Monday, September 23, 2013

GARDENS 2013 - picture overload

Hubz and I went to 3 different parks and gardens for our Sunday stroll.....

loads of pictures so I won't say too much... but hope you can get a picture of just how glorious it is...

snowball tree... I have never seen this before....

... the flowers look like hydrangeas...

... rhododendrons... and a beetle?

... just loads of roses.... (Bev you would have loved them...)

... the colour hasn't come right but this one was such an unusual colour....

... maple grove was fun too (thought of you Jennifer)

... and fairies under the cherry trees 

(I used my little bag from you Jane... perfect for the walks)

... what a lovely corner in the garden... all set for tea...

... and little surprises here and there....

Laurel Bank Park (where we went Michelle) was a riot of colour....

... I think beds of poppies are perhaps my favourite happy sight....

... so clever....

panoramic view ....

... looking from above... an Egyptian theme... all done in pansies

.... just thousands of pansies ....

... and giant spiders... 

... and pretty decorative cabbages ...
(one woman dared to invite Hubz for a nibble!!!!)

... then off to Queens Park for more colour...

.... different colours, heights and textures....

...  people bring their picnics and sit and enjoy the surroundings... clever....

... such colour....

.... beds and beds of colour....

... these were quite subdued, but unusual petunias...

... an overview of Queens Park...
(taken from a rather wobbly viewing platform at a height I don't really like!)

.. ended the day with a wonderful meal at a Thai restaurant
(Chicken Penang.. and it was amazing)

.... just one more....

Righto, Gotto Go...  


  1. The flowers all look so pretty! Most of ours are done for the year here, as we're heading into fall now.

  2. wow Fiona what gorgeous pics,what a wonderful place to spend your time,thankyou for sharing.xx

  3. Hello Fiona,

    Oh they even mulched the roses! Great garden shots, love that blue door area. Was that a Queensland beetle???

    Happy days.

  4. what beautiful gardens.
    It's lovely to see all the flowers in bloom

  5. Glorious gardens. Garden artists I think!

  6. Stunning...don't you just love this time of year...

  7. Thanks for sharing. I don't feel as bad about missing out this year (definitely a date next year) I loved Laurel Bank Park and it looked glorious....such beautiful photos of devine gardens. Loved seeing them hugs xx

  8. Fiona, that's lovely! Thank you for thinking of me too. Several years ago we visited Queen's Park, I remember it as a very pretty place.

  9. This very pretty post has just sent a little brightness into my day - it's very wild & windy here today, quite severe... these blooms have just made me smile x

  10. Gorgeous gardens, such a lovely way to spend a day!

  11. What a lovely day you had ... I just love spring. x

  12. Beautiful photos - it would have been a wonderful day!!

  13. It's so brown and dry here that it was just divine looking at those wonderful pictures. Thank you.

  14. What a lovely walk, and it's so lovely to see the bag in action, as it were

  15. Thank you for sharing the pics of those gorgeous gardens and parks. It is always an amazing display. The Chicken Penang looks good too !!!
    Hugs xx

  16. Gorgeous pictures of the gardens... so nice and green, a bit different from my view from the window, lol! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  17. How lovely are these photos Fiona, such beautiful colours.


  18. Lovely photos, such colourful and varied flowers, almost felt as though I was walking with you,sounds like a great day, thanks for sharing

  19. Just amazing Fiona - gorgeous gardens and gorgeous photos

  20. Wow - lots of colour there.
    What species of beetle would that be?
    Love the crawlie shrub.

  21. Oh how glorious Fiona!!! I will get day! Considering I have a sister in law who lives there, I should make it shouldn't I?????!
    xox sugary hugs :o)

  22. So much fantastic colour but I love that snowball tree xxx

  23. Gorgeous photos Fiona, spring has definitely sprung and I enjoyed seeing all that colour!Your meal looked yummy too .hugs Sheila

  24. Thankyou for that beautiful stroll around with all those gorgeous colours!
    I need a Spring fix as it's all 'brown' here.

  25. Fabulous pics Fiona. Nature is beautiful. Sharyn:)

  26. Wow, such colours, amazing. I would be doing a lot of sneezing there lol

  27. What stunning gardens! I love all your photos, but those decorative cabbages! I must find me some.

  28. What amazing gardens! What a fantastic opportunity to view them.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

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  30. Beautiful pictures of the floral displays. We had a "snowball" tree when I was a child and it was my favourite, my mother tells me its also called a Gilda Rose. I hope to plant one in my garden one day. Also loved the ornamental kale, I did plant that one year and everyone who visited commented how great it looked.

  31. Stunning pictures and what beautiful gardens. Thank you


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