Thursday, January 10, 2013


I hope you weren't expecting a post on dusting and mopping!!!! haha.... 


Like many of us who have got into blogging the interaction between us is one of the best things.... and I always like to reply to comments....

I don't know about you but recently I seem to have a lot more coming in as 'no reply' 

For instance 'J and S on the road' has asked a question and I can't reply to it.... I am hoping you will read this post ..... (in Australia you can get Freezer paper at most quilt shops I think)

I thought I would put up a link to Chookyblue's blog post on changing your no reply status... so if you aren't getting replies to your comments just have a quick check... 

(PS... Chookyblue has several posts with great hints for us bloggers - thanks)


"One Project A Month" is hosted by Kris and Peg ......

this is how Kris describes OPAM

"OPAM ... One Project A Month for those not in the know! :0) ... is all about encouraging busy ladies to take a bit of time out from busy schedules - time to breathe, time to relax, time to recharge their batteries, time to be CREATIVE. It's also about encouraging each other in our creative endeavours ... even though we will never all sit at a table together to stitch, we have a world-wide sewing circle! :0)"

... and it's on again for 2013 ..... yayayayyayaya

Keep an eye on their blogs if you want to join up as they will be taking registration towards the end of the month ... newbies are welcome... last year OPAMers got heaps done and it is such fun stitching with others all over the world... 


A special card arrived from Sheila this week.....

lovely vintage picture printed on fabric and sewn into a postcard

 I love Sheila's postcard work and this one will serve as a lovely addition to my Christmas decor each year....

Thanks Sheila...


I love scrappy quilts but I do find the sorting through scraps and slicing up the required sizes a bit tedious

....slowly, slowly, one at a time....

 my strips for the Trip around the World are starting to look like a good pile...

... and I've even sewn a few of them together.....

For handsewing I have been working on the freebie stitcheries given by Dawn and Wendy as a motivation in Sew It's Finished which I participated in last year

If you want to work through your UFO's this is a good way to do it...... it's on again in 2013

I have even bought some fabric and ric-rac to make these up.....

Righto, Gotto Go... still more slicing and stitching to do ...

.. I think I'll leave out the housekeeping .... too HOT 


  1. Fiona, how long do the strips for your trip need to be? I have a little pile of 16" (2.5" wide) strips here left over from my scrappytripalong if you are interested. Just let me know and you can have them.

  2. boy you are busy girl,lots of variety there Fiona,lots moe fun than housekeeping.hey i made up the down to earth laundry liquard and it is great,i keep forgetting to tell you,do you make your own.xx

  3. your scrappy Trip will look great - and thanks for the case I get bored...

  4. LOVE that postcard, what a gorgeous idea. Your stitching is just so pretty, Fiona!!! Such a cute little flower vase!

  5. Hello there Fiona~
    was stopping over to see what you are up to.
    I love all your stitching(s) if you will and I am sure it's a silly question & I have missed it in the blog....where do all the lil-stitch'n patterns come from?
    I love these & am thinking...over here were I am we have some at Joann's etc...not this nice thou?
    Hope this year ahead will be healthy, joyous & blessed!
    Thinking of you~Lori

  6. Lots of fun non-housework there. Unfortunately my housekeeping caught up with me this morning, but the afternoon ahead is clear. Yay!

  7. It sure is fun to sew along with all those crafty types who play Opam.

    Lovely stitching in those pretty colours, she will be nice with her finishing touches.

    Enjoy the stitching and slicing.

  8. It looks like you are keeping busy with some new and beautiful projects. I always keep freezer paper in stock, love using it for applique and I can get it at a regular store, so not too expensive.


  9. lovely stitchery progress and looks like you have made some headway with your scrappy slicing!
    Don't mind the housework, it will still be there tomorrow.

  10. Lots going on up on your mountain. I have had a lot of 'no reply bloggers' as well. So good idea.

  11. I'm really looking forward to OPAM again this year

  12. Oh thankgoodness you were joking about the housekeeping!!! I just had to check your blog to make sure nothing was wrong!!!! lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  13. Google+ is a nightmare for this, and there's no way to change that.

    You look busy, I'm tempted to do an around the world quilt too. Not sure if it will be this year

  14. You have lots on the go here, I love your stitcheries you are working on, hugs Wendy

  15. Oh Bubz....thank you so much for your kind words and that awesome plug....Kris's words are so the postcard and your stitchery..."Go Bubz".....x

  16. Definitely too hot for housework! Slicing and dicing fabric is much more fun.

  17. OPAM is the greatest , it sure keeps me motivated ;-) Lots of wonderful projects to keep you busy and away from housekeeping duties , in that heat I would be staying clear of it too !!! Glad you liked the postcard;-) hugs Sheila

  18. Such a beautiful postcard Fiona, very clever.

  19. lovely postcard, have you been hit by the trip around the ward bug....tooo

    it s buzzing around me so far i have not started....yet

  20. Lots to read here Fiona! I will be joining in OPAm again my 3rd year running! I know some bloggers who use the comment form to 'talk' rather than email . Have a great day xo

  21. The blocks come together really quickly once you have all the strips sewn together, but I do like to do a bunch of strip sewing first, makes it easier to chain stitch. I have 16 blocks and that is enough for a lap quilt - if I put a border on dont go cutting too many strips!

  22. Looks like loads of sewing being done at your place. The strips for the new quilt look great too and the postcard is lovely. Just wondering about these postcards that keep popping up. WHat size are they? I used to do some little fabric ATCs a while back and wouldnt mind playing around with postcards.

  23. I am a lucky girl and have a cleaning lady to do my housework, but there is still the washing, ironing, sorting, cooking and all the bits that go on in between to do. I started on my stitchery project yesterday and it was bliss to just sit and sew.

  24. Always a FUN visit at your place Fiona! Yes it's By far toooo hot for :)

  25. Jan 25 for OPAM signups and I've got it locked in my diary already!!! YAY.....your stitcheries look fab Fiona.....better hurry up, we've got a new one planned!!! hee hee More ufo's to add to the pile! LOL We've had the same issue with no reply-ers.....I've stuck the button on my sidebar too...probably time for all of us to add that reminder though!
    take care, keep cool and sugary sweet hugs
    Wendy :O) xox

  26. Happy scrappy days :)
    Your stitcheries are coming along nicely and I love your colours.
    WAY to HOT for housekeeping!

  27. For some reason blogger changed me to a non-reply blogger. I have no idea when or how, but was not a happy camper here. Was when entering a lot off giveaways at the end of the year I discovered it and also when I was have trouble with blogger too. Luckily all sorted now


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