Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Angels.... and snowman biscuits...

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and its first chapter is New Year's Day."

Edith Lovejoy Pierce

... I'm wishing a lovely book full of happy projects ....

how sweet is this babushka angel that arrived from Susan to hang around in my house.....

.... I think I need an angel all year so I don't think she will be put away in the decoration box....
such delicate wings and pretty blings

thanks susan.... love her....

Helen is a lovely person I am yet to meet in person .... her husband is fighting a great big battle at the moment and so I was so touched that she had time to make me this lovely hexagon mug rug.... it is the perfect size for next to my computer... thanks so much Helen and all the very best to you and your husband... 

Melody has been ill over Christmas ... lots of love to you and thank you so much for this awesome wool pincushion and special bow pins....
(filled with crushed walnut shells and she said you get it from the pet shops... great tip!!)

... this picture is not the best but another hand made.. this time by widget... a cute little tea light candle glass....

A quick how to... demonstrated by widget....

Add some plain white icing to the top of a biscuit....

... press on a marshmallow....

... ask Nana (or someone more sensible) to microwave for a few seconds ...
(10 seconds is too much!!)

.. then add some little chocolate eyes.... and nose....

... and we have melted snowmen.....

.... well... we live in Queensland so they get very melted!! ....
(in fact snowmens don't live here at all but that is beside the point... I still like them!)

.... then eat....

Have fun making your melted snowmens..... or womens....

Righto, Gotto Go.... it's amazing the mess in the kitchen after a widget has been there!


  1. What a fun recipe....just the thing for entertaining small children,if I had any! Your other goodies are very pretty.

  2. Great idea for the snowmen. Love the babushka. So cute, Hugs,xx.

  3. Who would eat snowmen any other way!
    What a treat to make a mess with that little cutie.. gotta LoVe a man who can cook! :)

  4. poor snowmen!
    lovely gifties too.

  5. MMMmmm...they look sweetly delicious! I wonder if they make chocolate marshmallows...

    (and what a sweet widget, too!)

  6. Now those are the type of snowmen I like , eatable ,sounds yummy! Some fun little gifts too Fiona :-) hugs Sheila

  7. That looks like a fun thing to make with the kids and yummy too.


  8. I see a chef in the making - probably specialising in the dessert department!

  9. Lovely tutorial from Widget. And gorgeous gifts.

  10. what gorgeous gifts Fiona and i love the tutorial from widget,thanks widget.xx

  11. Love the melting snowmen - glad your angel will keep you company all year - better than those "Eyes"

  12. They look sweet.
    If you hear of a swap let me know I think I'm back 2013 hope to be better Laura

  13. Love all the gifts and what a fantastic little chef-in-the-making you have there. You do know that a chef will only cook they don't clean!! lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  14. lol you do make me smile. You have some lovely gifts too. I hope that both your friends are on the improve and that 2013 is a much better year for us all.

  15. Such a cute tutorial, thanks to you and widget!!

  16. Your little widget is adorable.

  17. Oh, I love your little widget, everyone should have one

  18. Oh I do enjoy your posts
    Lots of fun xx

  19. Thanks Widget for the awesome tutorial.... so cute! Lovely gifts you have there too Fiona....

  20. Widget is super-cute! Who needs My Kitchen Rules or Masterchef when he is on deck?!?!
    You have some lovely gifties there Fiona. thanks for the tip from Melody re the crushed walnut shell, I have often wondered where to find it.

  21. Awww what a sweet widget! And the snowmen.. cute :)
    Joy xxx

  22. Oh that's so funny Fiona....the quote you chose was the one I started with too, before I changed it for something else!!! they say Great minds, don't they???!!!! Melted snowman...that's exactly what they'd be up here too!!!.....what a great tutorial.....little widget looks like a chef in the making.
    And such lovely gifts you received too! Thanks for the tip about the walnut shells.....been looking for that stuff everywhere!!!! Never thought of the petshop!
    xox big sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xox

  23. Lovely gifts you received.
    Have always wanted to get some walnut shells. Thanks for the tip, now to find a pet shop. maybe next time I go to the big smoke.
    Love the tutorial with the widget.
    Nice snowmen/womens

  24. Ah, Widget is a cute young man. What a fun time making melted snowmen.
    Those gifties are wonderful treasures. Thanks for sharing all.

  25. Lovely gifts and that snowman eating is too cute.

  26. Great snowmen!! I'm sure they tasted delish x

  27. Oh so pleased the angel gets more display time, we all need more angel time:) Your other gifts are also lovely. Great how to, only sort of snow people we would get here too :)

  28. What lovely gifts and yummm melted snowmen!


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