Thursday, May 15, 2014

Feeling human....

I've been in my bed... sick with a cold.... and finally am feeling human again

I haven't done anything useful (I slept for 3 days)

 ...... but I found a few little things I did a while ago......

.... thought I would show you where fairies place their babies...

My friend Christine made and gave me some mushrooms and grass so they went in a thimble....

... they are very cute... and tiny... 

this little thimble will sit in my cupboard... for grandiegirls to come and look for fairies 
(they do live in my house)


I'm always on the search for good sized storage boxes for various projects

I found a great storage box for those 12 1/2" square blocks I am collecting in block swaps....

the boxes are made for scrapbooking pages .... perfect size for a growing collection and has tidied up a shelf so well

... this is another whole quilt I have done.....

.. bigger than last time... this one is 6" square.....

this time done using a satin type fabric 
a few tension issues - but I'm having fun

Righto, Gotto Go... looking for fairies.....
(maybe time to ease off the lemon and honey... and whisky)


  1. Love the thimble. Those containers are great for project storage. Hugs, xx.

  2. Love the thimble too! I hope you find the fairies!! Battling a cold here too, must be the time of the year! Am thinking a good stiff G & T might help!!

  3. Hope you leave the cold behind soon.......but don't send it my way! Those mushrooms are so cute. Good idea on the scrapbooking box, a Spotties birthday voucher arrived in my inbox today so now I know what to spend it on.

  4. I think 3 days in bed when you're sick is VERY useful, my dear. I hope you feel better soon! Love your little mushrooms, and what a treat for the grandies....I remember things like that in my own grandma's home. I am gobsmacked at your quilting prowess, sweetie, you are creating gorgeous things!!!

  5. Lol lovely post Fiona you always make me smile,love those pretty mushrooms and your FMQ is amazing my friend you are doing so well at this,and I am glad you are feeling much better.xx

  6. Sorry the bugs came to visit you. Hope you have sent them packing! I adore the faerie thimble and your little quilt is wonderful. Nice job with the storage box.

  7. Poor you Fiona! Glad you have recovered from your bug.
    those little fairy mushrooms are amazing.
    Great storage container.
    Wow, that mini quilt is amazing!!
    Your quilting is becoming a real work of art.

  8. Sorry to hear you've been sick - its no fun at all - sleep is the best ever medicine. I know fairies must live at your house - I'm sure they sew at night!!!

  9. You always make me smile. Sorry to hear you have not been well. Big hugs

  10. Very cute little fairy hidey hole Fiona. Do hope you're feeling better

  11. :( I hope you feel like yourself again really soon!
    Perhaps a fairy will help? :)

  12. I am glad to hear you are feeling better, no fun being sick. I love using the plastic boxes for storing my projects.


  13. So sorry to hear you have been under the weather , I hope that cold takes a hike elsewhere real soon . Those little mushrooms are so tiny and so cute . Your quilting is just amazing Fiona , you have become a master of FMQ :-) hugs Sheila

  14. Good to hear you are feeling better, love your quilting, it looks fantastic !!!

  15. Sorry to read you have been unwell....cute thimble and your free motion is amazing....take care

  16. Beautiful whole cloth, your feathers are gorgeous. I think the grandchildren are going to be delighted with your fairy magic! Did you get the box at a scrap book store? I have a Decor container I use for freezing pastry that is a similar size, must reconsider using it in the sewing room if its 12.5"!

  17. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Cute little thimble. Love your quilted square. So lovely. Great talent! Awesome!!

  18. Missed ya, Girlfriend!! So glad you're feeling better. Seems like there are a few 'bugs' out there! That little thimble is adorable!!!! Hugs.................

  19. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Lovely quilting Fiona. Great storage box, definitely need one of those. hugs.....

  20. How lovely to have fairies in your home ready for the that! Your quilting us just fantastic Fiona! Glad to hear that the whiskey, oops, honey and lemon helped LOL!

  21. So sorry to read how unwell you have been. It is so frustrating being stuck in bed when there are so many other things you would rather be doing.
    Get well quickly!
    Gorgeous work with the thimble. It is great!!
    And more lovely quilting!! Love it!
    Get stuck into the whiskey. You will feel great and it may actually help you get better! :)

  22. Hope you're feeling much better, the thimble is so cute and your quilting is gorgeous. hugs Wendy

  23. Hope you're feeling much better, Love your cute fairy mushrooms :) Barb.

  24. Sweet to practical to sublime!
    I'm glad you are on the mend, my friend. :)

  25. hope you are all better now.......


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