does take a long time... but I wanted that bit of formality so it was worth it.... by using the rulers I don't need to do much marking...

.... probably wouldn't do so much intricate work on such busy fabric... you don't really notice the quilting... but as this was a learning experience that's okay....  practice on busy fabric with a thread that doesn't stand out.... mistakes don't show ....

.... now I want to do the lines on the other side and circles in between the curve lines and then work on some of the inside blocks .....

..... I have heard it said to work from the centre of a quilt out..... but as Joy taught me if the blocks have all been stitch in the ditched it's not going to move anywhere ... much easier to do the parts you want first with no pins in the way....


Hubz had some office stuff to do yesterday so I had a bit of a look around....

found this fold up table ...

.... the legs extend so it becomes a great height for cutting...  (or be short for a great working table for grandies to sit at!)
....  it is a bit wobbly so will need to lean against a wall when doing the cutting ....

Hubz has already tried to hijack it for his beer!  hmmmm... it may just become a multi-purpose table!

... folds away to easily fit under the bed.... great if you are short on space ...

... also found another pair of gloves to try... these are quite snug ... so far I like them....  As I like my hands flat when I am quilting full gloves with the whole base rubberised seem to give me the most control....

 ..... maybe not terribly exciting shopping but they are both things I will get a lot of use out of in the sewing room ... and relatively inexpensively.. 

Do you use 'everyday' non sewing objects to help your sewing?  I'd love to know what....

Righto, back to the quilting today.... it's a beaut of an Autumn day and I will be in the garden later.....


  1. wow Fiona your FMQ is so inspiring i am loving following you along on your journey of learning,you sure have a talent with it,well done my friend,now to go and visit your friend,enjoy your sunday.xx

  2. Love your quilting,I'm just starting out so I love reading your blog & watching your journey with FMQ.I just have a question though where do you buy those rulers from? Also just had a visit to Joy's & am now a follower also,maybe I will get a few tips from her aswell.Thanks for all you share.

  3. Love your quilting progress and great finds to adapt for sewing.

  4. Wow Fiona you FMQ is amazing; I've still not been brave enough to take the plunge - maybe later in the year. Your work is inspiring xx

  5. Joy is certainly one very clever lady, your quilting is so very inspiring and what a great find.

  6. Fiona, your quilting is coming along in leaps and bounds! That looks to be a very useful table.

  7. loving the progress with the quilt

  8. It is so good to see your quilting in progress. Lots of work involved and it is looking great.
    That table looks like a great idea, too. i have not seen them with adjustable legs. I will have to keep my eyes open.
    Love the stitching in that colourway. Very effective.
    I will be interested to see how the gloves work. I use a gardening type glove (from the supermarket) most of the time. Seems to work okay.
    Now I am heading over to see what Joy is doing!

  9. Congrats on your pin cushion win!
    The quilting looks fabulous -
    I love those tables - maybe you need one each??...we have one at one of the "groups" I go to and we put it up against a wall too,but a great height for cutting.

    Have you tried Ansell Hi Flex gloves - in the supermarket with the other rubber gloves - cheap and work well for quilting...and not too hot.

    Autumn?? it was 28 in BNE today - grrrr

  10. loving your quilting progress it looks wonderful!
    I love your stitchery it is coming along beautifully.

  11. Hey Fiona! If Joy is YOUR quilting hero, you are MINE! :0) It's been exciting to see how you get cleverer and cleverer with your quilting ... you clever chook, you! :0) Hmm ... everyday items re-purposed for sewing ... DENTAL FLOSS!! Whether it's sewing up closures for softies or sewing buttons or clips on, dental floss is cheap, strong and unless you accidentally get the green minty one, it blends into all colours. Happy stitching!! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  12. Your stitchery is coming along very nicely! Not to mention your FMQ skills. Thanks for introducing Joy! She does beautiful work. I found a pair of garden gloves that fit nice and snug and work wonderfully for FMQing. They are so nice, I want to get a second pair for working in the garden! Have a great day.

  13. Amazing quilting and it is great to get new tools that work well. Love your stitchery. Off to say hi to Joy.

  14. You have come such a long way with your quilting in just a short time sweetie!!! I am so proud of you sticking with it!! This border looks amazing!!!

  15. That quilted corner is amazing. GOOORRRGEOUS!! It's even more: it's perfect!!! Love it. LOVE it!
    Interesting gloves. Got to go and see Joy now. Thanks!

  16. All of your hours have paid off , lovely quilting Fiona , now I am off to met your inspiration . Hugs Sheila

  17. Just love that quilt that you are quilting - great colours & pattern, and you are doing a beautiful job of it. Cool table too - it will be great to be able to adjust it to cutting height. I need to find one.

  18. Will pop over now to say Hi....your FMQ is amazing....non sewing stuff, may have to think about the look of those gloves....

  19. I use a new pair of gardening gloves for quilting, but they are green, some elastic backs and fronts have rubber on them. I tried all sorts of "quilters" gloves but the gardening ones fit better, cheaper and do a better job! Your quilting is looking great.

  20. Every time I see a new Cottage Garden thread I love it, such beautiful colours in the lavender. There is a less glamorous side to patchwork shopping, but still essential. Great table.

  21. I just love your quilting..and such great tips which I will have to try as FMQ and me do not go well together!!

  22. Been over to check out Joy's. Your quilting is beautiful Fiona

  23. A post really to be inspired by, thank you :-) and so lovely stitchery with the lavender colour!

  24. Wow it sounds like Joy will get a few visitors to her blog, after you telling us how talented she is, Fiona...

    Your quilting is beautiful... & those gloves look like they mean serious business!


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