Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome Mini Quilt ......

I have for some time admired people's mini quilts so when Cheryl said she was going to do an ongoing swap with them I jumped in..... (I know, I know.... I find swaps very hard to resist!!)

It is a secret swap and I was given Helen as a partner ..... new person to me so I had to do a bit of blog spying.... hmmmm... an expert embroiderer and piecer....

My mini quilt arrived from Helen this week .....  just wait to be astounded...

such pretty wrapping.... it's fabric so will be made into something pretty for me...

just look at all the detail and different components in this quilt
applique, embroidery, yo-yo's, piecing, ric-rac, prairie points, buttons
...... it's all there ..... in one tiny 12" x 12" square

Helen's stitches are so tiny and neat - this is a close up of a section
that little yo-yo flower is 3/4" diameter

For the mini-quilt I made Helen I decided on a theme that most people enjoy... quilting books.... and worked it in needleturn (with a bit of stitchery)

I put a sticky label over Helen's surname (just in case)

... hunted through my selvages for names of books......

 did you know Helen is copyright protected?  well... she is... it's official

and I added some of my special ribbon sent to me for inspiration
something we should all do as much as we can
"Follow Your Dreams"

I was lucky enough to meet Helen in person when we joined up for the Bloggers meet in Brisbane

and here she is with her books..... she looks a bit surprised... perhaps she didn't know she was a copyright protected author! 

A fun swap... thank you Cheryll for organising this.....
and thank you Helen for my very special mini-quilt

This swap is open to anyone anytime - how good is that.... go HERE to read the information and sign up.... the next one is in July and will be something for Fathers Day......


  1. Its just beautiful - I think you got a great swap partner.

  2. I always enjoyed swaps, but have opted out this year, so I can finish things I started and make some quilts for me;) Wonderful pieces.


  3. I always enjoyed swaps, but have opted out this year, so I can finish things I started and make some quilts for me;) Wonderful pieces.


  4. I always enjoyed swaps, but have opted out this year, so I can finish things I started and make some quilts for me;) Wonderful pieces.


  5. Oh isn't it just sweet ,no wonder you are pleased , I love it ! Your mini for Helen is also sweet , wonderful idea for a copyright author;-)
    hugs Sheila

  6. That was a fantastic post Fiona. Loved the pic's and story too! Of course both MiNi's are wonderful and special in their own way!
    Thanks to the both of you for joining in! :)

  7. Both are beautiful minis, well done by both of you. xx

  8. Two very lovely mini quilts. I love the prairie points on the quilt Helen made you. I would never have thought of that!

  9. Both mini's are gorgeous. You are too clever putting the selvage as the book spine.
    Your mini stand looks so lovely with it's new quilt.

  10. Ooooooooooooo! How fun! I think that was a wonderful swap for sure!

  11. Yep I will have to try one of those.

  12. Your books mini is such a clever idea and having seen it I know it is wonderful. The mini from Helen is so beautiful too. Looks like it was a great swap.

  13. Clever girls - they both look great. I think many things are copyrighted these days - even Cadbury has copyrighted their colour purple! Ridiculous :)

  14. Both mini's are so beautiful. I love all the details - your pictures are great.

  15. Love the new header. The quilt is so cute, but the back stole my heart! Love it and your creativity.

  16. Hello Fiona,

    Isn't it great that you got to meet Helen your swap partner. Both beauitful mini's.
    Love the photo in your header, the birds are certainly enjoying the bath.

    Happy days.

  17. What a clever idea - I love those books! And you were a very lucky girl too - those yoyos have convinced me to have a go at making one.

  18. Both mini quilts are beautiful, your books are a very clever design!!

  19. They are both beautiful mini quilts. It is so nice that you actually got to meet in person.

  20. Very sweet mini quilt you received...great idea of the bookshelf for the one you made for Helen...fabulous that you were able to present your swap in person...


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