Monday, September 2, 2013

Christmas Item....

It's late for the 25th (or early maybe) but I have made some Christmas Items...

I had a panel with a whole lot of these little squares which I backed with felt and sewed around the edge and pinked the sides.... and added a ribbon to the top and a bell to the bottom (on some of them)

Now I have made them up into these decorations... there are quite a few of them - this is a selection and I think they will be quite sweet hanging on a branch later this year....

Bloggy friend Bev sent me some embroidery patterns she is testing out.... I think she is a bit naughty ......

but I think you will all be very jealous they are at my house....

never thought of santa doing this .....

... hahaha... I have no comment for this.. but I am still crying with laughter....

... and I am seriously considering redecorating my lounge with a long piece of metal at Christmas...

.... now to make something up with them..... what would you make?

I do like to think of the quilts and decorations I make will be loved and appreciated by my great grandchildren one day.... I wonder what they will say about these ones....

Thank you Bev, one of the great laughs I have had this year

Righto, Gotto Go... a new week to play with ....


  1. Oh my...those embroideries are too funny! :0)

  2. LOL! I can't believe Bev would have sent you something like that! How funny.

  3. lol,i am very intrigued to see what you make with these maybe some adult xmas stockings,lol,have fun.xx

  4. They look like post Christmas lunch escapades. Although I don't have that much energy after our Christmas lunch!

  5. Cant' wait to see what you make with those embroideries Fiona. :) Love you Christmas hanging. Hugs,xx

  6. Great idea with your Christmas decorations. They look great.
    And as for Bev's embroideries - I think they are wonderful fun.

  7. Speechless here..Lol.Thank goodness no reindeers were harmed in

  8. Hello Fiona,

    Have fun making up the designs. Your Christmas decorating will take on a whole new theme this year.

    Happy Monday.

  9. Hahah love em!!! may be on Nanna and pops Chrissy stocking lol

  10. OMGosh - to be a fly on the wall on Christmas Eve at your place!!!

  11. They would be fun panels on Christmas stockings!

  12. Oh my goodness, I am behind on your posts!!! You have been busy with lots of gorgeous projects, so motivating to see! xxx

  13. love the Monday verse, I might just have to take today for myself

  14. naughty santa! lol
    you and Bev are very wicked hehe

  15. LOL well they would certainly be a topic of conversation around the dinner table.... maybe make them into mats for the centre of the table :-)

  16. Good to see the Claus' keep themselves in shape!
    Cute decorations you've been stitching up.
    Hope you enjoyed your Day.

  17. Rolling around on the floor laughing....they are hilarious....
    Love your little blocks they look great

  18. They are too hilarious. I dont know what I would make with them but I am waiting to see what you do. Lovely other little ornaments.
    Hugs xx

  19. Nice Christmas decoration.
    LOL you could put you naughty Satna on an apron or tea towel.

  20. Oh Bev has shocked me, these are not something I ever imagined she would make!! Woo Hoo Bev, and Fiona you will enjoy them!
    They are great Christmas deco's up there... clever use of the panel... x

  21. Love your little Christmas decorations and those Claus' are too funny! Love your Monday saying too. xx


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