Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miscellaneous ............

Cathy hosts our Christmas Block swaps and we had a Christmas in July little swap and this is what I sent my partner Jeneta (no blog) ... it has arrived in WA so now I can show you....

Happy little dancing gingerbread peoples.....

This is one of Allie's lovely designs..... there are 7 different ones found HERE - I know I will be making some more of these.... 

Thanks Cathy for organising this fun mid year swap and thanks Allie for the pattern


The army pirate has had his birthday party.... I thought I would show you this magnificent cake made by my daughter ......

I'm not at all biased but I do think it is awesome


I have also finished last months block from Michelle..... which is lucky because the next one is out ....

... and the blocks so far ....

they are all so sweet..... thanks Michelle.... by the way Michelle has just put out her first book... Fusion Folk Art.... it is just lovely and you can see it HERE ..... so of course I have to have one..... I have been stalking Mr Postie.... then the problem will be which one to start first!!!

Well done Michelle and all the very best for the success of your book......

Meantime I have fallen in love with this idea

Fusion Blanket Crochet

there is a Flickr group HERE with pictures

I haven't even started yet and I want to do some stitching and applique on the blocks first

oh dear... why do I do this?

I'm trying to loose some weight - I keep hoping the sewing will distract me from thinking about food

Righto.... Gotto Go....stitcheries to trace, salad to dream about


  1. Fiona your daughter has done a mighty job with that cake its awesome,you have lots of beautifuls projects here,well done and good luck with your salad.xx

  2. Love that cake. Your daughter did well. Love your projects. I'm also eagerly awaiting Shell's book. I know which project i'm doing first. :) Love to try the fushion blanket crochet myself. I'm trying to resist. lol. Hugs,

  3. Your whole post is Yummy
    Loved everything

  4. Lovely Christmas Rug Mug and I am loving your H&H blocks... Are you stitching them on a blue check woolen blanket???
    Oh yes the Tank Cake is just fabulous. Love the tread on the wheels. LOL

  5. Hello Fiona,

    Oh that cake looks delicious.A real boys cake,love the little soldier peaking out of the tank.
    I now know that you are a sewaholic,how many projects are you working on!!!!

    Have a great day.

  6. lol, I've started the fushion blanket. I've got the squares sewn together, still waiting to turn them out. I will get there some time. Look forward to seeing yours

  7. Bubz...once again your projects are just the cake...

  8. Love all your projects, especially the cute gingerbread men. Brilliant cake too, don't suppose it lasted long.

  9. Oh my! look at that cake - fabulous. I have been looking at the fusion blanket....Love the idea of a cover for the caravan chair (on flickr). Your Raspberry Rabbit blocks are lovely (I've only done one) I think I need to get some time management advice from you!!! Hugs xxxx

  10. Awesome cake, so creative. I love the bunnies. When I first saw this I thought no, but now I have seen a few blocks together I love it. the felt really sets it off beautifully. Cute gingerbread men too.

  11. what a sweet mug rug. Love the stitching and quilting looks great too.
    Love that birthday cake!! Love the little soldier peeking out of the tank hatch. Beats a dolly varden cake.
    Your rabbity blocks look fantastic! Excellent.

  12. I don't know where to begin! That tank cake is awesome. Those rabbit blocks are incredible. I downloaded them, but haven't made them. Now I wish I had!! It's never too late, though. Great post this morning.

  13. Well done to your daughter for that awesome cake. Looks a beauty.
    Your blocks look wonderful, and good to hear about Michelle's book.
    Hugs xx

  14. You have the most fabulous eye for colour. Your version of Michelle's wonderful BOM is divine.

  15. Your post is jam packed with crafty goodness....It is all lovely....Sweet mug rug, fabulous cake made by your daughter and the H&H quilt is oh so cute!

  16. That's a cute little mug rug and a very awesome cake!!!
    Your rabbit blocks are looking fantastic. They are great together. Love the way they have come up!

  17. Oh I wish I'd seen this before I just posted - I love your version of the gingerbread men!

    That tank cake is just AWESOME. Really, really clever. I love your blocks from Shell too, I can't wait to start this one, I haven't even printed them off yet! Can't wait to see which project from her book you pick first.

    Not sure how you can be thinking about salad with a pic of that cake staring at you...I have a horrible chocolate craving now, lol!

  18. Love your fusion blanket!!
    The cake reminds me of the army men in Toy Story..very cute!

  19. My grandson's would love the cake! It is so cute. You have a very talented and clever daughter! Your blocks from Shell really look great. You've done such a nice job on them. Nola

  20. Yep the cake is awesome! Cute mug rug n rabbit block, keep stitching, does distract me from food, only prob that the family complain when I haven't cooked dinner!

  21. Great stitching and I love that cake! Its very clever and your daughter should be very proud of it.

  22. Fiona you are so talented! The quilt is adorable. I sometimes wish that I didn't need to sleep so that I could fit in all the projects I would like to make!!

  23. Your daughter needs to go into a cake making business. She always makes the coolest ones ever!

  24. Love your little gingerbread men...and I really like your honeycomb quilting design......such a happy little mug rug. You may be biased but that cake IS awesome...what a fabulous job your daughter did...Hannah & Harrington is looking fabulous, the little teacups in the sashing squares are such fun too...


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