Monday, July 30, 2012

Cyber mates.....


This is a lovely little stitchery from an Anni Downs kit which Deb sent me in a swap

there are two stitcheries like this - one to be made into a little bag and the other into a needlecase

I read recently that in days gone by 'fine' needlework meant you did 10 - 12 stitches per inch... I reckon I was getting pretty close with this little stitchery ....


I remember not so many years ago being very nervous about my children on the computer and what they got up to.....

It was always a worry that they would link up to some dodgy people they didn't know....
(yea.... you know who you are!!)

... and get persuaded to try things that the 'computer friends' get up to
(I have realised my cyber mates are a very strong forum for peer pressure)

.... and then scary of all scaries actually meet up with them
(blog meets are so much fun)

I wonder if my children are worried about my cyber friends?


A nice pile of 'coasters' - I have started blanket stitching around the edge ready to crochet borders....

With the Olympics coverage on I think I will get a fair bit of stitching done in the next couple of weeks.....

I'm glad to see our resident Mr Fairy Wren is getting his Spring colours on...
he has two girls following close by
and they hop around here outside my 'sewing' window for a few hours each afternoon

Righto, Gotto Go..... the needle is calling ...


  1. Wow the stitchery is small!! Hope you enjoy the bag and needlecase!
    I love ALL my cyber friends, even some of the scary ones lol

  2. such a pretty stitchery Fiona and cant wait to see your squares all crochet up,we have a pair of magpies that own our back yard,they chase the other birds away.xx

  3. Pretty stitchery, and pretty coasters (oh how I wish I could crochet, but hand issues won't allow it) - I love the look of edges embellished with pretty crochet - especially pillowcases :) They remind me of quiet days gone by :)

    My adult kids use Craigslist and Kijiji to sell their extra stuff - I'm always riding them about meeting up with people, how not to get taken to the cleaners etc. Of course, I meet internet people all the time and don't think twice about it, LOL!!!

  4. i just love Anni's designs.....

    my internet buddies are the best they inspire, encourage and support me.

  5. Ooohh sooo small... but so wonderful too! Great work Fiona.
    Go Aussie Go... :)

  6. Fiona that is a gorgeous little stitchery! And I love your pile of coasters. Sweet little fairy wren...but why do the males get all the pretty colors....

  7. Sweet little it!

    And it's so funny.....I met up with a blogger while on vacation in DC, and when my grown son heard I was meeting her, he got all worried! "What if she's a nut, and you end up chained to the basement wall!?!" And what's even funnier.....her son was thinking the same thing about me! Ha!

  8. Fantastic stitchery Bubz and they are little these one....lovely pile of coasters and our internet friends are totally awesome...

  9. When having the Facebook discussion with Mitchell about only adding friends he actually knew as he doesn't know if these are other people stalking him, he very quickly pointed out to me that I "talk" to people I don't know. I told him I didn't think the sort of people that prey on children are likely to stalk a quilting blog! I love your tiny stitchery.

  10. Ha ha those friends who live in your computer sure are a lovely bunch.
    Pretty pile ready for your needle. The little stitching is perfect.
    Enjoy the needle time.

  11. Fiona, watch out for your cyber-friends, some of us are as nutty as we seem:)! These days, online is how i share my crafting with people, as i have very few friends who share my interests. The stitchery is a masterpiece, so delicate, well done!

  12. Beautiful stitching! as for cyber friends - well I have met some of your cyber friends and I think we are all crazy!! but in a lovely way - of course.

  13. Sometimes it seems that I live my life on the computer.....but that's where so many of my friends are! That's a cute little stitchery.

  14. My cyber buddies definitely have a lot to answer for, in the nicest possible way, lol.
    The little stitching will look lovely made up, and that pile of squares look lovely.

  15. gorgeous stitcheries Fiona .. I love your work ..

    and regarding the concerned children thing ... yes ... mine often comment on my computer habits and how I could be leaving myself 'too exposed' blah blah blah .. if only they knew the half of it ... hahahaha ... but my cyber friends are not just cyber .. they are VERY real friends... xxxx

  16. From one dodgy cyber friend to and the work you are doing, and the fairy wren.
    Hugs Tanya

  17. Cute stitchery project - I love the really small ones with intricate stitching. My kids worried about me going to the Sydney show with bloggers that I hadn't met in real life - I guess that means they were listening when I was lecturing.

  18. very sweet stitchery and lovely small stitches too. Your love of stitching has really grown.
    I am not a good cyber role model either but who ever heard of a cyber stalker(mass murderer) posing as a pre menopausal patchwork and stitchery fanatic!

  19. That is such a lovely stitchery and i enjoyed your post about computer friends, maybe it's a case of one rule for us and another for our kids??! Hugs Wendy

  20. You really should be more careful, I know that some of those internet buddies are VERY dodgy! ;0)

    Beautiful tiny stitchery. I see you're fusion blanketing too? I wish I'd joined in... maybe I still should?

  21. Such a sweet little stitchery, you will be doing 1/12th scale miniatures next :-) Such a large pile of coasters to keep you going, have fun

  22. Such a lovely little stitchery Fiona. When I tell my boys I am meeting up with my blogging "cyber" buddies they always remind me that I used to tell them to be aware of the very same people!!!! he he... Can't wait to see your 'coasters' come together. Have fun stitching and watching the games xx

  23. Look at that huge pile of coasters. They have been multiplying in the dark! Looking good!
    Lovely little stitchery, too.
    Yes, watch out for those people you meet through blogs - they can lead you down some very exciting paths.
    Enjoy the Olympics and watching those wrens.

  24. Love your tiny stitchery. You hit the nail on the head when you said how we are influenced by the internet. I cannot tell you how many times I have been encouraged by reading and seeing pictures of quilts and things.

  25. My hubby sometimes looks to see what I'm reading on the computer and asks me about the blog I'm reading - who the person is etc. I guess he's just making sure I'm not being sucked into some deception :)

  26. Very sweet little stitchery and a lovely pile of coasters to keep your hands busy through the olympics.

  27. lol your post made me laugh. I love your stitcheries too.


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